Diana Ross and the Supremes, “Where did our love go?”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1Ta5TlCBR8 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berry_Gordy https://www.britannica.com/biography/Berry-Gordy-Jr https://www.biography.com/musician/berry-gordy-jr https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/the-motown-story-how-berry-gordy-jr-created-the-legendary-label-178066/ Music 

When Berry Gordy made Motown Our Town

  By: Dag Walker   Growing up in the 1950s and ‘60s in the remotest parts of the Rocky Mountains in the United States of America we had our musical traditions, old guys like Elmo from down the road who played fiddle at the weekend barn dance, Zeke on spoons and a tin bucket, Bobby Joe on washboard, and Betty Lou singing up a Country Western storm of heart-break and horses on the lone prairie. Yes, there was fancy music, stuff we never actually heard in those cold, high mountains…

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In Los Angeles, Herb Reed, a recently discharged Army veteran recruited Cornell Gunther, Joe Jefferson, and Alex Hodge to form a vocal quartet he would eventually name The Platters. The group’s name came from the metal disks, or “platters,” that rotate vinyl records on the turntable of a phonograph. These four men were the “original” Platters in 1953. Music 

The Platters: music was grande in the 1950s

By Dag W. Walker Music history was grand in 1953. It was the year the American group The Platters was formed in Los Angeles, California. In LIberia that year, Solomon Carter Fuller, born in Monrovia, a pioneering physician, psychiatrist, pathologist, and professor died] on January 16, 1953. William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman was the 19th president of Liberia, with William Tolbert as Vice President. In Los Angeles, Herb Reed, a recently discharged Army veteran recruited Cornell Gunther, Joe Jefferson, and Alex Hodge to form a vocal quartet he would eventually name…

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Altogether there were more than 1000 professionals from 70 countries, 25 of which came from Africa. Among the 25 countries was Liberia represented by group of leading Liberian artists such as Takun J, DanG, Nigga Blow, Tantan and others. Though these Liberian artists are individual solo artists who are well known in Liberia, they came together as one group to perform at the event in Morocco. Music 

Liberian Artists Showcase Talents At Visa For Music Festival In Morocco

    By Nvasekie N. Konneh For the first time in recent years, a group of Liberian artists participated in a major music festival in Morocco. The festival was organized by the Visa for Music, a cultural organization based in Morocco. Since 2013, Visa for Music has been organizing the festival annually as the meeting point of music of Africa and the Middle East. 2019 was the 6th edition of the event. This year edition was held under the sign of femininity with diversity of artists representing countries in Africa…

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I do not see what the urchins. Caro’s critics it seems are concerned with worldly delusions which are the cravings of the wretched of the earth; those who think that brandishing flashy fashions and gadgets while looking like pimps from some Western metropolis in an ego driven bliss to hide their low self-esteem, Caro is different she is as real as they come. MC Caro is a fine artist who seems way ahead of her times. At Liberian Music Awards, while others lavished in foreign designed attires, she elected to gown a suit made of an African traditional fabrics----proud to portray her African culture and values. While others chose to pose half-naked like a lady ready for the night, she appeared dignify and reserved and modest in her dress and style. Music 

MC Caro uses her talents to build political and social consciousness

By M. Uneh Yahmia MC Caro is using her talents to build political and social consciousness at a time her country needs her the most. When almost every artist is sucked, and kissing up to the powers that be, she has risen from the slums to expose a system that oppresses the people and denies the youth the opportunity to unleash its potential. This is the boldest decision any young man or woman can make at a time the fatherland is being scandalized and devoured. MC Caro has placed her…

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We are extremely proud of every single artist and of the fans who voted. Recognizing and promoting talented musicians, while giving them the platform to showcase their craft and connect with their fans is just one of the many ways we are #GoodTogether.” Lonestar Cell MTN is committed to supporting the rise of Liberian talent and the growth of the Liberian music industry. Music 

Rapper Bucky Raw, others win big at MTN Liberia Music Awards

On November 16, Liberian music was celebrated at the 2019 MTN Liberia Music Awards (MLMA), a release from Lonestar Cell MTN has said. According to the release, Music superstars, Bucky Raw, Jaredo and Christoph The Change emerged as the night’s biggest winners with two awards each in major categories. Bucky Raw took home the Artist of the Year, and Video of the Year (‘Thank You’) awards, Christoph The Change, won the awards for Hipco/Trapco Artist of the Year and Album of the Year (‘Bonnie Dust’), while Jaredo won Collaboration of…

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But Nigerian artists today seem to be living in a reality of flash and cash: singing about money and the good life while ignoring the daily struggles and misery of many of their fans. Some of them say their music is a reflection of what the fans want - in Fela's time there was also a good market for feel-good music, but he chose a different path. Music 

Remembering Fela Kuti, The King Of Afro Beat

      Every time I see politicians and statesmen honouring Fela Kuti, I chuckle to myself and wish I could be there to ask with the utmost seriousness: “Are you, sir, recommending Fela to younger generations as a role model?” I definitely had a good laugh when French President Emmanuel Macron came to Nigeria and, accompanied by Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, visited the New Afrika Shrine to pay tribute to Fela. It is funny because the state authorities Ambode represents now shut down the Shrine nine years ago for “disturbing” public peace.…

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Rapper Buckey Raw goes off on new release: Temptation

BY LIBSTARSVIEW Trapco sensation Bucky Raw has released a brand new single titled “Temptation” on which he gets candid about corruption in Liberia, rapping about greed. The rapper a couple of weeks ago spoke to LIBSTARSVIEW intimating that a politician had reached out to him to help him, to help his campaign, and he refused, not wanting to get involved with corrupt leaders. Good God, not many will turn down such opportunity. WHO IS BUCKEY RAW?—LINK A native of Liberia, with residence in Philadelphia, Bucky Raw is an up and…

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The Carbonaria Kingdom: A short story

Synopsis Peppered moths are polymorphous insects that usually appear dark or light-colored. And, depending on whether they live in a polluted region or not, one or the other form will thrive. In polluted regions, the dark-colored peppered moths, known as carbonaria, thrive because they use the soot-covered trees to camouflage from birds that prey on them. Hence, the more polluted a region, the more the carbonaria peppered moths. A writer discovers parallels between this phenomenon and his homeland, a place crawling with lepidopterous gargoyles masquerading in the polluted corridors of…

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We’ll Work Together To Change Liberia.

Excerpts of Mills Jones Speech as he was petition over the weekend ….And I want to say that they can plot as much as they wish. They can hold meetings as much as they want. They can know sleepless nights as much as they wish. They can go to the international community there and try to spoil my name but failing to know that every dog has a friend and that when they talked I can hear it too. They can try as much as they want to try to…

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