Sup wants Ministers Samuel Tweah and Zoegar Wilson dismissed




In solidarity with the youth and student movements: SUP demands the resignation of the Minister of Youth & Sports, Mr. Zoegar Wilson and the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweah; calls for mass protest on April 14th if LINSU, FLY & MRYUP allotments in the National Budget are not disbursed in time. 

Sons and daughters of the pepper and bitter ball sellers who are dwelling in  ghettos and hamlets, student populace, marketers, motorcyclists, farmers, taxi drivers, pen-pen riders, rock crushers, casual laborers, administrators, public and private school teachers, unionists, nurses, widows and ex-soldiers, pensioners, street peddlers, eminent citizens, distinguished media practitioners, fellow Liberians throughout the length and breath of Liberia:

SUP holds in high esteem the autonomy and survivability of the Youth and Student movements. Therefore, it obligates us to stand up whenever the youth and student community is under attack by any regime or when the government is failing to live up to its organic responsibilities to provide basic allotments and amenities for the smooth functioning of these statutory institutions that were formed by law to drive the progressive agenda of the youth and students in Liberia. This sacred and revolutionary duty lies on our shoulders to defend these youth and students organizations and we MUST act with urgency to save them from the hoodwink and diabolical political ploy and suppressive machination of the bereft CDC regime.

The nation is bleeding more than ever before under this soccer dolt turned President, George M. Weah, and the youth and student groupings are the latest throats been slitted by this callous George Weah regime.  The Weah-led government has proven to be inept and unfit to turnpike any real change across Liberia. The only CHANGE Liberians can boast about under this government after three years is conspicuous and mass looting of the state on an industrial scale by  Mr. Weah and his bunch of economic zombies and incompetent political lackeys, poodles, mafias and yo-yos.

The leadership of the CDC regime especially line Ministries who are responsible for youth and student activities and the disbursement of financial resources to youth and student associations must stop kneeling on the necks of LINSU, FLY and MRUYP- Liberia Chapter now by giving them their allotments and increasing their budgets for the proper running and smooth operations and management of these statutory institutions.

Administratively, we are aware that the Ministry of Youth and Sport is the line Ministry responsible for youth and student activities in Liberia. The  Ministry of Youth and Sports is no exception to the current down right catapult of the youth and student movements in Liberia. The act that  founded LINSU, FLY and MRUYP- Liberia Chapter squarely put them under the supervision and watch of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Also, the act that created the Ministry of Youth and Sports clearly states that the Ministry shall be responsible to contribute to the development and promotion of Youth affairs by carrying out the following mandates:

  1. Control and direct all programs and activities relating to youth in Liberia
  2. Formulate, coordinate, review and monitor youth development policies
  3. Facilitate youth participation in the development processes as well as monitor youth led initiatives
  4. Advocate and promote youth led initiatives through FLY and LINSU and other statutory youth organizations
  5. Develop the social and national consciousness of Liberian youths, male and female, educating them to be ready morally and physically to answer to the call of their country
  6. Initiate and develop plans and provide means and facilities to enable the youths of Liberia to perform public service to fulfill current needs.
  7. Accredit National youth and sports organizations, federations and associations
  8. Coordinate and strengthen activities in all Liberian youth organizations in the interest of national development

SUP will not rest until culprits of this roguish regime who are responsible for the strangulation of youth and student movements, in Min. Zoegar Wilson and Min. Samuel Tweah make available as well as increase the allotments of FLY, LINSU & MRYUP or resign.  We wonder why Tweah is still in the Minister of Finance after the following occurances and sad events:

  1. Missing $16billion saga and $25million mop-up fiasco
  2. The layoffs of civil servants illegally
  3. The consistent delay and deferment of civil servants salaries and benefits
  4. Crumbling economy and extreme hardship and poverty
  5. The economy of Liberia under Tweah’s watch is very volatile and vulnerable due to high inflation, fraud fiscal measures, and weak fiscal policies 
  6. The continous decrease in the GNP, life expectancy and happiness index of Liberians
  7. The persistent and consistent budget shortfalls and financial misappropriation and improprieties
  8. The balloon rise in the countries debt and decrease in foreign direct investment (FDI)
  9. The illegal and ill-fated harmonization of the salaries of civil servants
  10. The lack of employment and oversizing of the National Budget for the past three years
  11. The collapse of the economy due to the insolvency and fiscal limitations to generate revenue

So, we wonder why Tweah and Zoegar Wilson keep presiding over the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning and the Ministry of Youth and Sports respectfully. This seems more of a mockery and SUP has no confidence in the two prophet of dooms and demands their imminent resignation if these youth and student organizations (FLY, LINSU & MRYUP–Liberia Chapter) does not receive their allotments in time and also the increment in their budgets to the status quo ante of the Madam Sirleaf regime.

