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Travelogue: I’ve been on the road for almost 50 years now. I have a lot to learn yet. 

  By Dag Walker   It’s easy to rush around the world looking at important sites only later to find one has missed the life of locals who make the world human. I travel so I can experience the greatness of places, to see architectural wonders, historic events, artefacts unique and brilliant. Sometimes, though, I just cross the street to talk to locals about their neighborhood. Nothing much comes from casual conversations on the street most of the time; but sometimes– not today but sometimes– I am enlightened in a…

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Overall Performance: Consider whether the participant’s physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, and evidence of understanding all seem on target and unified to breathe life into the poem. “Overall performance” is worth more than other categories, with the value up to nine points. This category evaluates the total success of the performance, the degree to which the recitation has become more than the sum of its parts. Society Arts & Leisure 

International Women’s Day Poetry Competition

    Program Overview: The Liberian Poet Society in collaboration with support from the Embassy of Sweden in Liberia, requests the general public to freely participate in a poetry competition in celebration of International Women’s Day. The competition encourages a dynamic culture of creativity and recitation competition of writers/poets across the country. This mini event shall help writers/poets enhance their writing techniques, master their public speaking skills, and build their self-confidence. Prizes • 1st Winner – USD $ 250.00 • 2nd Winner – USD $ 200.00 • 3rd Winner –…

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Jockk Brand vs. the Man at the Top of the Stairs  and Other Men Hiding in the Shadows in the Garden Evening. Icy Cafe, Street of the Monkeys, Phom Phen.  Society Arts & Leisure 

Jockk Brand vs. the Man at the Top of the Stairs: excerpts from a Novel 

Jockk Brand vs. the Man at the Top of the Stairs  and Other Men Hiding in the Shadows in the Garden Evening. Icy Cafe, Street of the Monkeys, Phom Phen.  By Dag Walker By 9:00 p.m the temperature had dropped to the low 100s in the city. Seated on a quiet back street outside of Icy Cafe, a small group of young backpackers and a few older ex-pats sat sipping beer and rum and smoking endless cigarettes, sweating heavily under the dim pig-tail light bulb above the low doorway of…

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Open submission date: March 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020 Society Arts & Leisure 

Call for Submissions: “Breaking the Silence: Anthology of Liberian Literature”

CALLING ALL LIBERIAN WRITERS: Poets, Short Story Writers, Short Memoir Articles, Autobiography, Emerging & Established, to Submit Call for Submissions: “Breaking the Silence: Anthology of Liberian Literature” With the support of the Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, Author of several books, Poet, & Professor of English, Creative Writing, and Literature of Penn State University is seeking manuscripts from Liberian writers and all writers of Liberian origin or descent, established and emerging writers to submit their manuscripts of poetry, fiction, memoir articles, true stories, prose poems, and spoken word…

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LSA strives to offer balanced, informative, and thought-provoking conferences focused on practical and theoretical approaches to development in Liberia, across a broad spectrum of disciplines and contexts. The abstract selection committee includes academic professionals with a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise who are all members of LSA. Society Arts & Leisure 

Liberian Studies Association 2020 Announces Emerging Scholars Award

    Press Release The Liberian Studies Association (LSA) invites abstracts for presentations, panels, and roundtables that examine scholarship related to the conference’s theme of “The Functional State: Historical Lessons, Current Best Practices and Future Paths.” In order to encourage and foster early-career scholars who are emerging as contributors to African/Liberian scholarship, the LSA has created the LSA 2020 Emerging Scholars Travel Award. The award will support Master’s and Doctoral students who are members of an academic, research or professional institution. Those who have graduated with such degrees must have…

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It was now time for her to go to the river with her entourage to wash away the red ochre that was her only face and body lotion while she was kept in that sacred room. When she was done, her father was there to fetch her to bring her home as part of the tradition. Other girls followed behind them singing. At home, she had to put on a short black skirt, and her uncle put the uMhlwehlwe on her shoulders. Then she had to go out to the crowd waiting for her to sing and dance. Society Arts & Leisure 

