In a continent sharply divided along the lines of as many as between one thousand five hundred to two thousand (1500-2000) languages, many religious organizations/beliefs, a number of autocratic presidents, political/ideological differences, uncompromising six (6) regional blocks and neo-colonial sentiments among others it is not strange to know that much of African youth are less optimistic that such a dream will ever materialize. To them such an idea shall forever remain in the pipeline. Op-ed 


  The Editor, The Unification of Africa under a single central government, house of representatives, currency, the central bank, etc will, in my opinion, go down among the eight (8) events of the world and the most important thing that happened among the black race; even for those in the diaspora. In a continent sharply divided along the lines of as many as between one thousand five hundred to two thousand (1500-2000) languages, many religious organizations/beliefs, a number of autocratic presidents, political/ideological differences, uncompromising six (6) regional blocks and neo-colonial…

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This stance of the WHO and donors vindicates the infectious diseases expert, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan who came under a barrage of attacks in April from the Monrovia City Mayor and several Liberian government ministers for his professional expert advice against the involvement of the MCC, a non-medical entity, in the COVID-19 response. The award-winning inventor, Dr. Nyan, advised that the “COVID-19 response be conducted by knowledgeable and skilled professionals with public health transparency and accountability.” Public Policy 

WHO Demands MCC Removal from Liberia’s COVID-19 Response – Vindicates Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan

    GENEVA, May 20, 2020 – At a recent meeting about Liberia’s COVID-19 Incidence Management System, the World Health Organization (WHO) has called for the immediate removal of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) from the country’s COVID-19 Response, because the MCC has no function in healthcare and no experience in an outbreak or pandemic response. This stance of the WHO and donors vindicates the infectious diseases expert, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan who came under a barrage of attacks in April from the Monrovia City Mayor and several Liberian government…

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“It cost millions of United States dollars to finance a Presidential political campaign. That he never failed when he was in the opposition. At that time, he was not a criminal but now that he has become President and investing his own money right here at home, they have a lot of unfounded things to say. But that is their business. The President remains focused on kicking this coronavirus out of our country and improving the economy for the better life of each of our fellow citizens,” he said. Culled Menjor Public Policy 

Weah’s critics are clueless in their attacks because of hate, says Nagbe

    Information Minister Eugene Nagbe has defended the action of President George Weah to demolish and reconstruct his 9th street home, which is now been upgraded to presidential mansion status. In a rather tough reply to the President’s critics about his 9th Street’s property in Monrovia, Minister Nagbe said the Weah’s critics are clueless in their attacks all because they hate him. “He gained that property in 1993. In fact, someone else came and claimed that land, causing the President now to spend another US$75,000 to reclaim it. The…

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Why I believe the CPP should be REJECTED, no offense!!

  The Editor, We have welcomed the idea of a formidable political force to dismantle the CDC-led government in 2023. Regrettably, deception, corruption, and GREED FOR POWER AND AUTHORITY have surfaced within the Collaborating Political Parties-CPP. We recently celebrated the signing of the CPP official policy document to lead Liberia into a new era. Little did we know that the CPP has a DEADLY agenda for the country and here is it. Instead of projecting a unique governance structure to rebuild our country and correct the wrongs of the past,…

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Lawmakers, who are furious with the Speaker’s action, have been holding closed door discussions to plan his removal. Over the weekend, more than 22 of them gathered in the Port City of Buchanan to begin making their move – the kind that will involve massive political maneuvering and bickering. This is expected to be a long haul and probably a redux of past incidents that also saw the removal of two very influential House Speakers – Edwin Snowe and Alex Tyler. News 

Liberian legislators selling themselves to George Weah Approves Budget, Receive $17K Each

    The purpose of the US$17k given to each lawmaker is yet to be explained but according to sources in the legislature, it is part of inducement or agreement reached between them and Executive branch of government to waive six months of arrears owed them in petroleum coupon. When asked what the purpose of the US$17 was? One of the lawmakers who refused to speak to this paper on record said; “wait until you are a lawmaker then you will know why we are being given the check.” Over the weekend, President George M.…

