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Four Major developments occurring in Liberia since the July 26 FIXTHECOUNTRY Mass Protest


  1. Since the July 26 Violence-


  • Weah denied CDC-COP
  • Members of the gang group in CDC-COP are on trial for their criminal actions on July 26 against peaceful students
  • Police Spokesman Moses Carter, Police Supervisor Goofrey Kollie et al have been suspended
  • Police IG Patrick Sudue has a writ of arrest as a result of his refusal to adhere to the citation notice of the Independent National Human Rights Commission
  • AMEU student president placed under probation and relived as president of the student government
  • International and Diplomatic institutions in Liberia condemned George Weah’s government and demanded Justice
  • All legal, political, civil society and religious institutions in Liberia condemned the gangsterism against peaceful protesters
  • Massive protest planned for August 24
  • George Weah’s led CDC government has become increasingly unpopular
  1. US State Department released its Investment Climate Report


  • Liberia is a terrible place for investment/business
  • George Weah is running a corrupt nation where investors must do pay-for-play
  • No security for investors in Liberia
  • George Weah is a gross human rights violator
  • Liberia is poor and lacking incentives for investment under George Weah
  • No water, electricity, housing, and effective banking system in Liberia to incentivize investment in Liberia


  1. Release of Millennium Challenge Score Card 


  • Liberia failed miserably
  • Liberia is unable to get any vital grant/s from the US
  • Liberia is retrogressing
  • Liberia is lacking quality public institutions
  • Liberia is under its worst leadership since 1847
  1. US Government Sanctioned Three (3) government, officials 


  • Nathaniel McGill, Min. of State, Presidential Affairs sanctioned
  • Cyrenius Cyphus Solicitor General of Liberia, sanctioned
  • Bill Tweahway National Port Authority sanctioned
  • Nathaniel McGill, Cerenus Cyphus, and Bill Tweahway were suspended from government
  • They’re unable to transact internationally and regionally
  • Unveil Massive Corruption in George Weah’s led government
  • Weah’s syndicate busted
  • Weah’s government is known as a criminal government
  • Liberia is being raped by corrupt individuals


The Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) will continue to take this CDC Led Government to task.  And again on August 24, SUP will be stampeding its way into history!

Lawrence Tuah is Assistant Secretary General of SUP


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