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SUP presents 51 counts for Weah to #FixTheCountry, calls for an independent investigation into July 26 violence

For Immediate Release

Comrades in the redemption struggle for the dignity of the oppressed of the peasantry of our people, the “FixTheCountry Generation” of the conscious students of the University of Liberia, ideological student radicals profoundly leading the struggle for the honor of the fatherland, militants, cadres and stalwarts of Africa’s biggest embankment of revolutionary consciousness building and progressive enlightenment- the Vanguard Student Unification Party- SUP, fellow Liberian compatriots; 

The Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party- SUP calls for a speedy, impartial, and independent investigative panel headed by the Independent Commission on Human Rights, Inter-Religious Council, Liberia Council of Churches, NAYMOTE PARTNERS, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), CENTAL, Human Rights Watch Forum, LICHRD, etc to properly investigate such an unfortunate incident. SUP categorically distances herself from any form of violence, particularly the incident that took place at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), and wants to strongly warn the compromised and partisan Police headed by Col. Patrick Sudue to stop playing gimmicks with the resolve and tenacity of the conscious Liberian people. From all information gathered so far, it is well established and documented that the Liberia National Police aided and abetted the beating, torturing and humiliation of all the victims of the July 26 regime orchestrated violence and so, SUP strongly believes that the LNP lacks the balls, spine and moral rectitude to conduct an independent hearing into this matter. Because of this, the Student Unification Party wants to be empathetically clear that SUP will not subject any of its militants or leaders to such a kangaroo hearing being organized by the monstrous and discredited police force.  SUP will not be a party to the shenanigans of an investigation that is currently ongoing at the LNP, whether it is on the ‘Bloody July 26th Independence Day violence’ or the staged managed incident at AMEU yesterday and we will never sit before police who mocked our comrades while they were being bedraggled in a bloodbath, tortured and humiliated. The police had all it takes to prevent such a barbaric attack on peaceful students but instead, Inspector General Patrick Sudue allowed the police to be used as a fanatic group against voices of dissent. SUP will never sit under a thuggish police inspector general like Patrick Sudue. 

Therefore, we will only adhere to an independent and impartial investigative panel that must compromise of the following institutions: Independent National Human Rights Commission, Justice Watch Forum, Press Union of Liberia, United Nations in Liberia, ECOWAS in Liberia, and other reputable and trusted institutions in Liberia.

Comrades and Friends,

SUP frowns on Weah’s tyranny for the persistent brutalization and ruthlessnesses against student leaders and critics especially the militants of the Vanguard Party. SUP wants to register clearly to the people of the world that the continuous brutality against student leaders is a well machinated vicious ploy that is well planned, coordinated, and orchestrated by Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee. The deplorable charlatan of a Mayor has been the mastermind behind all the violent attacks on student leaders who have been critical in exposing the misrule, corruption, and ineptitude of the Weah-CDC despotism. SUP wants to say that we are taking records and reporting to international human rights institutions every human rights violation being carried out by the misfit Mayor including the July 26 violence. When the day of reckoning comes, we will be the first to take the witness stand against the degree fraudster to make sure he pays for all the heinous crimes being committed against student leaders and ordinary citizens who disagree with the government. Let it be resoundingly made clear to the world that Liberia is a mafia state under George Weah and gangsterism is now the new normal order of the day, where the rule of law has been brazenly bastardized, and democracy is being substituted for tyranny. Under George Weah, Liberians are being attacked by arsonists, thugs, and anarchists just because they have displeasure about the operations of their government. This is the worst form of indignity ever experienced by a so-called democratic nation. 

Additionally, SUP wants to inform George Weah that those who were brutalized do not need patronized health subsidies from an already corrupt, barren, and monstrous regime. The only thing Mr. Weah is under obligation to offer right now is to make sure that all those who got wounded at the instruction of the state are given a fair chance to get justice. If Mr. Weah actually wants to help with the situation, he should begin by getting at those who continuously finance these thugs and criminals to come at peaceful students. Those of whom include Jefferson Koijee, Samuel Tweah, Nathaniel Mcgill, et al. Anything less than this means Mr. Weah is further mocking the already helpless situations of our comrades.

SUP wants to use this medium to reechoes its counts which have increased from 35 counts to 51 counts as we continue to take Mr. Weah to task on issues of the high cost of living, economic malaise, poverty, unemployment, and corruption. Though the regime implored its tricks and tactics to stop us from making our positions and it further move to instill fear in us but we want to say in a clarion tone, that our 51 counts remain non-negotiable and uncompromising. Our issues with Mr. Weah and his government are issues that remain outstanding in our quest to have the president listens to the plight of the people. In this light,  the Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party- Relaunches its #FixTheCountry Campaign and calls for mass, peaceful, and popular protest action against Weah’s gangsterism on August 24, 2022. Once again, SUP is calling on every Liberian to begin effective mobilization and organization as we planned a mass protest in Liberia on August 24, 2022, so as to ensure that George Weah takes concrete actions to settle the economic malaise in Liberia today. We call on the Liberian people to rally in their towns and villages to ensure that George Weah’s government takes concrete and cogent actions to #FixTheCountry and to move now to settle the over five years of misrule and destitution in the homeland. We assure the Liberian government and the people of Liberia that we will have a mass popular action on August 24th in continuation of our struggle against bad governance, economic failures, and state collapse. 

