Making sure that the rule of law is upheld and Taylor brought to justice for his heinous crimes, sadly not for Liberia, but Sierra Leone, James Verdier worked pro bono to helped indict the war criminal, currently incarcerated in England. His commitment to the welfare of the Liberian people has always been paramount and this character has been impeccable. Observers say as Liberia looks to buried it past and move away from leaders who are so easily consumed by power, as they quickly forsake the national interest for personal aggrandizement, Jerome Verdier are those kinds that Liberia needs, as is indicative in the TRC report which he released with his fellow commissioners.Politics 

Hypocrisy, factionalism and arrogance must go; Pan African progressives must unite and lead!

By Sallia S. Komala

There is an alarming extremity of hypocrisy and selfishness of party-struggle in Liberia, which are the special defects of democracies.

Chief among the contradictions born out of the former and the latter are the twin evils of Incompetence and factionalism. Arrogance of politicians is a product of the combined defects of incompetence and factionalism. Such arrogance was displayed in recent times by one defective character in Mac JABATEH, who is cementing his relationship with the CDC at the expense of the ignorance of his kinsmen. The “self” in Mac Jabateh is compatible with the worst citizen of any nation. Mac Jabateh however isn’t the subject for today.

Let’s get back to priority, and balanced scores with common sense. In the thinking parts of Liberia, a considerable number will agree that there’s no future for Liberia unless political power lands in the hands of her best sons and daughters. And this is a very critical point. Who are her best sons and daughters? The revolutionaries or the reactionaries ? Locally, the round politicians or progressives?

The first is modern-day pan-African revolutionaries (many of whom are theorists than practical people) who sit and sketch an ideal state (utopian state), but barely participate in the existing state affairs; while political actors are the relators and the players who are participants of the existing state. Though they are grossly incompetent and arrogant, they are the forerunners of today’s affairs.

Unfortunately for the pan-African revolutionary class, they think integration is making progress. Integration has only worked at the expense of the pan-African progressive class. It must therefore be admitted that the unwise assumption of “integration” with reactionary forces and internal wrangling, among other things, are solely reasonable for the backwardness of pan-Africa revolutionary class in Liberia. Instead of being progressives, progressives are rétrogrades. Progressives have lost their equilibrium with society; in fact, the conception of the people’s struggle has been reduced to chanting slogans, wearing berets and posting revolutionary icons on social media. No practical engagements with the people. Zero strength based. Zero united-front- organization. Zero everything.

Progressive ideas alienate; the regime forcing you, the opposition parties (neo-colonial ones) opposing you and the international community sees you as trouble. This and many a reason should give you a proper reason to fight and fight your own fight. The internal wrangling, which is largely because of the arrogance and the claims to knowledge over others by certain rotten tomatoes and leaking buckets within the progressive movement.

More importantly, life is extremely difficult in Liberia as a result of the devastating and unbearable economic conditions the country is currently experiencing, as such, these indigent marketers, "yana and value boys" are compelled to go to the market grounds and in the streets on a daily basis to fend for daily bread for their impoverished families. If they don't do so, their families will perish from starvation. Most if not all these marketers are poor people who barely live on daily sales (hand-to-mouth in Liberian parlance), which makes the government lockdown totally difficult if not impossible for them to fully grasp. To fully adhere to the government lockdown would literally mean staying home and dying from hunger, as these people have no food and other needed items stocked up at home, for they do not have money to do so. Hence, this becomes a tricky dilemma that requires leadership not brutality.
Robert Kpadeh, leader One People Revolutionary Movement

This concludes that we put aside arrogance and extreme prejudice against one another. Starting with conception that everyone is important and everyone must be duly respected regardless of status or position. The “wisdom before knowledge” factor must be considered in our engagement with each other. Because progressive ideas alienate people, person -to-person relationship within the progressive movement must be tightly strong. The selfishness and egotistical behavior of few, which spark internal wrangling must be discouraged by ALL. This is why the idea of ALL PROGRESSIVE CONFERENCE stressed in one of the chat rooms is important, and must be put into effect by the organization. The objective (goal) is to get control of state power through power politics, thus to make transformations in our LIFETIMES.

Broadly speaking, there are only two ways to achieving this end. First, unification and consolidation of the progressive community. And second, by asking hard questions, and questioning the aged -old beliefs. Asking hard questions even about our leaders. Who are they and what they truly represent.

If the progressives unite; stop the extreme internal wrangling; stop equating euphoria with progressive; stop theorizing without practical engagements in the existing state; develop an undying love for our people, its incorruptible victory in our nation’s power politics is sure.

Fighters; Hypocrisy, factionalism and arrogance must go; progressives must unite and lead!

Either our leaders do that, or they stop alienating we the youthful population with their over-zealous and self-branding revolutionary activities.

Main Photo: Jerome Verdier, former Chair TRC

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