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Liberian Feminist Invited At Yale Fellowship


By Andrew Jaye

New Haven–A Liberian author, feminist, global figure, and the Co-Founder of the Liberian Feminist Forum, Ms. Korto Reeves Williams, has been invited as one of the fellows of the 2021 World Fellows at the prestigious Yale University. “A Brazilian diplomat, an Israeli journalist, and a British expert in the ethics of artificial intelligence are among the 16 women and men who have been selected as 2021 World Fellows.”

Madame Reeves is the author of Inappropriate Medley: Stories of the Patriarchy, Pleasure, and Redemption, a stunning poetry collection that speaks to societal issues which have been well received, both in the diaspora and in Liberia. Reeves, was recently in Liberia, in which she had a successful launched of her poetry collection. Korto is also the global head of women’s rights at ActionAid International will join a cohort of respected world figures in Connecticut the United States.

2021 World Fellows at Yale 

This year’s Maurice R. Greenberg Fellowship is the 20th cohort of world fellows that will number 375 world fellows, respectively representing 91 countries, since the commencement of the Fellowship in 2002.

According to the press release from Yale,  “The mission of World Fellows is to cultivate and empower a network of globally engaged leaders committed to making the world a better place. The program is part of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, which prepares Yale students for global leadership and service through its master’s program in global affairs, master of advanced study in global affairs, and an undergraduate major in global affairs.”  The Ivy League president added, “I am grateful that they (2021 World Fellows) can contribute to Yale’s intellectual life through a mix of in-person and online activities”, said Mr. Peter Salovey, “In this historic time,” saying “we understand better than ever that we are all connected and that we must work together as an international community for the common good.”

Ms. Korto Reeves describes herself as a worker of “Women’s Rights…who angers people, despite my smile, as I bring up taboo topics, demand women’s rights, and hold no apology for this stance. This responsibility entails working with community women on one day, and sitting in a room filled with old men who say “only a virgin can be raped” on another. I am a poetess too and have used poetry to heal my war wounds and exorcise stubborn demons out of my life.”

According to the African Feminist Forum, the activist, and author says “Liberia is a deeply patriarchal society, male dominated and inequitable”, adding that “women suffer daily violations of their rights as if it were normal. I come from the background and belief that this anomaly should be deconstructed and challenged to move ahead. In doing this, women must have the ideological and spiritual drive to feel strong in their position. It is in feminism that I have found answers and clarity of purpose. It is in feminism that I have found the description and structure that certifies my feelings, thoughts, and outrageous anger. I call myself a feminist because I have no other description for my beliefs”, Reeves says. Reeves will be the only Liberian at the fellowship.


Main Photo: Korto Reeves /Actionaid

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