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Vanguard Party Threatens Unspecified Revolutionary Actions


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SUP Frowns On UL Administration and GoL of Liberia Over The Slow Pace Of Renovation Of The University Campuses, Rejects Administration Proposal For Increment In Transportation Fares For Buses And Threatens Unspecified Revolutionary Actions Over the Persistent Delay Of Reopening School: 

Comrades and friends, sons and daughters of the Bantustans and native reserves of the poverty-smitten masses of our people, domestic workers, petrol attendants, the working poor, patriotic professionals, exploited  Laborers on the plantation workers on the capitalist establishments of Arcelor Mittal and Firestone, motorcyclists and taxi drivers, teachers and health workers who are underpaid, marketers, and factory workers, conscious university students- precisely the “Fix The University” generation, progressive student radicals in the struggle for justice and equality, distinguished intellectual militants and cadres of Liberia’s lone yet surviving Marxist-Leninist and Pan Africanist revolutionary institution- the indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party-SUP,  Pressmen and Women, fellow countrymen and compatriots; 

The Revolutionary Vanguard Party categorically frowns on the University of Liberia’s authority and the government of Liberia over the slow pace shadow of the renovation exercise ongoing at the university Liberia Capitol Hill Campus. Fellow Liberians, it’s nearly six months since the university began renovations but it will amaze you to know that the university is yet to complete a single building on the Capitol Hill Campus which is the only campus under renovations out of the four campuses; even though UL President Nelson was not forthcoming on of receiving $US 4.7million from the government to carry on the project. The decision of President Nelson to allow himself to be used by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah of receiving a 4.7million for renovations as a way of pretentiously stopping huge criticism against the government over the deplorable conditions of the university does not just show how Mr. Nelson is not serving the greater interests of the UL. Per the intelligence SUP has gathered from her reliable sources, only $US 100,000 has been given to the university to carry out renovations. The callous attempt and lack of will of the CDC government not to support the university is not just reckless, but we see this as an attack on education and we are not going to take it lightly. And the Vanguard Party takes serious exception to this!

Nonetheless, the Vanguard Party wants to thunderingly restate its position that we will not accept any unrealistic increment in transportation fares on buses commuting students from Benson Hospital to Fendall Campus. We want to make it clear that the students are only going to accept an increment from $LD 20.00 to $LD 30.00 regularly. We are not going to settle for the LD$ 500.00 increment in registration fees for transportation and at the same time pay $LD 50.00 regularly. SUP wants to warn the Nelson administration to stop devising tactics of decentralizing the responsibilities of the university on suffering student masses at the university. The students are not going to be used to raise funds to upkeep the university due to the irresponsible behavior of the CDC government headed by incompetent Weah who is refusing to support the university. Hope Mr. Nelson understands that the charter that created the university says eighty percent of the university endeavors will be fully supported by the government of the day. And as such, the Nelson administration must stop the unscrupulous imposition of unrealistic charges on the suffering university students!

sup, student unification party
Leaders: Student Unification Party

Lastly, the Vanguard Party wants to unequivocally state to the Nelson administration that we will not accept any further postponement on the agreed June 6, 2022, as per the May 10, 2022, Faculty Senate meeting for the resumption of academic activities. Firstly, we were told by the administration that the school would have reopened on April 18, 2022, and then based on the slow pace of the renovation, the administration cited us for meeting on May 10, 2022, at which time we all once again agreed for the school to reopen on June 6, 2022, assuring us that by that time, the renovation exercise will be done. Here again, UL President Nelson is saying that the university will reopen on June 27, 2022, with no guarantee of renovation ending before that time. The Vanguard party wants to emphatically say here that students have to bear enough patience with the administration and as such, the university must remain committed to the agreed June 6, 2022, Memorandum of understanding. Anything other than this is null and void and the vanguard will take unspecified revolutionary actions! 


Long Live Massecracy- Long Live SUP!


Gwei Fei Kpeh- The struggle continues! 


Done and issued on this 3rd day of June A.D 2022 by and through the mandate of the 31st Central Committee and Politburo of the Vanguard Student Unification Party- SUP!



         Cde. Jusu Kamara

         Secretary-General/ SUP



            Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh



Contact: Cell#: 0770179193/0777654997  


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