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First Lady Djene Conde of Guinea and First Lady Fatima Jabbe-Bio of Sierra Leone do not have the leverage that First Lady Clar Weah of Liberia has to expend US$1.5 million of our taxes on “Humanitarian Outreach” just in a period of 15 months. Op-ed 

Clar Duncan Weah’s 1mill Budget Bigger Than Disaster Agencies

    The Editor,   Last year, floods affected over 6,000 inhabitants in Montserrado and kills one in Barclayville, Grand Kru County. 11 out of 15 counties so far are at severe risk of being victimized by this national catastrophe. As flooding heightens in Liberia, everyone especially slum-dwellers of flood-prone settlements are looking up to [the] Weah’s pro-poor government for solution. Every year, rural and urban communities in Liberia are heavily affected by floods. Thousands of Liberians are made homeless and internally displaced as a result of this national disaster….

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This was a very meaningful conversation I had with my fellow Liberian writer, Eudora Aletta. So besides the political talks and photo ops, meeting Eudora who I have communicated with for years was one of the highlights of the convention for me. I hope to read and review her novel, The Wind of Change. Op-ed 

When I Met A Liberian writer, Eudora Aletta

Inter-Generational Transfer of Knowledge   The Editor, On the sideline of the 2019 Felmausa Convention, I had an enlightening conversation with fellow Liberian writer, Eudora Aletta. She is a Canada based multi-talented artist. She is a singer with a beautiful melody. She performed and wowed the crowd with her soulful melodious songs. Not only is she a singer, but she’s also a writer with a passion for social justice advocacy. Her current novel is titled, A Wind of Change. Her politic is Pan Africanism, inspired by the heroism of Pan…

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They have not changed! They will not change!! The people know them and thus their frustration is increased because they know that these men are searching for profit in rivers of blood and piles of skulls. They understand that these men, no matter whom they serve, are nothing but vultures, eager to pick at the empty carcass of the nation. These men do not have any social conscience; they do not have any loyalty to the people or to the nation, and like their counterparts in the past history of our Republic, they are willing and ready to trade the flag and our national heritage. Op-ed 

Our Land Stands Ravaged And Our People Disconsolate

      EXCERPT FROM A SPEECH   Compatriots, [‘Compatriot’ means ‘Beloved Ones’], Friends of Liberia, Ladies and Gentlemen: [It has been many years] since our country was engulfed in a brutal and macabre war. This war, genocidal and pathologically traumatizing, bordered on the insane as it was fratricidal and resolved nothing, except to expose to the world how reckless and callous some of our people could become in their orgy of blood-letting and barbarity. You will agree with me that rarely in the annals of AFRICAN HISTORY has a…

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Speaking to reporters at their Old Road Community residence, Mrs. Georgetta Kolubah told reporters that she and her six children were traveling to Ghana for vacation as they have usually done; their passports were stamped and boarding passes were served, according to her. Op-ed 

Family of Weah Critic Stopped From Traveling Out Of Liberia

      ALJA Condemns Liberian Govt. for Obstructing Rep. Kolubah’s Family Travel   New Castle, Delaware – The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) has termed as unfortunate the recent action by some officers of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) reportedly acting on the order of President George Manneh Weah to prevent the family of Montserrado County District #-10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, from traveling out of the country. On Saturday, July 13, 2019, it was reported in Monrovia that immigration officers deployed at the Roberts International Airport…

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Achebe’s writings are truly a watershed moment for all of Africa   The Editor, Africans from all walks of life today are proud of the meaningful role Chinua Achebe played as a writer; his pan African books did much to awaken the consciousness of his peoples. If it wasn’t for Achebe narratives it would be hard to say where our literature would have been today, given that the imperialists’, were always interested in suppressing Africa’s and its people, while feeding us a one dimensional chronicle as a way of drowning…

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And finally please ENCOURAGE your supporters to continue supporting you substantively rather than keep cursing and disrespecting the Liberian citizens who are taxpayers and who basically own the country. Their unruly behavior reflects negatively on you and makes your critics unpatriotic to our country. Finally, please clear the confusion surrounding your faith. Are you a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc? Thank you, sir. Op-ed 

