As I see it, there is no other explanation for this government’s continuous intimidations of critics, but to force those it considers oppositions to be loyal followers; thereby creating a monolithic political society in which CDC’s grand vision of a one-party state will prevail. But Liberians have come a long way in pursuit of multiparty democracy and the notion that Liberia will be a one-party state is a dangerous foreplay in our political dialectics and a choice we are unwilling to stomach.Public Policy 

With public confidence low in the Supreme Court Justice Korkpor Assures Liberians of independence

Comfort M. Johnson

MONROVIA, Oct. 13 (LINA) – The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia has assured Liberians of the independence of the Court in deciding all cases brought before it, including matters which may arise from the pending December 8 mid-term Senatorial elections.

Justice Francis S. Korkpor said the court will continue to be fair in its actions and decisions in elections or other cases while assuring all Liberians, political parties and associations as well as organizations to continue to trust the nation’s justice system during the ensuing Senatorial and other elections that may take place in Liberia.

Speaking in Monrovia on Monday at the Joint and Formal opening of the  October Term of the Supreme Court of Liberia, the Chief Justice cited that Liberians should have no doubts about the independence of the Court in arriving at every decision.

He said the Court seeks no approval from any source in order to arrive at decisions, neither does it wait until there is an echo from the crowd, backed by numbers before  it acts.

“Our actions and decisions are ours and ours alone, based purely on our inner convictions driven by settled principles of law, and we have remained on course in performing our duties and we shall continue to do so,” Justice Korkpor noted.

He emphasized that Justices of the Supreme Court are aware that democratic governance is sustained and perpetuated through free and fair elections.

“We are aware of the critical role this court must play by the decisions it makes in election and other matters not only to create the enabling condition for the people to exercise their rights to vote, but to keep our country safe, stable and peaceful,” Korkpor indicated.

He cited that the judiciary is indeed an important pillar of democracy as it is rightfully referred to as the anchor that holds a civilized government in balance.

“It has been said that without a strong and independent judiciary, vested interest might surface, sacred rights might be violated, constituted authority might be challenged, and in time, administrative chaos could result,” Justice Korkpor maintained. According to him, the role of the judiciary is sacrosanct in upholding the rule of law and sustaining a democracy.

Recently the Collaborating Political Parties Chairman Alexander, said he was dismayed “By the brazenness of Associate Justice Yuoh who issued a warning to the CPP and the opposition community that challenging the integrity of the current electoral process is an exercise in outright futility. This is despite the fact that election remains the most sacred process of our democracy, and is a trigger for conflicts. By her decision, the Associate Justice also leaves the CPP sadly impressed that the Supreme Court, the anchor of our democracy, is wanting in courage, grievously stricken by a lack of independence, and overcome by external political considerations and maneuvers.”

The CPP argued that Associate Justice Youh action is tantamount to shielding the NEC from answering to what is unavoidably at the heart of the credible conduct of the ensuing Mid-term Senatorial Elections.

Cummings emphasized that refusing to compel the NEC to clean up the voter roll is a confirmation that the Supreme Court is no longer neutral and fair in deciding matters of grave concern.

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Main Photo: Liberia Chief Justice


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