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Can Abraham Darius Dillion ever redeem his image, outcries as he pockets another 30,000 public funds

By Robert Moncio Kpadeh

Amid the painstaking tragedy of lack of drugs at public health facilities and inadequate instructional materials at public schools, another US$30K has been fed to the economic vampires, unpatriotic, and gutless elements occupying the legislature, Senator Abraham Darius Dillion is yet again involved in this public thievery. Credible reports indicate that It was because of this amount the House of Representatives passed the recast budget with zero scrutinies and with the greatest speed in the legislative history. Legislative reporters who covered the passage say the infamous recast or restated budget which lacks ‘people-emphasis’ was approved in less than an hour when it was presented to the House Plenary with a 99% vote in favor. The recast budget is nothing less than a FRAUD meant to only grease the pockets of those in officialdom to live garishly while the people are left to grapple with perpetual socio-economic devastation.

They claim the $30k is allocated to “legislative engagement”. This is the third time $30K has been dashed to corrupt lawmakers for “Legislative engagement”, a criminal and unrealistic budget allocation that defrauds the country unremorsefully. What is “legislative engagement”? Do we not pay lawmakers handsomely when they go for their annual “Agriculture Break”? Isn’t the agriculture break meant to engage with the constituents in districts and counties? This is a blatant broad-day robbery of state resources by a gang of notorious goons and zombies. Liberia is doomed! An evil band of hawkish thieves is ruling over the country and looting its resources on a grand scale.

And even more disappointing, heartbreaking, and disgusting, the “Opposition” is drenched in docility, cowardice, and timidity. Dysfunctional. Ineffectual. Fundamentally lazy. No ideological incline. Rattled and ruffled by disintegration as a consequence of lack of common purpose. So, the bloody thieves in power have a ‘free day’ to loot the country unhindered and unchallenged, while hustling and bustling for ‘dry bread’ on a daily is the fate of the weary Liberian masses. It is painful and inconceivable how a government subjugates its people in such a woeful manner.

The One People Revolutionary Movement [OPRM] says it has uncovered a diabolical plan by the George Weah administration to arrest its leader Comrade Moncio Kpadeh. The leaked according to the OPRM is political and subversion, that has nothing to do with the breaking story The Parrot News website has published regarding circumstances surrounding the mysterious and tragic killing of Audit Chief Emmanuel Nyensua of the Internal Audit Agency or IAA which went viral recently. Rather than unleashing security agents to pursue Comrade Leader Moncio Kpadeh and Editor Julius Jaesen of the Parrot News website, a responsible and intelligent government would rather choose the path of litigation if it feels or believes the Parrot outlet has done anything transgressive to its image or those of its officials named in the story.
Moncio Kpadeh
The honorability of the Legislature has been devoured by chronic greed. It is now a place of dishonor stuck in the rusty claws of nefarious political hustlers and desperate wealth-seekers— shameless men and women who put sordid emphasis on self-aggrandizement and lack every sense of ‘country first’ and genuine national purpose. The question that is being asked is can Dillion ever redeem his image?

Liberia is bleeding. Its people are languishing in despair, trauma, and uncertainty. Where are the Patriots and revolutionaries in the Land? Can we unite in defense of our country’s cause? Can we not must the will and courage to resist these sleazy rogues pillaging our country’s resources in no small way? Where is our sense of national calling? Where is our national pride? Resist or perish? The option is left to our conscience and consciousness.

Woe onto men who steal from their homeland and deprive fellow countrymen in the name of amassing wealth, for wicked you shall not find peace in your lifetime.

Blood in our eyes and now is the winter of our did content!

It is not Uhuru yet!

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