As I see it, there is no other explanation for this government’s continuous intimidations of critics, but to force those it considers oppositions to be loyal followers; thereby creating a monolithic political society in which CDC’s grand vision of a one-party state will prevail. But Liberians have come a long way in pursuit of multiparty democracy and the notion that Liberia will be a one-party state is a dangerous foreplay in our political dialectics and a choice we are unwilling to stomach. Op-ed 

Unmasking former Chief Injustice Francis Saye Korkpor

By John H.T. Stewart Does Chief Injustice Francis Saye Korkpor really expect laurels from the public for his dismal and corrupt performance?A laundry list of his dirty deeds committed while in that noble office is too long to detail here. Under his watch, judicial workers went unpaid for prolonged periods. They protested on the grounds of the Temple of Justice but Mr. Chief Injustice, Francis Saye Korkpor, remained indifferent showing no concern. The protesters were instead met by vigorous Police action under his orders. He had first issued threats of…

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hilton varney cruz Op-ed 

SUP@52, a new dawn of a glorious generation: SUP will never die!

    By: Varney Cruz Hilton Liberia today is at a crossroads — The crossroads of reinventing itself out of “an old country” and “a troubled society” into a diverse and modern nation-state heralding a new era of peace, equality, justice, and the assurance of every citizen’s full participation in our common destiny and prosperity. To move forward in a positive direction, we must acknowledge the sins of our past and stop living in denial. Our history confirms that Liberia was born out of crises – The crisis of the…

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Where have you ever heard about this being done politically in the selection of political leader for an opposition group? Where? This is what happens when a group of people listen to some little guy who just completed a degree or certificate program and still finds it hard to distinguish between ideology and real life experiences. Op-ed 

Press Release—The Formation of CPP USA Leadership Is Announced

     For Immediate Release                                                                 October 17, 2022—-In a nationwide zoom conference held on September 17, 2022, under the leadership of the CPP Chairman, Hon. Musa Hassan Bility, CPP USA was established. CPP USA brings together the supporters of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and Liberty Party (LP) as well as Liberians who envision a better Liberia under…

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Alexander B. Cummings Op-ed 

                                                    The Formation of CPP USA Press Release For Immediate Release October 17, 2022 In a nationwide zoom conference held on September 17, 2022, under the leadership of the CPP Chairman, Hon. Musa Hassan Bility, CPP USA was established. CPP USA brings together the supporters of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and Liberty Party (LP) as well as Liberians who envision a better Liberia under…

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kofi woods Op-ed 

Samuel Kofi Woods II on What can the media do to sustain democracy now and in the future

A Patriot’s Diary With Ekena Wesley If only the Liberian media would have an appreciation of the powerful realm they occupy in society, the resolve to effectively exert themselves amid the truism of nation-building would be a foregone conclusion. The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA), held its 8th Convention from September 29 – October 1, 2022, in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. The trappings of democracy, freedom, liberty, and justice are the cornerstones of the new world order for participatory governance. Liberians have been on the road to a…

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gongloe /lpp Public Policy 

Liberia has experienced the effects of one-party rule, military dictatorship: Gongloe elected LPP Leader

  Comrade Chairman And other members of the Executive Committee Members of the Liberian People’s Party Observers, Other distinguished ladies, and gentlemen   Before proceeding any further, I humbly request that you stand with me for one moment of silence to the memory of Dr. Joseph Saye Guannu, former Vice Standard Bearer of the Liberian People’s Party and all other fallen stalwarts of the Liberian People’s party, who are not alive today to see this day. Amen, and you may have your seats. Fellow partisans, let me now express profound…

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bad roads liberia Op-ed 

Countering the Faulty Narrative of ‘Southeasterners Dominance’ in Liberia Politics

.. The focus should be on how we correct this historical injustice against the people of the Southeast and not the peddling of this divisive politics because of the desperation for power. By, Harry ConwayThere is a faulty narrative that appears to be gaining traction in Liberia body politics that needs to be countered to lay bare the historical exclusion and marginalization that has plagued the Southeastern Region generally and particularly River Gee County and Barrobo District, Maryland County. This narrative rests on the premise that the current President, Speaker,…

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zanu pf Op-ed 

ZANU PF takes Zimbabwe 360° back to Rhodesia – country ripe for new wave of nationalism and liberation struggle!

There is a popular saying, “nothing under the sun is completely new” – as, with the planets, solar systems, galaxies, and the universe, everything simply goes round and round in circles, repeating itself over and over again. In fact, history, as a record of human activity, appears to be the most telling of this phenomenon – as evidenced by the tendency of it replaying itself, even cleverly disguised as something new, especially for those who do not bother learning anything from their past. The past few weeks have been extremely…

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About a day ago, the 15th President of the University of Liberia was inaugurated in a historic ceremony held at the Fendall Campus. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson seems ready to efficaciously pilot this flight. As I sat keenly listening to Dr. Nelson outlining a number of reforms his administration is prepared to undertake, his power-packed inaugural address reawakened lost hope. His speech arouse resounding claps and cheers at different intervals. The tasks ahead are herculean but Dr. Nelson has promised to confront them through real vision and concrete action. Is UL en route to Renaissance? Op-ed 

RE: SIM Rebuttal Statement to The Liberian Listener

                                                                                                   The Editor, The STUDENT INTEGRATION MOVEMENT (SIM) secretariat brings you a warm revolutionary greeting. This letter is to inform your office of the action taken by your entity, “The LIBERIAN LISTENER.”  The SIM recent document that was presented to you and edited by your staff did not meet the satisfaction of SIM! It can be recalled that SIM sent copies of its “PRESS STATEMENTS” on the 18th &…

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sup Public Policy 

SUP presents 51 counts for Weah to #FixTheCountry, calls for an independent investigation into July 26 violence

For Immediate Release Comrades in the redemption struggle for the dignity of the oppressed of the peasantry of our people, the “FixTheCountry Generation” of the conscious students of the University of Liberia, ideological student radicals profoundly leading the struggle for the honor of the fatherland, militants, cadres and stalwarts of Africa’s biggest embankment of revolutionary consciousness building and progressive enlightenment- the Vanguard Student Unification Party- SUP, fellow Liberian compatriots;  The Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party- SUP calls for a speedy, impartial, and independent investigative panel headed by the Independent Commission…

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