Beyond this end, I admonish you to reject any petition calling on you to run in Montserrado County because caving into such a call would be a risky adventure. Any action contrary to my advice would end up as a mere political fiasco. To conclude, let me reecho my thesis: Wrong Timing – Unsafe Zone – Risky Adventure. Let this be a resounding reminder as you contemplate on deciding your own political fate. The worst decision would be to contest as a CDC Candidate. The CDC only wants to use your face to repair its defaced political stature. Op-ed 

Risky Adventure – An Open Letter To GSA Director General Mary Tanyonoh Broh 

      Dear Madam Broh: As our Republic under President George M. Weah strives to remain democratically afloat during these very tragic times of governance breakdown and leadership shortfall, I am compelled to adorn you with esteemed compliments. On my behalf, please divulge similar sentiment of best wishes to your staff at the General Services Agency (GSA). Out of concern to safeguard your political future and out of curiosity to shield your legacy, I thought to pen this open letter to you for two (2) strategic reasons:   To…

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Weah: “What was damaged during the 14 years of civil war,” he said, “cannot be fixed in a day’s time. This government is focused on rehabilitating Liberians whose lives were damaged. I want you not to join those who are undermining the country through protests. Join me to rebuild the country.” As part of his development plans, President Weah said the government was exerting efforts to change the lives of Liberians, by building concrete homes in place of the huts they have been living in over so many decades. Op-ed 

The Weah-led Government has LIED again about ELWA–RIA Road

    By Martin K. N. Kollie  Before you can even begin to read, I plead with you to just click this link ( and watch this very interesting video for 4 minutes 31 seconds. An IT colleague from USA sent me this short demo last night. The ICT age has made it so easier to detect or discover outright lies in this 21st Century. Technology has made it possible for us to filter falsehood from fact. Yesterday, the Government of Liberia willfully chose to mislead our people with a…

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We gather here today to call upon the United Nations Security Council to come up with a resolution establishing a war and economic crimes court to appease the victims of war crimes. The wasting of over 250,000 lives out of savagery by heartless men and women should not go in vain. Let this part of the world taste international justice for the dead to rest in peace. Therefore, we demand the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia as it was done in the case of the sister Republic of Sierra Leone. Op-ed 

LUJA: An Imperative For War and Economic Crimes Court For Liberia

RELEASE–Petition For A War And Economic Crime Court In Liberia______ Your Excellencies: The Embassy of the United States of America, The United Nations, The EU, The ECOWAS Commission, The African Union, The Mano River Union, The Liberian Press, and Media Institutions. With urgency, the Liberians United for Accountability and Justice presents its profound compliments on behalf of the “Movement For War And Economic Crimes Court” a group vigorously committed for the establishment of the WAR CRIMES COURT in Liberia for the sole purpose of finally ending the perennial cycle of…

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Where have you ever heard about this being done politically in the selection of political leader for an opposition group? Where? This is what happens when a group of people listen to some little guy who just completed a degree or certificate program and still finds it hard to distinguish between ideology and real life experiences. Op-ed 

The Alternative National Congress: A charity agency or political party?

  The Editor,   Is there any smart person in the ANC? The disability gesture or advocacy program is good but to put a humanitarian gesture under a political mechanism just serves as a turned off and skews the undertaking. Mr.  Cummings is a nice guy and a brilliant corporate leader but his entire effort lacks a team of political and policy smart. This man can’t win and will never win Liberians over if he continues to rally a think tank full of and led by people with impractical ideologies. Liberians…

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First Lady Djene Conde of Guinea and First Lady Fatima Jabbe-Bio of Sierra Leone do not have the leverage that First Lady Clar Weah of Liberia has to expend US$1.5 million of our taxes on “Humanitarian Outreach” just in a period of 15 months. Op-ed 

Is First Lady Clar Weah a Philanthropist?–A Call To Audit Her Office for US$2.2 Million

About 2 weeks ago, First Lady Clar M. Weah toured her privately-owned ‘City of Hope Project’ which sits on 15 acres of land in Marshall City, Margibi County. The First Lady has been priding herself as a ‘philanthropist’ even though she is overly dependent on public funding to implement her projects and programs. It was shocking but not surprising when Sheroes Forum in Ghana gave First Lady Clar Marie Weah a humanitarian award in May 2019. A few pro-regime establishments, seeking financial assistance and presidential approbation, have deceivingly bejeweled and…

