SUP condemns “opulence” rhetoric by Ellen Sirleaf & George Weah





SUP condemns the recent “opulence” rhetoric spewed by Ex-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and current President George Manneh Weah on the Liberian people amidst the torrid festive X-Mas season after the profuse looting of the state by the twin-evils of kleptocracy; demands President George M. Weah to stop making music; sends out solidarity and speedy recovery message to ULSIL’s President emeritus Mau F. Mau, and LINSU’s President Mohammed “Gandhi” Kamara after surviving a tragic motor accident on the Nimba-Bong Highway a fortnight ago, and also extends fervor Christmas Greetings to all Christians, patriotic Liberians as well as militants and ideologues of SUP.

Comrades and friends, cadres, militants and stalwarts of Africa’s oldest mass-based student political consortium — SUP, ideological warriors and crusaders of social justice, academic freedom, egalitarianism and peace, members of the clergy and of the church, media practitioners, fellow countrymen:

We bring you sordid revolutionary greetings and season compliments from the mitochondria of Africa’s oldest mass-based student political movement — the cave of intellectual sanctuary, and bogota of revolutionary razzmatazz and socio-political consciousness — the Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP).

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Militants of the Student Unification Party

Time and again, history is always in the position of guarding us in vanguardism i.e the masses, and as we march triumphantly into the annals of revolution, history has also taught us that those who live in ‘opulence’ are the oppressors of the masses i.e those who live in wealth, luxury and grandiosity while the masses languish in hunger, anger, misery, diseases and abject poverty; ex-President Ellen Sirleaf and President Weah are no exceptions — the two are the contemporary mother and father of opulence.

Both of them have ravaged and battered the state in its recent fifteen (15) years history. They are the mother and father of inflation, hyperinflation, and unemployment, they are the fallopian tube of decadence, hooliganism, treachery, and immorality, and ultimately the queen and king of corruption, war crime, looting, and bad governance. It has been dug–out and juxtaposed in their recent jabs that the witchcraft and the genie personal diabolical and draconian hidden issues and foolery have been exposed exponentially. President George Manneh Weah has brought a bazzare buffoonery to the definition of ‘opulence’ same as displayed by the former president Madam Sirleaf, thereby dismissing both persons unqualified of lecturing the Liberian masses on ‘oppulence’. Hence, SUP sees this as a gimmickry and mockery of the Liberian people in the face of the most difficult Christmas Season ever in Liberian history; when parents can barely provide food for their children to eat nor clothes to wear.

In the fifteen (15) years of governmental leadership under these two— Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and George Manneh Weah, Liberia has experienced the most reckless, irresponsible, and depressed economic situation and worst governing system in its 173 year’s history. The recent jabs of opulence threw by  both ex- president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and President George Manneh Weah on social media was an interpretation of how the ex-president and and the ex-soccer-player, now pastor-musician, president George Manneh Weah, have looted our country for fifteen (15) years in order for few people from the past and current ruling clique to live in opulence while the masses of our people can not afford a dollar per day for a daily meal. SUP briskly condemns the irresponsible “opulence” charade of the two Liberian leaders as a travesty and caricature of the masses, and call on the two to behave or conduct themselves responsibly as statesmen and stop reminding the masses of their combined fifteen (15) years of kleptocracy in the thick of a red-hot festive season.

As for Presidential reggae & pop star George Weah, SUP demands that the president (Weah) stop making music effective immediately and focus on doing the Liberian people’s job which he was elected to do for six (6) years. Mr. Weah can not be making music while the exchange rate is skyrocketing and the economy is in all-time free-fall. Mr. Weah is not supposed to be making music when the Liberian people are unemployed, underpaid, salary delayed and salary denied. Mr. Weah can not be making music when the Liberian people are living in destitution and penury. Mr. Weah should not be making music when the Liberian people are beggars and spectators in their own economy. Mr. Weah can not be making music when our people are dying from strange and common sicknesses such as COVID-19, Influenza flu, typhoid, malaria, cholera, diabetes, HIV/Aids, hypertension, etc. Mr. Weah can not be making music when the people can not afford to feed and clothe their children. This singing madness must stop now! SUP is vehemently demanding the Legislative Branch of Government to call on the president to stop making music that undermines and bastardizes the proper working functions and operations of the Office of the President both locally and internationally.

Exigently, SUP is appalled and saddened by the news of Cde. Mau Flomo Maiwo, President emeritus of the University of Liberia Student Interim Leadership (ULSIL), and Cde. Mohammed Gandhi Kamara, President of the Liberia National Students’ Union, involvement in a fatal motor accident on the Monrovia- Ganta High Way a fortnight ago. We offer our solidarity and prayers of speedy recovery for the two distinguished student leaders and militants of SUP.

While it is true that 2020 was not a good year for Liberia and the world at large, owing to the covid-19 pandemic, we appreciate all militants and stalwarts for the stellar revolutionary role played in the defense of the people’s struggle and Massescracy, and wish all partisans as well as Liberians well in the coming year.

In the cause of social justice, academic freedom, peace, egalitarianism, and the wholesale transformation of the Liberian society, aluta the struggle continues.


Done and issued by and through the mandate of the Politburo and Central Committee concomitantly of the all-powerful Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP)


Signed: ______________________________________

Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh (ATATURK)

Secretary General/SUP


Approved: ___________________________________

Cde. Momo J. Peters



Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP)

                       University of Liberia

                      Capitol Hill, Monrovia

                      Liberia — West Africa

         Cell#(s): 0770522973/0770179193

     Email: partystudentunification@gmail.com


Main Photo: Former President Sirleaf and President Weah, Toronto Star

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