Speaking about democratic governance – one of the major challenges facing member States, President Bio took the moral high ground, though he himself is under pressure from the country’s main opposition APC, calling on him to respect the democratic right of the people to elect their representatives in parliament, after the High Court annulled last year’s election results in over a dozen constituencies won by the opposition APC. Public Policy 

Chapeau Pres. Maada Bio, the 32mil Kano University of science and technology

  By Robert Moncio Kpadeh President Maada Bio is making good his big promise to construct a University of Science & Technology in the District of Kono in Sierra Leone with about US$32m already approved and secured from the Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development. The Kono University of Science and Technology promises to be a hybrid State of the Art learning institution and the citadel of ICT learning in the Subregion with technical support from MIT, USA. This is the progressive and visionary leadership African countries need in the…

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But unfortunately, TODAY, those unfortunate women are no more; as the "freedom fighters" within the NPFL territorial confines of which Mrs. Taylor resided with a PISTOL also, were NEVER given the slightest basis to be alive so as to make similar claims because they and their unborn children were decimated to their early unidentified graves without an opportunity to have glanced at their children; least to mentioned a grandchild as Mrs. Taylor is opportune currently. Op-ed 

Her bluff that she was a “humanitarian” can not withstand any solid grounds!

  Part I   By Archie Williams Our country, Liberia, has been an interesting piece of land on the African continent in terms of its notorious historicity where those that consciously committed the most heinous acts against the generality of the people through unorthodox means, have gotten away with impunity so easily just by the stroke and wave of a single hand. And more so, to sum it, we Liberians that were/are the actual victims are so gullible to an extent where anything of no consequence can easily bill, or…

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Did WHO-Rep Dr. Clement Lugala Peter take Bribe to Smear Liberia’s Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Nyan?

PRESS RELEASE ZÜRICH, August 3, 2020 – A US-based COVID-19 Expert-Group has alleged that the Representative of the World Health Organization in Liberia (WHO), Dr. Lugala Peter Lasuba Clement was “possibly being paid by the Liberian government to slander and speak negative” of an acclaimed NIH-trained Liberian infectious disease expert, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan. Dr. Nyan has been critical of the Liberian government’s “incompetence” and “mishandling” of the COVID-19 pandemic response in the little West African country. In a Zoom video conference held over the weekend, the Expert-Group said that…

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