Nearly 10 years later, Mr. Chie, now President Pro Temp of the Senate has reportedly been using his muscles and close ties to President George Manneh Weah to cement control of the ministry by inserting close friends, business associates and former colleagues at the ministry in strategic positions of power over Liberia’s mineral resources.Public Policy 

A petition Expel Senator Albert Chie from the Liberian Senate


The Editor,

Upon the induction of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon who later pledged to take home at most 5,000 USD as salary and send any excess toward other social development purposes as well as declaring his assets, Senator Albert Chie responded with very disturbing threats.

Historically, Senator Dillon’s actions are unprecedented in contemporary Liberian Politics.

Here are Albert Chie’s exact comments; “This is a political house. Here we do politics. You were elected by the people of Montserrado but from today’s date, you belong to the Liberian Senate. The power to remove you from here is not with the people. We alone have that power”.

These comments, or threats to a senator who was just inducted only because he reduced his salary and declared his assets showed the insensitive way the Senate is run.

It tells the people of Montserrado and Liberia at large that majority of our public servants are in their own interest and not in the interest of the Liberian people. Senator Chie’s rants and threats toward Senator Dillon proved that anyone who does the right thing for the Liberian people is an enemy in the eyes of the majority of his colleagues and they fight at all costs to make such person dance to their music or be sidelined.

This has been our problem which has led to us being among the poorest countries in the world. People of good intentions are not given the chance to serve and when they get it, they are suppressed by the bad guys. Hence, people like Albert Chie should be removed from the House of Elders to avoid further desecration.

When this is done, it will send a caveat to the rest of the bad apples that Liberians are no longer willing to accept business as usual. This will put our leaders on their toes to work hard and make sound decisions that will benefit every family, community, and Liberia as a whole. Thank you for signing this petition and share this petition by whatever means possible.

—-YOURS, Cornelius J. Dyuodeh


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