PRESS STATEMENT  – SUP extends fraternal revolutionary anniversary felicitations to the Press Union of Liberia (PUL); demands the immediate release of Cde. Jethro Saylah Kangar Harris; mandates all of its ideologues to change their social media profile pictures to the party’s logo.

Comrades and friends, members of the fourth estate, brothers and sisters:

The Vanguard Student Unification Party ceases the moment to extend white-hot revolutionary felicity to the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) on its 57th Anniversary Celebration which was graced fortnight ago in the bread-basket county of Liberia.

The PUL and the press remains an integral component of our society and a strategic ally to the Vanguard Party. Without the Press, our cherished peace, as well SUP’s five decades of advocacy would have been a chimera. As the PUL hits another milestone, we call on this great institution to welcome a new set of ideas and skills such as “Livestream broadcasting” “truth-sandwiching or tipping point” and “broadband media broadcasting”.

Also, we look forward to continuing working with the PUL in the struggle for social justice, academic freedom, peace, freedom of speech and of the press, and the defense of people and human rights. SUP calls on the CDC regime led by ex-soccer legend Mr. Weah to be a respecter of the rights of journalists and desist from media muzzling and bullying. SUP will not waver to struggle collectively with the PUL to resist any attack on freedom of speech, and of the press to ensure that the democratic norm of free speech is encouraged and protected to the core.

Meanwhile, SUP demands the immediate release of comrade Jethro Harris who was detained by the CDC Police since October 1, 2021, in Ganta for “allegedly posting a photo on the social media concerning the tidal waves of ritualistic killings in Liberia”. Categorically, the Vanguard Party calls for the immediate release of comrade Jethro Harris, and gives the government of Liberia 24 hours ultimatum to free comrade Jethro Harris now or face unspecified revolutionary actions from SUP.

SUP, as was in the 70s will always stand in solidarity with progressive forces that are being victims of the dictatorial terror of repressive regimes, and she will continue to struggle against all silhouette of injustices labeled on students as well as the masses of the Liberian people without any modicum of fear.

Four days ago, comrade Jethro Harris was bundled and illegally arrested in Ganta and incarcerated wrongfully with the foolish justification of “conveying false information on Facebook”. SUP recognizes that this is a complete violation Cde. Jethro’s fundamental rights to freedom of expression as guaranteed under the Constitution of Liberia as well the Abdullah Kamara ACT, the Table Mountain Declaration, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other International Human Rights Protocols of which Liberia is a signatory. Hence, SUP is calling on the Independent Human Rights Commission, Global Witness, Amnesty International, the Liberia Inter-Religious Council, Liberia Council of Churches, Liberia Imam Council, Liberia Justice Forum, LUJA, March for Justice-Liberia, and the Liberia Traditional Council to intervene swiftly to assure that Cde. Jethro Harris is released and all of his fundamental rights are restored accordingly.

The partisan police under Mr. Weah is bent on marginalizing and intimidating peaceful citizens and critics of this rotten CDC regime while their partisans spew inferno garbages and Jabberwocky on social media against their compatriots without any reprimand. The illegal detention of a young man–who’s been a critic of the bad system of governance–for such period is a clear example of the inability of this government to uphold the rule of law and deal with the objective circumstances confronted by the whole of the nation; the young man has done nothing wrong to be in such confinement for such long haul without any genuine charges.

SUP sees such prosecution as an affront to his rights and the rights of all conscious students as well as the masses in the quest for social change, intellectual freedom, and social justice. In this vein, we, therefore, mandate the government to immediately let go of comrade Jethro or get prepared to face thousands of students and the masses of the people who have been denied access to justice in our society.

If there is anyone to be arrested and detained, it should be Solicitor General Sayma Serenius Cephas who was accused by Madam Ellen Cockrum for allegedly been involved in the ritualistic killing of the virgin girls, and also Mr. George Weah who’s looting and misappropriating the resources of the State to his opulent subculture thereupon subjecting the masses to live in poverty and destitution through supplying diseases and misery for her citizenry that has spawned insecurity and criminality across the geo-political landscape.

The country under Mr. Weah’s watch is entrapped with massive corruption, arm robbery, rape, gangsterism, ritualistic killings, et al, and the government through the Ministry of Justice is doing nothing to address these contradictions but is more concerned about apprehending peaceful citizens for nonsensical extenuations.

Partisan Patrick Sudue who is a greenhorn gendarme and an immoral Police Inspector General understands nothing about the position he serves. This chap is daft, intellectual bereft, and morally bankrupt — unmanly and sissified — a bang-up womanizer — a blatant liar — who was seen on ELBC a few days ago spewing false accounts on the preponderance of ritualistic killings in the country. Sudue must instantly release our comrade and avoid womanizing– which has kept him slothful in the execution of his duty as a police Inspector General or face our exasperation. Sudue is one of the worst things that has ever happened in the Liberian police force under the Weah regime and must be booted out ASAP!

Conclusively, SUP mandates all of its ideologues to with immediate effect change their social media (Facebook) profile pictures to the party logo marking the beginning of the commemoration of the 51st-anniversary celebration. As we celebrate this year’s 51st anniversary, the party asks all striving cadres, esteemed veterans, courageous militants, and ground forces to remain disciplined, loyal, committed, and faithful to the ideology and philosophy of massescracy until it is Uhuru.


Long live SUP — Long live Massescracy!


Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh (ATATURK)

Secretary General/SUP

Approved: __________________

Cde. Momo J. Peters


Main Photo: Cde. Jethro Saylah Kangar Harris

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