We may not be physically present in Tanzania, but we are watching. Wed cannot remain mute when Tanzania is bleeding and crying out for our solidarity. As many voices continue to be silenced, we know that there are bold and courageous sisters and brothers who are not relenting in this struggle. We stand by them, and we stand by the spirit of pan-Africanism.Op-ed 

Farewell: John Magufuli is dead we should create one, ten or a hundred more.



By Mainda Simataa


Magufuli is dead. But the question all of us Africans are asking is what or who has killed this African son of the soil so fast?

Official reports say it was a heart attack, others say it was covid19, which is closer to the truth because Magufuli was the most outspoken African president and critic of the west and the covid19 industry which he believed had something to do with the the western world’s long standing secret agenda to kill and wipe out Africans from this land so that they can inherit everything in it!

John Pombe Magufuli fought against western domination in all its forms, economic, cultural and political. Even at the height of the covid19 crisis, he refused to import face masks from China which he believed were laced with covid. He refused to impose mandatory wearing of masks in his country, believing it to be a scam by the west to cripple and kill African economies, putting Africans at the mercy of western donors and drug manufacturers.

The flash point came when Madagascars President Rajolina dared to announce to the world that his country had discovered a miracle covid19 cure – a drink. Magufuli put his faith in his fellow Africans remedy to a western problem, and ordered cartons of the drink rather than wait for World Health Organizations (WHO) ‘vaccines’ or approval of the ‘black man’s juju covid juice’.

This public rejection and humiliation of WHO backed western pharmaceuticals didn’t go unnoticed, nor did it go down too well with Western pharmaceutical companies who felt Magufulis anti-western stance was receiving too much sympathy, and it would possibly sabotage the billions they stood to make by selling vaccines to Africans for a virus they themselves created in a lab.

However, the proverbial last straw that broke the camels back, or rather put Magufuli’s head on the western chopping board in this case, was when he publicly rejected the covid19 vaccines and asked a legitimate question: “why is it that the west has never discovered vaccines for diseases that have killed millions of Africans like Malaria, Tuberculosis, and HIV? Yet within few months of covid19, they have a cure Africans can’t afford?

That is the question that got Magufuli killed. Big western pharmaceuticals and their crony governments knew that this cantacarous African talked too much, asked too many questions, influenced other African leaders to think twice, and ultimately, he was bad for business. He had to be ‘liquidated’. An example had to be made out of him, and shivers sent down the spines of other Africans to remember their bottom place in the white man’s world – to be beggars and receivers of poisoned aid, never to ask big questions, but to obey without thinking.

And what’s the first thing Magufulis successor does within hours of his death? She passes a law compelling all Tanzanians to wear masks, sending a signal to the people Magufuli lived and died fighting, that Tanzania is repentant and now open for business, and vaccines!

Magufuli is dead, and if God doesn’t send us another Magufuli, we should create one, ten or a hundred more.

Rest in Power Mzee!

Main Photo: Pres. John Magufuli /DW


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