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The military officer who replaced Pres. Tolbert, Sergeant Samuel K. Doe, would have been the last man MOJA would have ever thought of as a Presidential material to rule Liberia, for all the reasons that everybody already knows. I once met Pres. Tolbert, as part of a delegation comprising of Dr. Tipoteh, Dr. Sawyer, and Dr. Mary Antoinette Brown Sherman, I was privileged to attend a meeting with President Tolbert in his office in 1978. He had invited us after being told that we, SUSUKUU, were training guerrilla forces in the Putu Forest of Grand Gedeh County to overthrow the government. Instead, we had an agricultural project in Putu. Many years later, everybody now admits that Dr. Tolbert was one the best Presidents of Liberia. But what they do not add is the fact that President Tolbert was also one of the most educated, if not the most educated, President, of Liberia. And the example of Tolbert convincingly proves that to be a successful President of Liberia, one does certainly require a higher and formal education. Higher education gives a leader higher vision for his country and leadership. Op-ed 

President Tolbert legacy still lives with us: demanding a better Liberia

    Alfred P. B. Kiadii Forty-one years ago, a revolutionary event happened which altered the trajectory and texture of Liberian history. April 14, 1979, was the first time the working people and ordinary masses of the people stampeded their way on the center stage of history to change the direction of the country. Even after 41 years, despite political sclerosis in the fatherland, this day remains the summit of the Liberian people’s political rising. It marked the beginning of history from below. Here we see the same crude forms…

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Artists & Reviews 

A Scholar, an Activist and Adventurer Memoirs of a Venture Novelist  Charla M Burnet 

  A Scholar, an Activist and Adventurer Memoirs of a Venture Novelist Charla M Burnet 280 pp Reviewed by Nvasekie N. Konneh To write a memoir is a brave act. It simply means to bare your soul to the world. To lay it all out there about you, your family and friends, some of your innermost secrets. If you decide to write a memoir, you will be confronted with question as which part of your life experiences to be exposed in a book or which part to leave out. Are…

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Currently, Dr. Jallah who is the Chairman of the JFK Board has again allowed the JFK’s CEO Dr. Jerry Brown to abandon the full-time job as the Administrator at the JFK to take on the case management at the 14th military hospital when other qualified medical doctors such as Dr. Philip Ireland an internist, Dr. Emmanuel Ekynebah, and others who could have served in that capacity considering that the JFK is the major referral hospital for Liberia. News 

FPA INVESTIGATION: Conflict of Interest – Liberia’s Health Minister’s Private Clinic Competes With JFK

    By Rodney Sieh Monrovia – An investigation by FrontPageAfrica has found that Health and Social Welfare Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah has allegedly been diverting resources, including ambulances, fuel materials, and equipment from the Ministry and the John F. Kennedy Medical Center for her personal clinic, Hope for Women International. Prior to becoming minister, Dr. Jallah ran the Hope for Women located on the A.B. Tolbert Road in Paynesville and had another branch on the Marshall Road under construction. Minister’s Clinic Designated as Stationary Site The clinic on the…

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And finally, we stand with all journalists who stand with the working people and oppressed of the world. We suffer with these journalists whose reportage are driven by the sensibilities of solidarity and their cause of suffering humanity. Without beating around the bush, journalists have a social responsibility not just to report the truth, but to stand with working people and the marginalised sectors of society. Op-ed 

African journalists decries media repression, absolute impunity on the continent

    The Federation of African Journalists (FAJ), the Pan African organisation of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today called on African governments to create a safe and enabling environment for journalists and media workers so that they can do their work freely and without fear of reprisals. “On behalf of the collective leadership of FAJ, I wish to seize this opportunity as we celebrate World Press Freedom Day to salute and pay my respect to the brave and committed journalists of Africa who are making boundless sacrifices in…

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What's the story of Moses Kollie Garzeawu who was also manhandled, in violation of his constitutional rights? Many others have been brutalized by state securities and nothing has been done by the Press Union of Liberia, the umbrella organization that is supposed to seek journalists' interests in Liberia. How many more must be dehumanized and denied their rights, How can we tackle this madness? The most regretful part is when the Center for the Protection of Journalists or the CPU are crying for Liberian journalist in its advocacy that Liberian journalists need their rights protected, while the mother of the organization the Press Union of Liberia, cares less. He reportedly died of 'hypertension'- (Pressure), as stated by the Union on behalf of the family, The medical practitioners don't have to tell us that the brutality against Zenu also contributed to the 'hypertension' death. Op-ed 

Mosonda’s Press Statement on World Press Freedom day

  Press Release   The World Press Freedom Day comes at the time when approximately a third of the population of the world is in lockdown, economies have grounded to a halt, while the global community is fixated on defeating the viral pandemic—coronavirus, the cause of the disease COVID-19. At this historical conjuncture, doctors, nurses, cleaners, care workers, drivers, and elements of the working class in essential areas of production ensure that the wheels of society continue to turn while the assault against the virus continues full throttle. Journalists, too…

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