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Former Warlord Prince Johnson’s Despicable Attacks Against TRC Chair Verdier Is worrying!


The Liberian Listener is taken aback by General Prince Johnson’s recent attacks on the person of the former Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Cllr. Jerome Verdier. In his tirades against the former Commissioner, Mr. Johnson, now a senator from Nimba County who served as a notorious warlord during the Liberian un-civil war publicly said last week that Chairman Verdier ran away from Liberia, because of his dishonesty and manhandling of the TRC Report.

The Liberian Listener notes and wants to set the record straight, that Chairman Verdier fled Liberia after his life was threatened by several indictees when he refused to compromise his integrity and the INTERESTS of the Liberian people in his duty as Chairman of the erstwhile commission. On July 10, 2009, the BBC reported that death threats were sent to TRC commissioners because the commission in its uncompromising stance indicted powerful people, including War Organizer and Financier Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but principally Prince Johnson.

The BBC wrote: Members of Liberia’s truth commission have received phone death threats since recommending President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf be barred from office. The BBC’s Jonathan Paye-Layleh says some of them have gone into hiding and turned off their mobile telephones. In a report, the commission recommended a 30-year ban for senior politicians for their role in the civil war.

“Thanks for your report; but death awaits you,” a text to commission chairman Jerome Verdier said.

“Your report has damaged our future,” it continued.

Mr. Verdier told the BBC he had wanted to remain silent about the threats because he did not “want to raise alarm”. But commission spokesman James Kpargor had called a radio talk show to complain about the death threats. Our correspondent says ex-warlords, former fighters, and officials who were recommended for the prosecution have been hitting back at the truth commission on the radio since the report was released.

Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf has admitted that she had backed former warlord Charles Taylor’s rebellion 20 years ago, but a government spokesman said she would not resign.

Not only did Madame Sirleaf reused to resign, but she did everything to undermined the TRC Report, brought criminals into the government but went further, going into alliances with the current political elite to protect herself while undermining the interests of the state and the Liberian people!

The Liberian Listener wishes to admonish General Prince Johnson, the Liberian people will seek justice, for the wartime atrocities and extra military abuse of the gun and power.

The Liberian Listener calls on prominent Nimba citizens to speak up for the county, as Prince Johnson it seems is using the great county of Nimba as a pawn in his despicable but desperate fears, but especially his wartime crimes. he must be told in no uncertain terms, that picking up arms to defend his people was not a license to commit war crimes!

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