Monrovia – Liberia’s Solicitor General (SG), Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus has expressed fear for his life and the lives of members of his family including his wife and children, for what he calls a threat being posed to their lives by certain individuals in the Liberian society, over the allegation that he kills virgin girls for ritualistic purpose.

In an elongated letter, a copy of which this writer is privy to, dated 25 September 2021, and addressed to his boss, Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musah Dean, Cephus claims Messrs. Kabineh Muhammad Ja’neh, former Supreme Court Associate Justice; Bishop Kortu Brown of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC); Liberian politician, Mr. David Farhat; Cllr. T. Dempster Brown of the Independent Commission of Human Rights (INCHR); and the leader of the political pressure group, Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL), Emmanuel Gonquoi; are allegedly behind a ploy he said is being hatched by Ellen Corkrum, former Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA), according to the SG, to satisfy their selfish interests by publicly calling for his unconditional and unceremonious removal as Solicitor-General for what he described as flimsy and unfounded allegations.

He said since Corkrum’s allegations that he and other individuals, including President George Weah; the President’s chief of office staff and Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill; and the Head of the Economic Crimes Services Division at the Ministry of Justice, Cllr. Bobby Livingstone; which he termed as defamation of their characters, according to him, by the former MD of the LAA alleging without evidence, their involvement in ritualistic killings of virgin girls, Messrs. Kabineh Ja’neh, Kortu Brown, David Farhat, Dempster Brown and Emmanuel Gonquoi, have taken to the airwaves in manners, forms and shapes only suitable to their selfish interests to publicly call for his unconditional and unceremonious removal as Solicitor-General.

He accuses the men of on several occasions, both individually and jointly threatening to effectuate against him, a sitting Solicitor General, a public arrest order, and take him to court on grounds of Corkrum’s allegation of ritualistic killings, noting that the men have extended what he described as their campaign of fear, terror and disinformation to his wife and family through radio pronouncements and newspaper publications.

SG Cephus, who slammed the five individuals as strange-bedfellows, claims each of the men has an individual role and purpose for using the Corkrum’s allegations to seek his ouster as Solicitor General, beginning with impeached Associate Justice Ja’neh, who he referred to as a “disgraced Associate Justice,” who he said gate-crashed onto the Liberian political landscape by means of armed struggle.

He added that Ja’neh’s role includes fighting back because of his (Cephus’) role as the Lead Manager in his (Ja’neh’s) impeachment trial, and subsequent removal.

In the case of the religious leader, Bishop Kortu Brown, who Cllr. Cephus branded as a faceless politician, accused the Head of the LCC of having personal hatred for Weah’s administration.

He further accused the Man of God of using his religious connection to conceal what SG Cephus calls Bishop Brown’s mendacious posturing,” indicating that as a faceless politician, the Bishop is also using the Corkrum’s allegations as a campaign to get even with anyone who has seen through his hypocrisies and viciousness. 

For longtime politician and financial expert David Farhat, Cllr. Cephus slammed him as a failed politician, who he said is paying back because he (Cephus) indicted him in the L$2.6 billion CBL case. 

The Liberian Solicitor General continued with Cllr. Brown of the INCHR, stating that his role is purely a one of a publicity stunt, irrespective of the fact that Corkrum’s allegations are groundless; and for the EFFL, Cllr. Cephus asserted that the group’s leadership is awaiting sentencing at the Monrovia City Court following a final judgment by His Honor, Magistrate Jomah Jallah having confessed their guilt after they were arrested by him for attacking the Capitol Building at dawn, beating up the security assigned there and damaging the gate before installing their own locks on grounds that members of the National Legislature are allegedly rampantly corrupt.

Cllr. Cephus, in his marathon letter, indicated that he’s calling the attention of Justice Minister Dean to the men’s alleged actions, which he referred to as open threats on his life and the lives of members of his family, as well as his close relatives and friends.

The SG infers that he suspects his accusers to be engaged in a divide and rule game, which he said the men are allegedly employing and heavily playing to apparently frighten his boss, Justice Minister Dean, into submission that the plot to remove him (Cephus) as Solicitor-General is not directed at Cllr. Dean, stating, “or, in fact you are the purported victim whose job as Minister of Justice and Attorney-General is being unduly sought and that this campaign is being fought on your behalf to ensure your personal safety and wellbeing.” 

Cllr. Cephus, who characterized Kabineh Ja’neh, Bishop Kortu Brown, David Farhat, Emmanuel Gonquoi, and Dempster Brown as “forces of evil”, informed his boss, Cllr. Dean that contrary to what the men are allegedly portraying as a campaign on the behalf of the Justice Minister to ensure his personal safety and wellbeing, in truth and practice, the five individuals, according to SG Cephus, are following through on a well-calculated ploy to destabilize the Prosecution Department of the Ministry of Justice and install therein, someone of their liking to the detriment of the Government of Liberia (GoL).

Cllr. Cephus, who appears to be opposed to an investigation being conducted into the recent heightened reports of alleged murders and ritualistic killings in the country, averred that he’s not surprised that the men campaign began to gather pace, with those he referred to as strange bedfellows sowing seeds of discords and lies against him, other prominent public officials and the Government, without any evidence, making specific reference to the chair of the INCHR, Cllr. Brown, who he quoted as stating at a press conference that there are “many alleged mysterious disappearances and deaths of people in the months of July and September”, 2021, and therefore concluded that an independent inquiry commission be set up to investigate all those who have been falsely named in Cockrum’s “unfounded allegations.”

He averred that the genesis of what he called the crisis that is now unfolding sparked when he refused as a function of his professional responsibility as Solicitor General to allow a corporate dispute over a truck between Cockrum and Ofori Diah, to become a criminal matter, and thereby make the state to spend unnecessary time, energy and resources thereon, but instead, advised the parties, that they could revert to civil litigation which has begun at the Civil Law Court.

Ofori Diah, a former rebel commander of the defunct LURD rebel faction, is accused by Corkrum to have divulged to her the alleged involvement of President Weah, Cllr. Cephus and others into ritualistic killings. 

Cllr. Cephus, who says he endured pain to recite the individual roles of each of the men and their reasons behind their campaign of vilification against him, his wife and family, claims he did so to draw Justice Minister Dean’s attention to what he called the fact that his life is at risk.

Therefore, SG Cephus says he’s craving Cllr. Dean’s indulgence that in his capacity as Minister of Justice, the Attorney General addresses what he termed as threats, and to provide him with additional security personal.

Cephus expressed fear that there are plans afoot by the five individuals to allegedly incite some youths and women in the country to stage public demonstrations and demand his unconditional dismissal or resignation as Solicitor-General on accounts of the alleged deaths and disappearances of individuals throughout the country.

Although Cllr. Cephus, is out and about serving as government’s chief prosecutor unharmed, and he recently traveled out of the country to Niamey, Niger, where he addressed an African Bar Association confab, he claimed in his communication to Justice Minister Dean that he and his family live in fear, and can hardly leave their home because of what he called negative campaigns by the men.

He wants Justice Minister Dean to give his communication urgent attention, while craving the Attorney General’s indulgence to take what he calls the necessary steps to protect his Solicitor-General job, his person, character, and family against any possible violent citizens’ arrest. Source: Smart News Liberia

Main photo: Liberia’s Solicitor General (SG), Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus

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