“We must move away from this xenophobic word, because it brings us to the wars and makes it seem like South Africans hate foreigners, when we have lived with whites and Indians who we don’t know where they come from. We are proudly South African,” Bhengu said at the Jeppe police station in July 2015.Editor's Desk 

The African Union is quiet on crisis until there are military coups—WHY?!


Apparently and clearly reasons and recent developments says the African Union has no interests in critical matters that affect ordinary Africans on the continent of Africa! The nagging question on the minds of many ordinary Africans are, why is the African Union and especially the East African Commission (EAC) quiet in the face of the brutal attacks and political persecution and REPRESSION that General Yoweri Museveni has waged on unarmed peaceful civilians in Uganda, especially the opposition and its main leaders! In all of these chaos and blood spilling in the streets, with hundreds of citizens going to jail for exercising their just political views and rights, the AU and African leaders are quiet!

When President Cyril Ramaphosa and the governing African National Congress or ANC took over the reins of the AU apparatus, there were hopes across Africa, with heart beating jubilation, that finally a LIBERATION tendency would greet the apathetic socio-political leadership that attends African matters in Addis Ababa, how wrong were we!!!

With every escalating cascading violent political turmoil reported in the news of African leaders hounding, killing, jailing and abusing state power with brute force in: Guinea  Mali, Tanzania  Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria Togo, Cameroon, and other hotspots on the African soil that has seen shootings of hundreds and thousands of Africans in the streets for political power arbitrarily by African leaders, the African Union looks the other way, quiet, unconcerned, uninterested, and nonchalant to the blood of our brethren being spilled in the streets, by African dictators and despots! This is unacceptable and needs to change. Some are suggesting today, that the colonial era when when Africa was under the yoke of western imperialism, is perhaps seemingly better than the suffering, innocent blood and murders that African leaders has visited on their own peoples.

Why is the President of the African Union, Mr. Ramaphosa and various regional blocks quiet in the face of these egregious crimes in South-West Africa? Why do we only hear from the AU, when there are military coups on this continent, that seek often to remove these authoritarian leaderships?


Main Photo: President Cyril Ramaphosa, Daily Maverick

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