About a day ago, the 15th President of the University of Liberia was inaugurated in a historic ceremony held at the Fendall Campus. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson seems ready to efficaciously pilot this flight. As I sat keenly listening to Dr. Nelson outlining a number of reforms his administration is prepared to undertake, his power-packed inaugural address reawakened lost hope. His speech arouse resounding claps and cheers at different intervals. The tasks ahead are herculean but Dr. Nelson has promised to confront them through real vision and concrete action. Is UL en route to Renaissance?Op-ed 

RE: SIM Rebuttal Statement to The Liberian Listener




The Editor,

The STUDENT INTEGRATION MOVEMENT (SIM) secretariat brings you a warm revolutionary greeting. This letter is to inform your office of the action taken by your entity, “The LIBERIAN LISTENER.”  The SIM recent document that was presented to you and edited by your staff did not meet the satisfaction of SIM! It can be recalled that SIM sent copies of its “PRESS STATEMENTS” on the 18th & 22nd of August, on Monday and Tuesday of August 22 & 23 2022. In the communications,  “ SIM Cautions UL Administration Regarding PROSA and SUP Planned Separate “Protest” on August 24, 2022” to your entity; SIM is concerned by the edited version that was published by “The LIBERIAN LISTENER”, which SIM felt was not published verbatim.  



Sincerely Yours:


Signed: ___________________             Approved: ________________________

Cadre: L.R.D. Augustine Weah                                  Cadre: Prince M. Sonii Sr.                                                                                                        Secretary General (SIM~UL).                                     Chairman (SIM~UL).

                                    Motto: “Progress Through Integration”. 



Editor’s note: The Liberian Listener editorial staff reserves the right to edit op-eds it received for mass public consumption. Likewise, the portal also reserves the right to reject materials it deems unfit for its pages or for publication. The Liberian Listener urges the Student Integration Movement to always seek alternative multimedia for its press releases. The Listener runs a small dedicated volunteering staff that puts in a lot of time to screen materials that come to us for publication in an effort to uphold the integrity of the institution.

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