A Note to President George M. Weah: Open Lette

    Finally, please clear the confusion surrounding your faith.    Dear President Weah, Please give the green light for War Crimes court in Liberia to hold accountable perpetrators of gross human rights violations in Liberia. A War Crimes Court will help clean up the mess created by the civil war, give our respite and justice and give you a break to lead effectively. And finally please ENCOURAGE your supporters to continue supporting you substantively rather than keep cursing and disrespecting the Liberian citizens who are taxpayers and who basically…

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Richard P. Feynman notes, ”The idea is to try to give all the information to help others to judge the value of your contribution; not just the information that leads to judgment in one particular direction or another. ” Unfortunately, this is the case with some Liberians who are community leaders, educated people, and advocates. The argument was never about whether Mr. Rockefeller Cooper completed medical school as it is been erroneously spread around. We contended that he is not qualified to perform an autopsy and forensic death investigation. We advised that it was in the family best interest to work with the government, and many of you ignorantly assumed that we were paid agents, speaking in the government’s interest. You attacked us with unfounded allegations and insults. Op-ed 

Doing things the ‘Liberian way’: A dangerous phenomenon!

  The Editor,   A group of sober-minded women reached out to a Liberian pathologist in the DMV area to advise them on how to proceed with the Odell Sharman autopsy. According to the lady who initiated the contact with the pathologist, the experienced Liberian pathologist told them exactly what we have previously recommended for the family. The doctor told them to work with the government of Liberia. He also calls into question the competence of Mr. Cooper to perform an autopsy and forensic death investigation. Meanwhile, the family of…

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Main pic:  Gabriel Bacchus Matthews(deceased), leader of the Progressive Alliance of Liberia(PAL), Togba-nah Topoteh, leader of Movement for Justice in Africa(MOJA), H. Boimah Fahnbulleh, Jr. of MOJA and Amos C. Sawyer of MOJA. PAL and MOJA were the two progressive political advocacy groups that led the struggle for social justice and democratic change in Liberia. Op-ed 

I honor the progressive class of Liberia

Legions of my homeland, Liberia.     The Editor,   Today, with deep conscience, I honor the progressive class of Liberia. Only people with barren sense of history or possessed by historical prejudices will not appreciate the profound depth of contribution made by these great legions of the homeland. Like all of us, mortal beings, they are not free of faults and filths, but their contribution to the homeland cannot be ranked any less, it remains outstanding and indelible. To those of you who throw tantrums and diatribes at the…

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First Lady Djene Conde of Guinea and First Lady Fatima Jabbe-Bio of Sierra Leone do not have the leverage that First Lady Clar Weah of Liberia has to expend US$1.5 million of our taxes on “Humanitarian Outreach” just in a period of 15 months. Op-ed 

The One Million [usd] Budget Of lst Lady Clar Weah Is Unacceptable!

    The Editor, Is Liberia’s Jamaican-American First Lady a Humanitarian or she is pretending to be one? In this edition of our series “The Red Rooster from Ducor”, we are pointing our torch on First Lady Clar Weah with specific focus on her whopping US$1.5 million budget for “Humanitarian Outreach” Is First Lady Clar Weah really a philanthropist or a pseudo-philanthropist? The Red Rooster will endeavor to proffer a more convincing response to this question. First Lady Djene Conde of Guinea and First Lady Fatima Jabbe-Bio of Sierra Leone…

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Nkrumah arrived in the Gold Coast on 14 November 1947. He immediately assumed his secretarial duties, offering to work without pay after he realised that the party had no funds to pay his monthly salary. Eventually, the leadership prevailed on him to accept a fraction of the salary. Nkrumah immediately drew up a detailed, radical plan which he presented to the leadership of the United Gold Coast Convention. He suggested that the party set up branches in every corner of the country and embarks on demonstrations, strikes and boycotts to press for independence. Op-ed 

The Pan Africanists – Where Are Their Monuments?

    By Dara Healy This was the summer of ’66 in which Stokeley Carmichael proclaimed Black Power as the new slogan of the movement…Black Power was the new call.” Kathleen Cleaver, African American activist & former Black Panther member. THE influence of TT nationals in the Pan African movement is global. From the flamboyant and charismatic Kwame Ture to Claudia Jones, George Padmore and Henry Sylvester Williams and CLR James – the names of these people committed to African empowerment still resonate today. Except perhaps in this country, where…

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