Beyond this end, does Chief ‘Ponofalo’ Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor really have a future in CDC ahead of 2023 elections? It is likely that the Coalition for Democratic Change may severely crack if she is ousted. History is not too far from documenting this CRACK which puts the Liberian people in a better position of reclaiming their socio-economic and political destiny. It will be more advantageous for Liberia and Liberians if CDC crumbles under its own weight ahead of 2020 and 2023 elections. The struggle to redeem Liberia and Liberians remain unabated.Editor's Desk 

The poor deplorable conditions of our hospitals.



The current deplorable conditions of the Liberian HEALTH CARE SYSTEM is beyond deplorable, broken and stretched, as Liberian citizens continue to die of preventable diseases and care, all because the national leaders who are misappropriating and appropriating the megre national purse are paying themselves TOO MUCH exorbitant salaries, perks, emoluments and crazy bonuses, while our poor people have no way out, but to suffocate under a punishing and draconian system that continue to deny them better lives in their own country of birth, this is denying them peace and happiness in the republic that should be doing everything to protect the national pride and their lives!

The Liberian Listener is appalled, frustrated, and sadden by this development. For the last 20-40 years, the material, education and health conditions of our people have been below the global and regional indexes—but while all this is ongoing, our national leaders who swore to protect the public interests and good of the people on whose taxes they live extravagantly will do nothing to hear the cries of our people. The latest in the national disgrace is flying to nearby Ghana for medical treatment while our HEALTH FACILITIES lied in waste. The lastest shame is Liberia’s Vice President, the estranged and former wife of war criminal Charles Taylor, the “Chief Doctor,” as she prefers to be called, who is right at this moment lying comfortably in a Ghanaian hospital, taking a first-class treatment in Accra, while she and her compatriots that run our government will not resource our hospitals and pay our doctors well so lives are saved in Liberia to bring relief to our suffering masses.

Today, Liberia has about 5,000 full-time or part-time health workers and 51 Liberian doctors to cater to a population of 3.8 million, That is equivalent to about 76,000 civilians being attended to by 1 doctor, think about that for a minute. Most of the hospitals, clinics, and equipment are in disrepair and neglect. Fixing the health sector is faced with financial problems, but more so corruption and official dereliction.

If the continuation of the Health situation in Liberia continues to persist with this national embarrassment, the Liberian Listener will urge Ecowas, AU, and the Ghanaian authorities to not accept Liberian government officials in their countries for medical treatment. Allowing Liberian government officials to take treatment in ACCRA while Liberian hospitals are understaffed, neglected, and under-resourced, is complicity on the part of the Ghanaian government in the willing deaths of our people!

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