For a little over a month since being elected and installed Senator of Montserrado County, critics of Dillon have chastised him for failing to live up to a campaign promise he made to make his salary and benefits public. Until Tuesday, September 24, Sen. Dillon had always claimed of not being informed about his entitlements as Senator.Op-ed 

To Senator Abraham Dillion of Montserrado County: Our people are not ignorant!


By Andrew Jaye Jr


Dillion, Regarding your half-baked analysis to Mr. Samuel Jackson on the historical accuracy of the Rice Uprising, which you dupped as “Rice Riot” to smartly dent the character of the Progressive forces, is far–fetched from the truism of April 14, 1979. But more brazenly, and disappointing is the fact: that it is men like you to whom history must be explained.

Mr. Dillon were you to muster the courage and discipline yourself by reading thoroughly the Liberian scholarships on April 14, 1979, you would not have ignorantly exposed your bankruptcy of the trigger of April 14, 1979.  For your information, after that faithful day, Mr. Tolbert commissioned the Presidential Commission on National Reconstruction to dig out the causes of April 14, 1979,  as the Brownell Report was cleared:  “The Commission sees in the civil disturbance of Saturday, April 14, 1979, a manifestation of serious social, economic and political problems with deep roots in our national society.”

More besides, Mr. Dillon, are you aware that Mr. Tolbert, as a sitting president, was the largest producer and importer of rice through his Mesurado Group of Companies? Are you aware of the previous marginalizations of the Mesurado Group of Companies done to other Liberian domestic businesses? And one of those repressions led to the legal conflict between Stephen Tolbert (brother of Tolbert and at the same time Finance Minister, runner of Mesurado) and progressive journalist in Albert Porte? That the progressives were smarter than Tolbert than he (Tolbert) had thought to his nepotistic kleptocracy? Mr. Dillon, the increase in the price of rice was meant to benefit the Tolberts and not the so-called local rice farmers. But Mr. Dillon, lazy you are to read, lazy you will remain, in the pit of historical falsity.

Mr. Dillon, history is not produced by men. History is caused by social conditions which are usually produced by the antecedents of the past. And these social conditions are only acted upon by the agitated people of society. Hence, you as a senatorial hopeful, and Costa then, were only utilizing the social conditions that had existed for a protestation against the Weah regime during June 7 Protestation, then when our people trooped to the streets on June 7th to rally for the Council of Patriots, they were not ignorant, but they were only ignorant when they followed the Progressive Alliance of Liberia and the progressives in 1979. Dillion writes

“Unfortunately, the Progressive Alliance of Liberia (PAL) group, led by G. Baccus Matthews took advantage of the people’s ‘IGNORANCE’ and misled them into believing that Govt had intended to increase the price of a bag of rice; and that said increase would add unto their “hardship”. This led to what is known in our national history today as the “Rice Riot”. I challenge any of you from PAL to prove me wrong. Yes… Da Me…. Darius Dillon… Say So.” It is comical to think the people that elected you, that protested for Cop, and also, rallied for PAL are ignorant, this is unfortunate, but it is also, eye-opening!

A report in the German online, DW Akademie suggests that a number of African heads of state and high-ranking politicians who have dual citizenship themselves or roots in another country. “Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is a citizen of Somalia and the United States. Liberia’s former head of state Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has German and Liberian roots. Moise Katumbi, a leading DRC opposition politician, was an Italian citizen for 17 years. For this reason, he was banned from running in the 2018 presidential election.”
Mr. Abraham Darius Dillion, Senator

However, if violence were to spark up, thinking minds of class consciousness, would not have condemned you!! So is with the case of G. Bacchus Mathews and other progressive martyrs like Robert Ziah, Irene Nimpson, just to name a few that were machine–gunned by the oligarchy on April 14, 1979. But I guess, this is large for you comprehension!

But finally, Mr. Dillon continues to enjoy and bask in the funfair of the political current, from the same people he is now condemning.

Of course, with the continuous political enlightenment of the Liberian people, men like you will soon be exhausted, politically amputated, by the potency of the Liberian people, as you cannot continue to lie out your gimmicks in the name of false promises, and cunningly throw out condemnations at the corrupt regime of Weah.

As Liberia is imprisoned by you political opportunists and situational heros, the motherland calls for progressive actors who have the spiritual wealth and the political education to forge into the progressive cavalcade of human development and human dignity. I am hoped, at such time, you and your opportunist clique and the CDC bunch of kakistocracts would be around to witness a new Liberia of selfless leaders.


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