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Liberia: War & Economic Crimes Court Activist, Emmanuel Savice Denied Visa

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The Chairman of Liberians United for Justice and Accountability [LUJA] says he was denied a visa by the Liberian Embassy while on a visit to Monrovia. Mr. Emmanuel Savice said he was headed to the country to solicit signatures of a million-plus people who are interested in the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court. Savice is a Liberian-born who has scars of the war but now based in Canada with his family.

In a statement on his Facebook page, he said ‘I was due to board my flight today to attend the launching of #LUJA’s One Million Victim-Signatirues. The Liberian government has denied me a visa on grounds that I am fighting for WCC and ECC to make the government unpopular.’ He continued  ‘Even though I have no political backing, I will not take this lightly if I am denied entry into my country of birth. Our fight for War and Economic Crimes Court is not against the CDC.’

Mr. Savice says the government has got two options: to issue him a visa or arrest him upon arrival at the airport. He said it is  “Complete childishness’ to deny him a visa for fighting for a cause of over two hundred and fifty thousand Liberians who lost their lives as a result of civil conflict. Most of the perpetrators of the war are today filthy rich or sit in high-level government positions.

The last time Savice’s group launched a protest hundreds turned out leaving him mercilessly beaten by armed securities. Proponents of the Weah’s government especially the current Chairman of the CDC of Weah, Mulbah K. Morlu was the lead advocate for the War Crimes Court establishment, while in the opposition, but once the CDC took power, it quickly took on the position of the Ellen Sirleaf Unity Party-led government.

Sources say, President Sirleaf who is very close to George Weah, has advised him not to implement the TRC document. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was barred from holding office for 30 years by the TRC, but she defied the commission and tacitly refused to implement the commission’s recommendation, as she left office her major concerns were her protection from prosecution, crisis crossing several political parties before settling on George Weah’s CDC. What major agreement she signed with Weah to protect her has not been made public. Today’s muteness of the regime on the matter leaves everyone to wonder; sources within the government say the venture is expensive and the country needs more healing than ever. Efforts to reach Foreign Ministry authorities over this issue proved fruitless. reportwhistleblowerliberia.com/liberianlistener

Main Photo: Emmanuel Savice /Africanstar.org

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