Exigently, SUP wants to reiterate its 51 counts to the Liberia people which are the bedrock and epicenter of the consistent FIXTHECOUNTRY mass protest actions on August 24, 2022

sup, student unification party
SUP: L-R, Tuah, Kamara, Kanneh, Kerkula
  1. The stealing of over US$ 24.8 million National Road Fund by Min. Samuel Tweah
  1. The stealing of the National Census Fund by Francis Wreh, Lawrence George, and Wilmot F. Smith Jr. as indicted by the LACC June 2022 report 
  1. The criminal maneuvering of Min. Jennie Cooper at the Agriculture Ministry as indicted by the LACC June 2022 report 
  1. Address the problem of the economic failure of the state, high cost of living, and harsh social conditions imposed on the Liberian people by the regime 
  1. Failure of the government to publish all financial records of the government from 2018 to the present as well as domestic debt records
  1. Stop the flagrant violation of the constitution by the president and his minions 
  1. Compromised and Kangaroo Justice system where justice has been placed on the market 
  1. Stealing of elections and undermining the democratic gains of the state by the compromised National Elections Commission Boss Davidetta Brown Lassanah 
  1. Address the issue of massive corruption and graft in government 
  1. Address the issue of deplorable conditions of all government schools in the country 
  1. Lack of vital drugs in government facilities and the underpaying of Healthcare workers, nurses, and doctors 
  1. Justice for the mysterious death of Princess Cooper, Emmanuel Cooper, the three (3) missing boys involved in the St. Moses saga, as well as secret killings of more than three (3) auditors and all other victims without proper investigation by the police and justice by the state
  1. Address the issue of deplorable learning conditions at the University of Liberia 
  1. Address the deplorable state of government Secondary Institutions of learning like Tubman High, D. Twe Memorial, G. W. Gibson and etc 
  1. Swelling unemployment, lack of opportunities, and social insecurities 
  1. Lack of clean Water and sanitation for almost all Liberians; and the immediate dismissal of LWSC Boss for corruption and poor management 
  1. Lack of reliable electricity for all Liberians; the immediate dismissal of the LEC Boss for poor leadership and massive corruption 
  1. Poor disaster management plans as floods continue to carry the homes of Liberians in West Point, New Kru Town, Doe Community, et al..
  1. Eradicate the institutionalized Criminal act of each Legislator taking 30k in the name of constituents engagement
  1. The two-face dealing between ArcelorMittal and HPX 
  1. Wasting 900k for Washington lobby annually
  1. The failure of the government to conduct the planned 2022 National Population and housing census 
  1. The proliferation of Drugs and criminal gangs in Liberia causing the rise in the numbers of disadvantaged youths in the country 
  1. The continuous attack on Press Freedom and muzzling of the media 
  1. The unprecedented rise in sexual and gender-based violence in Liberia; particularly rape and sodomy of young girls and boys
  1. The rise in the prices of basic commodities on the Liberian market such as gas price, food, transportation, red palm oil, and charcoal, etc
  1. The rise in infant mortality and maternal mortality in the country 
  1. The lack of basic childcare and childhood vaccines in the country such as vaccines for diseases like measles, polio et al
  1. The deliberate neglect of public infrastructures such as the road from Duala to Broad Street, the Jallah Town Corridor et al, and the dirtiness of the City of Monrovia 
  1. Address the rise in tuition in private secondary schools as well the government through the Ministry of Education provide subsidies for private schools
  1. Stop the continuous wave of organized violence and institutionalization of  gangsterism by the CDC regime
  1. The failure of  President Weah to fulfill his promises to the Liberian people, particularly by not implementing the TRC REPORT by establishing the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia
  1. The failure to dismiss government officials with “fake degrees” or academic credentials
  1. Failure to address the issues of Rape, Domestic Violence and SGBV
  1. Failure to address the issues of skyrocketing inflation, mutilated money, and shortage in banknotes on the Liberian market
  1. The Formulation of an independent investigative panel to investigate the July 26 Violence and to ensure all the perpetrators are brought to Justice 
  1. The Reforming of the Judiciary
  1. The  immediate dismissal of NEC Boss Davidetta Brown Lassanah for corruption 
  1. The immediate dismissal of Justice Minister Musa Dean
  1. The reshuffling of the entire government cabinet 
  1. The creation of a student loan system for both private and public schools students 
  1. The institutionalization of pregnancy leave and sick leave in both public and private sectors
  1. The reformation of the current pension system to ensure safe retirement for civil servants and workers in both public and private sectors 
  1. The availability of affordable mortgage services to public and private workers in Liberia
  1. The formulation of the technological research center to drive research and innovation in science and technology 
  1. The availability of micro and macro loans to local Liberian farmers to ensure food security 
  1. The construction of food banks in all major regions of the country 
  1. The thorough reform of the National Elections to ensure electoral transparency and fairness 
  1. The President must appoint the Ombudsman to receive complaints of public officials’ behavior and also to interpret legal issues enshrined in the code of conduct
  1. The dismissal of Police Spokesman Moses Carter and his Boss Patrick Sudue for negligence, misinformation, the continuous wave of brutality meted out against peaceful citizens, and lack of security 
  1. The suspension and subsequent dismissal of the Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee for his consistent involvement and orchestration of violence against peaceful citizens in the name of defending the quasi -CDC Blue Revolution.

Finally, the Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party calls on its militants, stalwarts, ideologues, and cadres to begin massive mobilization from community to community, streets to streets, Forums to forums, and markets to markets to rally the people as we set to move in history through a mass citizen action on August 24th to ensure that Mr. Weah can #FIXTHECOUNTRY.. either Mr. Weah #FixTheCountry or Face The Masses. 

Struggle or Perish, There is No Third Way!

Long Live Massecracy- Long Live SUP!


Gwei Fei Kpeh- The struggle continues!


Contact: Cell#: 0770179193/ 0777654997/Email:

Signed: _______________________

         Cde. Jusu Kamara

         Secretary-General/ SUP


Approved: _____________________

            Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh


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