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SAIL calls on policy makers to set aside a national HIV and AIDs awareness day


For Immediate Release


February 5, 2021 —The Executive Director of Stop AIDS In Liberia Mr. Stephen K McGill   is calling on the Government of Liberia , Liberians home and aboard including stakeholders and the National Law makers to set aside a National HIV and AIDs awareness day in observance of opportunity to increase HIV education, testing, community involvement, treatment , care and support among Liberian communities.

The SAIL release calls on the health committees of both the lower and upper houses at the Liberian Assembly, the President’s Office, the first lady’s office and the Ministry of Health including, National AIDs Commission (NAC), National AIDS and STIs control Program (NACP) , People living with HIV and AIDS and key community Members to make every effort to increase this awareness, and to support this paradigm. The HIV and AIDS ratio in the the country, SAIL cautioned is increasing, and that budgetary allotment for the national ownership of the National HIV and AIDS response in Liberia, is critically needed. 

The point cannot be over emphasized, that a National Day to mark the observance of over 30 years of HIV and AIDS existence in Liberia is needed today, since the first case of the Virus was discovered in early 1985.

A national day to remembered those we lost as the result of the disease is appropriate, and to also honor HIV and AIDS campions and Ambassadors for breaking the silence and standing in solidarity with people and persons living with the disease. SAIL believes, by creating a massive national campaign, awareness in preventing the spread of the disease will go a long way in helping to prevent the disease in the country. Increase testing across the country is also needed help policy makers understand the depth of the infection rate. Meanwhile, SAIL says, it is reminding policy makers, stake holders and the general public, that the agency remains committed to the fight against HIV & Aids, and intends to increase its publicity to bring more attention to the issue. 


Main Photo: SAIL’s Executive Director, Mr. Stephen Mcgill

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