I am asking all of my friends and other patriotic Liberians to join this cause. Weah and his Ministers have gotten emboldened and diabolical in their abuse of power. The firing of Ms. Bollie was retaliatory and grossly retributive; time to say NO to this bullshit political disaster!Public Policy 

Open Letter: LibSGBV Seeks protection For The Vulnerable and Liberian Women


Dear Minister Tarr,

Liberian Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Awareness Movement, (LibSGBV), reaffirms its  commitment to human dignity and the eradication of all acts of violence against Liberian citizens. Towards this objective, Liberian Sexual and Gender Based Movement has continued to work with victims,  stakeholders and other groups towards the elimination of sexual and gender-based violence in Liberia.  

Further, LibSGBV continues to work and support safe houses in the country. Safe houses are more than  just a place to shelter from violence. Safehouses provide an array of educational, supportive and  therapeutic services for victims of violence and abuse. However, many of the safe houses in Liberia are  failing victims of abuse in various ways: inadequate educational environment, fostering dependency by  encouraging residents to seek support elsewhere (often with those who repeat the cycle of violence), and  withholding needed services. 

We therefore call on the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection and all other governmental  units tasked with the responsibility of ensuring safety and security for women, children, and vulnerable  groups to commit to this basic responsibility of protecting our women, children and other targeted groups  from harm.  

The Safe Home Policy needs to be reviewed in terms of: 

  • Program monitoring, supervision and evaluation 
  • skills training for empowerment and independence 
  • formal approval for establishing Safe Homes should be based on proven ability to  support residents and not as a means of receiving support from government or other agencies relevant CSO’s should be encouraged to monitor homes to ensure compliance 

This serves as a document of concern to the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection. Our  membership continues to work to ensure the elimination of sgbv in Liberia. 


Telvina Cole   

Chief Executive Officer,

CONTACT: libviolenceprevention@gmail.com


Main Photo: Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr, Liberia Gender Minister

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