By now, both Tweah and Zoegar Wilson should be in handcuffs like Charles Sirleaf, ECB Jones, Varney Sherman and Milton Weeks for destroying our economy and the youth of our country. But we understand why they won’t be in handcuffs especially when a broad-day $16billion robbery against the State was sanctioned by footballing President George M. Weah and executed by Samuel D. Tweah and nothing has come out of it hitherto. Let this president stop fighting the youth and student community now by dismissing Tweah and Zoegar Wilson or face the wrath of SUP. This regime is utterly discredited and cannot be salvage by throwing crumbs at youth and student groupings in this country. This is unacceptable. The youth and student community must be respected. Tweah and Wilson must go if the allotment and financial contradictions facing the youth and student community is not resolved from now to April 13, 2021.

As of April 14, 2021, the Vanguard Student Unification Party, along with all of its solidarity forces including FLY, LINSU and MRYUP-Liberia Chapter will move into history if the demands below are not addressed:

  1. The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning plan full scale budgets for the three (3) institutions with their involvement and participation taking into the account that the three youth and student’s organizations commitment to conduct elections to transition the institutions.
  2. The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning as well as the Ministry of Youth and Sports provide justifiable reasons behind the inconsistencies in the allotments and disbursement of the budgets of the three (3) youth and student’s organizations and formulate a strategic plan/roadmap to make consistent their budgetary allocation and disbursement.
  3. The Ministry of Finance commits to crafting a full-fledged three (3) fiscal years budget and fully fund one (1) signature project proposal each of the three institutions.
  4. The Ministry of Finance provides genuine justifications on its layoff scheme of civil servants, pensioners, and give clear retirement strategies for civil servants, ex-soldiers, teachers, nurses and servicemen.
  5. The Ministry of Finance clarify and correct the continuous inflation and budget shortfalls in the Liberian economy.
  6. The Ministry of Finance provide solution for the large budget deficit.

By the way, things have degenerated in Liberia from worst to doom under the musician-footballing president George Weah while the economy is in the black hole, Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah. Liberia is headed for doomsday under inept President Weah. Doom hovers over Liberia if Tweah does not leave the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning now! Under Tweah’s watch, the economy of Liberia is at it lowest ebb and conflict is looming over state. Tweah is the worst Finance Minister ever in the republic of Liberia and the worst thing to ever occur in the Liberian economy and must be dismissed to safeguard and revitalize Liberia’s economy. With the likes of Tweah and Zoegar Wilson presiding over useful and strategic ministries in the government, no wonder why the economy is in the toilet, youth are turning into zogos on a daily basis, corruption is at the peak and poverty at the apex while the suffering and misery of the masses is at the highest level. Liberia is currently a country burden by the vicious circle of poverty once more a Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) on IMF economic fact sheet.

As a country entangled by the quagmire of the “Vicious Circle of Poverty” Liberia remains a conflict-prone destination until this circle of debauchery changes definitely with the dismissal of  Ministers Samuel Tweah and Zoegar Wilson for the improvement of the social condition of masses of the people. Under Tweah’s watch as Finance Minister, thousands of civil servants have been layoff and salaries harmonized. The unemployment number has hit the rooftop while the nominal wages of civil servants and casual laborers have sharply decline because of cutbacks and the rocketing increase in exchange rate and prices of goods and services, while Liberia debt stock has spike more than 60percent; the highest digit ever in the history of Liberia.

Amidst these shocking realities, SUP will not sit quietly to see the socio-economic condition of our people worsen while youth and student organizations are being destroyed under the Weah Administration with the current regime inability to provide tangible solution for the compounding contradictions during these distressing time of economic recession and COVID-19. 

Therefore, the revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party ceases this occasion to call on sons and daughters of peasant masses, student-militants from the ghettos and slums, civil servants, ex-soldiers, marketers, motorcyclists, farmers, taxi drivers, pen-pen riders, custom brokers, street vendors, student radicals, class room teachers, unionists, nurses, AFL widows and ex-combatants, pensioners, street peddlers, eminent citizens, distinguish and courageous members of FLY, LINSU and MRYUP-LIBERIA and all patriotic Liberians home and abroad to rise up and demand the RESIGNATION/DISMISSAL of Finance and Development Planning Minister SAMUEL D. TWEAH and Youth and Sports Minister ZOEGAR WILSON.

Signed: ________________________

          Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh (ATATURK)

             Secretary General/SUP

Approved: ________________________

                          Cde. Momo J. Peters


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