To sum it all, we must consolidate forces and revolt through the ballot or the bullet? This will be our own struggle not others. United front or no progress - there should be no such thing as middle ground or negotiation with reactionary forces. Thank about it. Onward to victory!Op-ed 

The OPRM Extends Sobering Independence Day felicitations to Fellow Citizens


For Immediate Release


The One People Revolutionary Movement under the acronym ‘OPRM’ wishes fellow Liberians an independence day of sober reflection, rather than an independence day of celebration. The One People Revolutionary Movement(OPRM) has morally inferred, like all truthful Liberians, that this brand new age(173) of Liberia comes with so much political despair, socioeconomic misery, and harsh poverty. Rightfully, a hungry man cannot celebrate his poverty, but he must strategically plan to unshackle himself from his squalor.

Now that the Special Senatorial Elections are facing us, as December 8, 2020, is the constitutional moment enshrined by the National Elections Commission(NEC), the OPRM expressly calls on all Liberians to take a deep reflection, so as to consider who are those to elect and reject in the Special Senatorial Elections. Thereof, we the OPRM believes it is the embryo of national change or the continuation of the decadence of our political system. This national urgency is a litmus test for compatriots to demonstrate their burning love for Mama Liberia, by voting noble sons and daughters to public offices in the upcoming Special Senatorial Elections.

We believe with will and courage that, the current committee set up by Mr George Weah to probe causes of the gasoline shortage, which has submerged the country into a blistering crisis--crippling every aspect of livelihood for citizens totally lacks the quantum of integrity and moral rectitude required to independently probe this matter to any logical and forthright conclusion. Therefore, it must be unconditionally squashed and decommissioned to make way for a  rather sound and independent committee.
One People Revolutionary Movement /OPRM

Liberia at 173, is a third world nation that is battled with water, electricity, road connectivity, and infrastructure. Liberia is the oldest body of governance on continental Africa which is gripped with malnutritional diseases like kwashiorkor, leprosy, brain-drain, etc, etc. These sorrowful mischiefs are credited to the rampant corruption, crude ineptitude, and ‘big shot’ mentality of political leaders, since the establishment of our state in 1822. But the biggest wonder goes: Liberia is endowed with the rich gift of diamond, gold, ore, timber, green forest, and savanna land. Equally so, she has a population that can contain a fair distribution of national wealth. So how come out of sudden, it remains one of the poorest countries on the globe? Nevertheless, the fate of the nation lies on the shoulders of Liberians.

And importantly, the OPRM extends a ‘Sober Independence Day’ to fellow citizens. May our brothers and sisters reflect about the salvation of political leadership, says the OPRM. That going ever forward and never backward, Liberians must start to place great emphasis on political governance by displaying wise characters on the electoral screen of competence, temperance, and wisdom. That moving ever forward and never backward, cups of rice and party-spirit should be brushed away from their political judgment, in order to nourish the fruits of their god-given endowment. Until then, the OPRM exclaims:, Uhuru Na Kazi (Freedom and Work)!!

Issued by the People’s Bureau of Propaganda of the One People Revolutionary Movement— Cde. Andrew Borbor Werlay Jaye Jr., Cde. James Momo Jaleibah I


Main Photo: Robert Kpadeh, leader OPRM

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