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Deceptive & Cunning as Usual: The Dirty Politics of Dillion Has Come Out of Its Hideout!


Andrew Borbor Werlay Jaye Jr.

Several days after the exposure of the devilish plot within the CPP, there have been a media spectacle and a public frustration everywhere in and around Liberia. The public anger that greeted the scheme shrouded the plotters back to their hideouts. The plot became more widespread after an audio-carrying voice of executives of the Liberty Party. In the damming, but backstabbing audio against the aspirations of the Liberian people, Mr. Jallah convincingly lamented to the Grand Gedeh County Chairman of the Liberty Party: “We are going to give our support to Cummings. We will not support the Unity Party. Because supporting the Unity Party means to go against Ellen”.

But the roaring fire that met such a deadly plot this time, was quite sufficient to send conmen like Dillion, Bility, et all in their hideouts. “99 days for the rogue, one day for the master (the Liberian people).” The Liberian people, at this crucial turning point in history, wouldn’t sit idly to another plot influenced behind the scene by Dillion’s Lord–Patron in Johnson–Sirleaf. Neither would they be the sleeping giants to the orchestration of their dehumanization of another six years. Weah’s second term, Johnson–Sirleaf’s fourth term or CPP-Cummings first term!

His Lord–Patron in Johnson–Sirleaf

Nor would they be the cows from which breasts are the fresh milk of Dillion and his fellow clients, and their Lord–Patron in Johnson–Sirleaf. The severe lashes, from patriots who are endearing to higher patriotism, have caused bruises on the back of Dillion and his fellow plotters. Has put them on the defensive for time indefinite. Enough is actually enough, the Liberian people are exclaiming!!

So yesterday appearing on the OK Conversation with Jeh on OK FM by Dillion was meant to save face through his sugar-coated tongue. Worse still, the callers were not fine with Dillion’s normal sugar.

They pulled out Dillion’s sugar from his mouth. They took Dillion’s bull by its horn. If the callers were not condemning the simple doofus of a Dillion, they were asking questions that called for his public embarrassment. Dialectics is manifesting. The so-called LIGHT is indeed going off. And it would take more than just a public apology for the LIGH  to remain on. It would take the volition to stand with the Liberian people as he did in 2017 (though it was because Boakai had faced a Weah, not a Brumksine, Cummings, or Johnson–Sirleaf). Even at that, the LIGHT would not shine as bright as it used to be. The demand for a political commodity like Dillion does not go long, as its supply chain and date of expiration comes to end too soon.

The chicken has finally come home to roost. That’s Dillion–selling the soul of the nation to the highest bidder in Mr. Cummings.

But what did Dillion say on the OK Conversation with Jeh? In his blustering of a conversation, the good friend of Rob Sirleaf said he has no business with Johnson–Sirleaf (his Lord–Patron). That the political support he usually places on the Liberian–political–stock–exchange has never been bought. Quite comic and deceptive this may be, we must understand that ‘lies’ are the abstract things that can be found in the museum of modern money–slobbers like Dillion. If Dillion could craft a gimmick to betray Brumksine (his political leader who willfully accepted his academic dropout) for a Strayer’s scholarship and a visit to the United Nations General Assembly, Dillion can do anything to feather his old and tiny nest. Even if it meant crucifying the disenchanted masses–that brought him to power in an effort to smash the arrogance of the ruling establishment under former soccer star George Weah–on the altar of the dollars.

dillion, sirleaf, cummings, bility
L-R: Ellen Sirleaf, Musa Bility, Alex Cummings, Darius Dillion


He worked under TC Gould under Charles Taylor

To draw a curtain of the truth, Dillion does not have brakes for his political opportunism and treachery. From how he secretly collected money from the Pro Tempore in Albert Chie to remain mute with the businesses of the Senate, to how he led the massive resignations from the Youth Wing of the COP to his Cyber Team; from how Dillion forged his document claiming to have had a political science degree from the University of Liberia just to obtain a certificate from the Lok Sabha in India, to how he had long brutalized comrades from the United Methodist University in the early 2000s when he worked under TC Gould at Ministry of Justice; from how he smartly pacified the COP from its radical character against a regime that is bent on thievery to how he genuflected before the knees of Boakai as a sign of paying traditional respect to the wisest and most qualified of all presidential hopefuls in the CPP; from Dillion’s shameful defense of a chairman in Bility to his installation of his office boy in Kulah as secretary general of the Liberty Party; from his covet meetings with his Lord–Patron in Johnson–Sirleaf at her Bomi Farm to his recent visit to the US which sealed his political support to Cummings (a man he knows has no political experience and is very far from winning the presidency); all these tricks were employed by a man called Dillion to secure a top political status and eventually re-established his aunction system through which the highest bidder takes his political goods. So as Cummings has bought the political goods of Dillion, this is no surprise. It is Dillion as a client in the chess game of Johnson–Sirleaf where Cummings is posted as a new pawn to indirectly retain Weah.

andrew jaye jr
Comrade Andrew Jaye Jr.

In a real sense, Dillion coming out from his hideous camp yesterday is the result of the overwhelming embrace of Boakai at SKY FM. Boakai’s consistent marriage with the Liberian people which is reflected through national polls in and around the country is hurting Dillion’s devilish plot.

But we must make no mistake, Dillion is not taking away his political goods from Cummings.

No! No! He is watering the criticism against his political opportunism by lavishing free praises on Boakai and Cummings, and at backstage, plotting to throw out the Oldman from the CPP slot by using a primary of an elitist assemblage. Though the Voter Perception Survey (VPS) is the most powerful by logic.

Because it would produce the position of the Liberian people. But after the Liberian people shall have finished saying through the VPS: Boakai is the man we want. Dillion and his clients will demand: primary is the last stage. Cummings and Boakai must go for primary. Is this not a foolish venture?

That is Dillion, a political vulture who wants to feast on the dead corpse of the Liberian polity by blocking nationalistic forces who want to breathe the air of life into the state.

And it is here Boakai and the forces of the Liberian statehood will have to make a single choice: going to the election with the revolutionary potency of the Liberian people and not looking back!!!


Main Photo: L-R: Ellen Sirleaf, Musa Bility, Alex Cummings, Darius Dillion

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