Romeo-Mark’s If Only the Dust Would Settle: A Review

By Valerie Knowles-Combie Althea Romeo-Mark’s collection of selected poems, If Only the Dust Would Settle, is the outgrowth of a series of poetry readings, commissioned by VITA (Verein fur Interkulturelle Treffpunkte und Anlaufstellen), an “umbrella organization that focuses on the integration of immigrants in Switzerland.” Romeo-Mark’s introduction explains that her poems are connected to a personal essay. “A Home with Endless Space” (7), a very significant construct that reinforces the meaning of “home” and “space” to the author’s primary theme.  While her poems are divided into five sections, Romeo-Mark’s skillful…

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11 Questions Zubin Cooper, Actor

Zubin Cooper is a Liberian documentary maker, actor and producer. He just finished his first Cannes Film Festival appearance, starring in ‘The Last Face’, a movie that covers Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and South Africa. He joined the project as a consultant, but given his immense talent, Zubin ended up making his acting debut in the role of ‘Dr. Mousa.’ 1. Liberians have been excited and more so since you appeared on the red carpet in Cannes, France. What has the reception for you been in Liberia and from…

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The Carbonaria Kingdom: A short story

Synopsis Peppered moths are polymorphous insects that usually appear dark or light-colored. And, depending on whether they live in a polluted region or not, one or the other form will thrive. In polluted regions, the dark-colored peppered moths, known as carbonaria, thrive because they use the soot-covered trees to camouflage from birds that prey on them. Hence, the more polluted a region, the more the carbonaria peppered moths. A writer discovers parallels between this phenomenon and his homeland, a place crawling with lepidopterous gargoyles masquerading in the polluted corridors of…

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PHOTO ESSAY Zubin Cooper- Cannes Man

Liberian documentary maker Zubin Cooper has wrapped up his first Cannes Film Festival appearance, having starred in ‘The Last Face’, a movie that spans four countries, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and South Africa. Having joined the project as an advisor, Zubin ended up making his acting debut in the role of ‘Dr. Mousa. _______________________________ PHOTO ESSAY:Actor/Producer Zubin Cooper __________________ source:

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Political Commentary & Reflections On Liberia

B O O K R E V I E W by ralph geeplay Liberian political commentators are in abundance in this day and age, but few are writing the books that Liberians must read. To tell the history of a troubled nation as it gravitates from one crisis to another—these many decades, understanding these historical trajectories are important in a nation’s milestone, and that is why Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh deserves commendation for his book, Political Commentary and Reflections on Liberia. For this is recorded history meant for the Libraries and students—as…

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A Poem: Night falls in Kanweaken

Night falls in Kanweaken ralph geeplay —000— As night falls the sun placates its far-flung self faded Then wives having fought their day’s battle filed Themselves fatigued like Militia on the petite village road Heavenwards look they hunt God Their kinjas slightly poised on their heads They march with regal posture As wanting Youngs Bend their backs Like leaves to branches Their inundated perturbed hearts For yearning, for Craving to do more– But little else can they bid but breast milk Husbands stroll behind meek Speaking in the Murmurs only…

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This Luck A Poem

This luck 2016-02-14 By ralph geeplay Thought about it a sec and said no need hence —Yes no need to say good bye whence. The china preserved, the rock was solid! The present unwrapped, The package given. Like a candle it burns un-renounced, even with snow so now, it needs not be bagged, to be kept. Dear Love, like the daffodils freshly picked today I hear her rich scents screaming To these starved nostrils— rich colors, blinding. Thereabout, comes the wild night, merged in solitude, Bundled, as the blanketed moon…

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Trinidad and Tobago Ready for Carnival 2016: PHOTOS

Trinidad & Tobago gets ready to welcome the world to the greatest show on earth Port-of-Spain, Trinidad—In less than 72 hours, the two unique islands of Trinidad and Tobago will erupt into a parade of merriment as thousands of people from around the world are expected to participate in the biggest street party on Earth-Trinidad Carnival. Officially celebrated on February 8 and 9, the Carnival festivities started just after Christmas and will continue until Ash Wednesday-loaded with dozens of high energy parties and premier cultural competitions. Opening with J’Ouvert at…

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African Literature: Ekwensi & John Tafida’s Jiki Magayi

Could This Be Literary Fraud? Dissecting Cyprian Ekwensi’s An African Night Entertainment And John Tafida’s Jiki Magayi By Ibrahim Musa In the literary world, Cyprian Ekwensi is a household name. This holds true particularly for the volume of work he churned out within the corpus of African literature. He was a very good story teller, especially of the urban tale, that many people see him as a better story teller than the Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka or even the more famous novelist, Chinua Achebe. In stark contrast, John Tafida can…

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