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SUP Declares Abraham Darius Dillion Persona Non Grata: Demands his immediate apology!

For Immediate Release The Indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) Vehemently Condemns Senator Darius Dillon; Demands His Exigent Apology, and Concomitantly Frowns on the Game Theory of Victim of a Leftover in Richard Tolbert of the Old Grand True Whig Party Oligarchy! Sons and daughters of Liberia’s slum planet, i.e, West Point, Vai Town, Clara Town, Logan Town, Buzzi Quarter, Soneiwen, created by the 133 years of economic exclusion of the Old Grand True Whig Party Oligarchy; grandfathers and grandmothers condemned to illiteracy because of the wanton educational disequilibrium for…

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 Liberians Concerned As Weah Administration Prints Additional 48 Billion Dollars Banknotes 

  By Socrates S. Saywon   As the government of Liberia has gotten legislative authority to print additional banknotes, there are questions rising amongst political pundits including ordinary Liberians wanting to get a clear understanding from the Weah administration through the Central Bank of Liberia or CBL, as to what has happened to the first twenty billion Liberian dollar banknotes brought into the country between 2018 and 2020. In September 2018, it was reported in the media that containers filled with newly printed Liberian dollars from a Swedish banknote manufacturer…

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Liberian Feminist Invited At Yale Fellowship

  By Andrew Jaye New Haven–A Liberian author, feminist, global figure, and the Co-Founder of the Liberian Feminist Forum, Ms. Korto Reeves Williams, has been invited as one of the fellows of the 2021 World Fellows at the prestigious Yale University. “A Brazilian diplomat, an Israeli journalist, and a British expert in the ethics of artificial intelligence are among the 16 women and men who have been selected as 2021 World Fellows.” Madame Reeves is the author of Inappropriate Medley: Stories of the Patriarchy, Pleasure, and Redemption, a stunning poetry…

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