The Suitor: A short Story

    BY Mizzyy Nkwali   The Drakensberg is the name given to the eastern portion of the great escarpment, which encloses the central Southern African plateau. It is located in South Africa and Lesotho. This is such a beautiful, amazing place that it would take your breath away. Tugela Falls in the Drakensberg has the highest waterfall in Africa, a place that is automatically welcoming. This place is also known as the “Dragon Mountains” because of the size of the peaks. This is one of the wonders of South…

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He said getting sponsorship for the event has been an uphill battle. “So far we have only two sponsors—Cake House and PlusLiberia. We hope others can come aboard.” Celebrities expected to grace the occasion include socialite blogger, Alpha Bah, Weego Zico, Karishma DeQueen, L’Frankie, etc. He added that it costs US$5 for entry. Society Arts & Leisure 

Monrovia: Lamotar to lit runway today, Saturday

    By Gboko Stewart   “We chose to promote them because they are exceptionally creative when it comes to fashion,” Cole said. “They are often ignored because people fail to understand they’re the reason we have new and trending fashion every day.” He said overall, Lamotar seeks to stop the exploitation of designers. “Their ideas are mostly used and promoted by people who seek all the glory, forgetting it was the designer’s idea that birthed a new fashion.” He added that the event will be held monthly and doing…

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When I was writing about these characters, I wanted people to relate to their stories. I wanted everyone to identify themselves or their families with a certain character in the book. And I enjoyed writing the theatrics of the typical African family. If I were ever allowed to play any character in my book, I would definitely choose to play Maggie Ampofu. I would choose her because of her personality. Maggie has this aura that is beautiful and impressionable. And enacting her strength and daring character would give me the thrill of a lifetime. Honestly, I see a little bit of myself in Maggie. I know it’s not fair, but I couldn’t help it. Society Arts & Leisure 

I was born in the midst of war, says Liberian writer

    By Sianah Nalika Deshield, writer   Every author has his/her own unique story about how they became a writer. These stories can sometimes be funny, sad, happy, and even inspirational. My story consists of all of these things. To start off, I was born in the heart of the 1990 civil war in Liberia – a war that lasted sixteen years – so you can understand that unlike many people, my entire childhood wasn’t so beautiful. Memorable? Hell yeah, it was. I laugh with my family now about…

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On the city streets, a few police cars accompanied hospital ambulances as they made the rounds collecting dead bodies. Beyond that, the only other activity in the city was taking place up the hill, in the confines of the majestic Masonic Temple —constructed in the mode of nineteenth century American architecture with generously designed arched windows. There, high ranking officials of the government gathered for an urgent meeting. The officials, mostly men dressed in incongruous dark suits with long-tailed overcoats, wore discernible expressions of urgency on their faces. Society Arts & Leisure 

Reign of Disorder: A short story

  Momoh Sekou Dudu   On a hot and muggy Saturday in April, palpable tension drenched the air in Riceland’s capital, Williamsburg. At exactly noon, in defiance of strict government warnings, a few brave men assembled at the gates of the country’s flagship university. Soon, that early trickle of men was joined by hundreds and, eventually, thousands of other Ricelanders. As word spread of the unfolding situation at the university, all across the city, citizens gathered at other identified protest sites. The confrontation that had festered for so long seemed…

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Where are we and why our contribution to African literature is not acknowledged or even celebrated by ourselves, much less by others outside of our borders? The simple answer is we don’t have a cultural policy that promotes literature and other works of arts as in other countries in our continent. In any other society, these early writings would be reprinted and taught to new generations, which may draw inspiration from them, as it is noted that ‘the past must inform the present.’ Society Arts & Leisure 

Exploring Contemporary Liberian Literature

    The first African novel is said to have been written by a Liberian writer, Joseph Walters, in 1891. The novel was Guanya Pau, a story of an African Princess. If you add the names of other Liberian writers such as the renown Pan-African nationalist, Wilmot Blyden, Edwin Barclay, Hilary Teage, who wrote the Liberian National Anthem, Doris Banks Henries, Roland T. Dempster, Robert H. Brown, Henry B. Cole, or Kona Khasu, it shows that Liberia has made great contribution to African literature from as far back as the…

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