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In Zwedru City, Mr. George Weah is yet to condemn the thuggery

By Robert Moncio Kpadeh

No doubt, a country ruled by a band of psychopaths and sociopaths is a sick country and the actions and inactions from its irritant officials will always be dumb, preposterous, obnoxious, abrasive and annoying. Below is the incendiary comment written and posted by George Weah’s mad, reckless and toxic Deputy Information Minister Eugene L. Fahgon in reaction to the unfortunate episode that transpired in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh county yesterday morning — where a group of hooligans believed to be induced by Superintendent Kai Farley a dreadful warlord, launched a blistering attack on CPP Chair Alexander B. Cummings and Rep. Yekeh Kolubah.

Such counterproductive comment and rhetorical bluster from Weah’s infamous Deputy Information Minister is not only stupid and irresponsible but reveals deep that the bruising attack on the CPP Executives was possibly masterminded by the ruling clique essentially with an intent to eliminate Rep. Yekeh Kolubah in particular. The reason for their attack is that Yekeh is fond of insulting Weah, their beloved. But the very CDC as an opposition party loosely insulted Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for 12 years consecutively. It is almost 24 hours since the horrifying incident took place in Zwedru city and Mr. George Weah hasn’t personally condemned such barbaric and thuggery act neither has his government done so thus lingering more questions than answers. It should also be noted that not a single arrest has been made since the incidence yesterday even though state security officers were present when the thugs unleashed their blistering bravado on the CPP folks. Instead, we are reading an inflammatory post from the cracked-headed Deputy Minister of Information hailing the attack on the CPP execs and celebrating the attackers.

Eugene Fahngon

This is shameful, appalling and disconcerting, to say the least. What a silly, coarse and hawkish government that is nearing unravelling into a full-scale repressive machine. If the international community does not focus on Liberia, Weah and his mad poodles will put Liberia on the brink of deadly chaos again and our heard-earned peace will be shattered. The orchestrated nonsense that occurred yesterday certainly has the propensity to foment violent conflict which could degenerate into full-scale tribal or civil war. Liberians beware! The psychopaths and sociopaths are in charge, as such, anything is possible. Maybe it is time to consider building a citizens defense force to protect ourselves against these marauding monsters since the government is broadly lending its approbation to wild gangsters and ex-rebel generals to unleash terror on peaceful citizens and political dissenters.

Indeed, now is the winter of our discontent! May we say more?

Main Photo: Pres. George Weah

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