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And Why Is the Legislature Mute Over The Passport Saga?


Robert Moncio Kpadeh

The current passport scandal has grave national security implications. It is disgraceful, to state the least. It tarnishes our country’s already checkered image— in no small way. It is now making headline rounds on international news. It has brought the entire nation and all that it beholds to utter disrepute. It poses an existential threat to regional and international security. Trouble is afoot in the land.

In the face of this national quagmire and disdain brought upon the nation by the Executive and its corrupt agents, reportedly at the acquiescence of President George Weah and former Foreign Affairs Minister Gbehzongar Findley, the Legislature is markedly and shockingly tight-lipped thus lingering more questions than answers. Is the legislature concerned about the looming danger afoot? Where are the Senate and House’s Committees on Foreign Relations? Should they not be inviting Findley, Andrew Wonplue, and others named in the criminal issuance of the 4,250 passports to notorious individuals claiming to be investors? Should they not be launching a thorough and credible investigation into this saga by now after all the signals and leads the Americans have essentially given?

By the way, why has the revelation made by the Americans, which they classified as “Significant Corruption” not claimed the attention of the Legislature up to present? Has the legislature compromised its independence to the point where it would ignore a deadly scam that puts the security of the world in jeopardy? Do they not have an ounce of conscience and modicum of love for the place they call their homeland? Where lies their allegiance, to their country or to individuals? I wonder.

What a derelict, dysfunctional, and barren legislature, and interestingly, its members (Lawmakers) get paid handsomely for being dysfunctional and consistently bootlicking a corrupt and narcissistic President. This too is Liberia!


Main Photo: House Speaker, Chambers

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