That the House Speaker is third in line to the presidency, therfore Liberian Assemblyman in the lower house of the chambers should have given the election of Mr. Koffa serious thoughts before putting him on the ballot for consideration, his party the Congress for Democratic Change, should have considered this proposition also, by putting Liberia's interests first.Op-ed 

Electing the Corrupt People Party (CPP) and the CDC in 2023 will be a disaster and here is why.


The Editor,

From statistical evidence, the CPP lawmakers dominate the House of Representatives. Given that they (CPP) are professing to be the best alternative to the CDC-led government, it would have been a great idea if they had produced a Deputy Speaker to strike a balance of power in the Lower House.

But guess what? They elected a CONVICTED CRIMINAL, Rep. Fonati Koffa. Can you imagine that? Do we expect the CPP to actually clean the mess created by UP and CDC ?

Cllr. Jonathan Koffa was the town manager of Zebulon in North Carolina, United States of America, but was disbarred from practicing law in the U.S. following charges he embezzled thousands of dollars and wrote a worthless check. The North Carolina State Bar said those actions broke rules of conduct and revoked his law license.

It’s shameful that our country has lost integrity. I am so sick of those balheads. For some of you, I like to state that before you question corruption, you should first question the stupid decision of your lawmakers who voted a convicted criminal as Deputy Speaker.

Again fellow Liberians, you have seen why the CPP cannot and should not be trusted with state power. Cllr. Varney Sherman, for example, was recently placed on sanction by the U.S. Treasury for acts of corruption and bribery; yet the CPP did absolutely nothing to eject him from the Senate’s Judiciary Committee Chairmanship even though they controlled the Upper House.

Again, I repeat; Liberia doesn’t need most of those old-aged politicians, who have no integrity including those who are involved in compromising the people’s interests.

Our lives, our future matter in 2023!! If I may ask, why should we keep electing criminals to public office? What makes you think our generation isn’t qualified? Someone will soon write “go contest; come contest “ because they have been indoctrinated into stupidity and can’t see reality. Trust me, some will still justify the election of this criminal. I am disappointed! So, what moral grounds the CPP has to question corruption in the Weah-led government when they, too, elected a convicted criminal as Deputy Speaker? Sad!

The time is now, and the change starts with us-new breeds of qualified, educated, and integrity-driven generational leaders to step into the “theatre of politics “ in Liberia. Talking won’t help, because they will only pretend like they are listening and do the opposite the next day. I am in and we need you to sign up for this mandate!

By Vandalark R. Patricks


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