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What's the story of Moses Kollie Garzeawu who was also manhandled, in violation of his constitutional rights? Many others have been brutalized by state securities and nothing has been done by the Press Union of Liberia, the umbrella organization that is supposed to seek journalists' interests in Liberia. How many more must be dehumanized and denied their rights, How can we tackle this madness? The most regretful part is when the Center for the Protection of Journalists or the CPU are crying for Liberian journalist in its advocacy that Liberian journalists need their rights protected, while the mother of the organization the Press Union of Liberia, cares less. He reportedly died of 'hypertension'- (Pressure), as stated by the Union on behalf of the family, The medical practitioners don't have to tell us that the brutality against Zenu also contributed to the 'hypertension' death. Op-ed 

How can we tell the Press Union of Liberia to avoid being a toothless organization

By Bettie Johnson Mbayo Must Liberian journalists say ‘Yes’ to the   Press Union-of Liberia statement issued yesterday on behalf of the Liberian journalist to the family [Zenu Miller‘s] who recently passed away? But let’s take it a little further, what if the Union had pressured the Government of Liberia to investigate fully the death of the journalist, and demanded that those who beat him up before his untimely death were probed, which in essence means bringing the culprits forward for prosecution if found liable? Why now? I am sure we…

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During the Legislative conference, Professor Olympia Beko, head of the international criminal justice unit of the human rights law centre, University of Nottingham, and David Scheffer, first U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues (1997-2001), will provide expert advice to members of the Legislature and Liberian stakeholders working on the Draft Act to Establish an Extraordinary Tribunal for War and Economic Crimes for Liberia via video-conference. Op-ed 

Emmanuel Savice: We can not afford to let these murderers go free with impunity!

By Emmanuel Savice As a kid growing up, I knew nothing about violence. I lived in a peaceful country (Liberia), where our parents had little opportunities to provide for the family. As little the opportunities were, they took advantage of it. They fed us with their sweat. They went fishing, hunting and they were happy to work as cooks, house cleaners and securities for the powers that be. Out of that peanut income, they managed to provide life basic necessities for their children. It was never the most decent homes,…

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Does President GMW understand "The Politics of Rice and Gas" and its corresponding consequences? April 14, 1979 Riot was provoked by RICE and GAS. The President along with his idol worshipers needs to read dialectics. The high demand for gas due to its prolonged shortage is sharply increasing the prices of basic goods and services under this regime. The "Change for Hope" slogan has become another mere fiasco and a promise betrayed. Op-ed 

Weah’s Monstrous Complex Vs. The Tiny 14th Military Hospital – 10 Reasons

    The Editor, As men and women in arms observe the 63rd Armed Forces Day, President George M. Weah has for the third time toured the 14th Military Hospital even though it is yet to be fully completed and equipped with medical facilities and the requisite manpower. The hospital, which sits on 5 of 75 acres, was inspected again by the Commander-in-Chief on Monday, February 10, 2020. This project appears to be the biggest achievement of the CDC-led government after 2 years in power. But pro-CDC fanatics and pro-Weah…

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Mrs. Marie Urey Coleman Op-ed 

Own the Mess at LPRC, Mr President, the last buck stops with you 

    In all respect, the government of Liberia must and should immediately take responsibility for the missing petroleum products at LPRC. It makes no sense for merchants commodities entrusted to the government to go missing and the very government is ordering products to replace these merchants as an importer. Unless we are being convinced that this is just a way of putting these importers out of business, only fanatics will see this differently. When a scoping investigation showed that more money than required was printed at the CBL, Weeks…

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I am asking all of my friends and other patriotic Liberians to join this cause. Weah and his Ministers have gotten emboldened and diabolical in their abuse of power. The firing of Ms. Bollie was retaliatory and grossly retributive; time to say NO to this bullshit political disaster! Op-ed 

Eye Servants: Piso Tarr you can fire civil servants just to please president!

    The Editor, The firing of Ms. Precious Bollie begs an ethical and Equal Employment Opportunity question. Are ordinary un-appointed career civil servants now employed at the will and pleasure of the President and his ministers? Is their employment not merit-based and subject to the rule of law? Can they be fired for any whimsical reason or for publicly criticizing the President or having an opinion on national issues? When does firing in the Liberian government become retaliatory? What happens when 300 ordinary civil servants go on Facebook and…

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