SUP Declares University of Liberia ‘No Go Zone’ for Senator Abraham Dillion, Demands His Apology!



SUP condemns UL President Dr. Nelson’s recent outburst on the students of the university; seeks an extension for the payment of registration fees; declares the University of Liberia campuses a no-go-zone for Sen. Darius Dillon for his diabolical misinterpretation of the April 14, 1979 uprising. DEMANDS his open apology; warns the Tolberts to desist from throwing cliché absurdity of “dark cloud” of revisionism on Liberian history

Comrades and friends, brothers and sisters who continue to struggle for rice and rights, striving militants and ideologues whose boots remain tied in the struggle for social justice, academic freedom, and peace, ennoble cadres and professional revolutionaries in the massescratic struggle for egalitarianism, market sellers and farmers who are the backbone of our nation’s crumbling economy, waiters and waitresses who are underpaid and humiliated on a daily basis by the bourgeois class but yet continue to provide first-class dining service for the elite with humility, street vendors and yana-boys who keep our towns and cities busy and spirited, fellow university students who are future leaders and bedrocks of our society, militants, and stalwarts of Africa’s oldest mass-based revolutionary student kingdom – the Indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party; we bring you warm fraternal greetings from the 30th Central Committee and Politburo of the Vanguard Student Unification Party.

The Politburo and Central Committee of the Vanguard Student Unification Party attention has been drawn to the recent statements against the students of the University of Liberia by Pres. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, where he remarked in his recent press conference that the students of the university should refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages, and attend to their liabilities. 

The Student Unification Party is taken aback by Dr. Nelson’s pronouncement calls on him to address the students of the university in a more proper and decent manner whenever he takes the stance to address the students of the university.  By the logical conclusion, it was the university administration, led by Mr. Nelson, who granted permits to entertainment centers to operate on the campuses of the university. And if it has become sacrilegious to consume alcohol on the campuses of the university, the university administration however has the authority to revoke the permits given to those institutions which allow administrators, lecturers, and students of the university to consume beverages on its premises.

SUP is surprised that Dr. Nelson is transferring the financial burden from Mr. George Weah to the underprivileged striving university students and herby calls on Mr. Nelson to muster the courage and demand President Weah to pay the USD$1.2m, owed the university.    

L-R: Tuah Propaganda, Peters-Chairman, Kanneh-Secretary

Comrades and friends, it is often said that a little knowledge is dangerous. Such statement which the Vanguard Party holds true, and for true it is coming on its head from the recent inanities spewed by the quack Senator of Montserrado – Abraham Darius Dillon. Historically, April is a month to remember in the Liberian situation as a month of revolution! And it is provoking that a senator will intentionally choose to wrongly interpret what unfolded here on April 14, 1979, to school-going kids, university students, and the ordinary masses in his neighborhood. In every decent society, public officials are readers of their countries past, fair interpreters of the history they’ve read, and they set a pace to put the country on a trajectory that the people, with unison, will all together thrive for a better future. Unfortunately, for the Liberian situation, it is filled with complexities, false opinions, and the doctoring of historical facts — for all the most, in civilized society historical verdicts are passed on the basis of neutrality but in Liberia, it’s the reverse!

It is a situation where zombies and charlatans ascend to positions of public trust and thrive on lies so that the sentiments of the unlettered masses are won. So is the case with Dillon. For a Dillon, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us when he cast dark aspersions on the ‘progressives struggle of our country which draws the Vanguard Party to question of “how can a student of T.C. Gould and C.W. Brumskine surprise us with his childish nausea that the people were ignorant to have gone in the street on April 14, 1979′?

Dillon is one of the many Liberian businessmen who disguises themselves as politicians to tap on the “ignorance” of the gullible in our society with his petty advocacy? He also believes in that sickening uniformity like the many others who came before him: come get, grab and go.

SUP calls on Mr. Dillon to kindly read the Curtbert Cristy Report, the Brownell Commission Report, The Voice of the Revolution, The Day Monrovia Stood Still as well as the final document of the TRC Report. Perhaps, his horizon will widen on the matters of April 14, 1979, and these references will broaden his understanding of what transpired here prior to, and in the aftermath of the ‘rice riot’ discontent. If he does so, he won’t die! 

A report in the German online, DW Akademie suggests that a number of African heads of state and high-ranking politicians who have dual citizenship themselves or roots in another country. “Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is a citizen of Somalia and the United States. Liberia’s former head of state Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has German and Liberian roots. Moise Katumbi, a leading DRC opposition politician, was an Italian citizen for 17 years. For this reason, he was banned from running in the 2018 presidential election.”
Abraham Darius Dillion

Like Weah, Dillon is a historical gatecrasher and accident who is benefiting from what the Progressives struggled for: multi-party democracy. This academic flunkey in Dillon was elected on historical circumstances based on the dirt-poor material condition of the Liberian people under the rotten Weah regime. However, we do not blame this academic escapee in Dillon for his upside-down interpretation of the history of April 14, 1979, because he has not read any of the aforementioned reports. Even so, we will not sit and allow this spineless opportunist, political fortune hunter, and academic toddler in a diaper to cast his vague revisionist aspersion on the reverent April 14, 1979 ‘rice riot’ history. Therefore, we demand an apology from Senator Dillon for defaming our comrades in martyrdom who lost their lives during the ‘rice riot’. Until then, the campuses of the University of Liberia have hereby declared a no-go zone for the punk in Senator Darius Dillon. SUP mandates all militants, cadres, and stalwarts of SUP to boo this riffraff everywhere he’s seen by any ideological soldier of the people’s struggle for rice and rights.

Finally, another source gathered by the Vanguard Party is the misinterpretation of historical events by the Tolberts and the apologists of the True Whig Party (TWP). Such misinterpretation is being led by Richard Tolbert who continues to aver that “dark cloud” hangs over the nation whenever April 12 of each year reaches. The Party wants to remind the Tolberts’ that the darkest of cloud hung over this nation on April 14, 1979, when their father, Bishop Tolbert ordered his security men to gun down our people when they peacefully assembled for their rice and rights. The Vanguard Student Unification Party wants to warn Mr. Richard Tolbert and his surrogates to desist from parroting such falsities concerning our history or risk the wrath of confrontation wherever he is seen in the public space. 

SUP assures the University Students to remain courageous and studious amidst the challenges of acquiring tertiary education at the University of Liberia. SUP will continue to champion the uncompromising message of academic freedom, social justice, and peace!!

Amandla-awethu, the struggle continues…

Signed: _______________________                           

            Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh (ATATURK)

              Secretary General/SUP       



Approved: _______________________

                  Cde. Momo J. Peters

                  Chairman/ SUP


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