Guss A. Winn, News 

Contractor brutalized in Liberia at Capitol Building for Protesting he be paid

    The grounds of the Capitol Building was a scene of action when a contractor on Tuesday who had gone to request members of the House of Representatives for his just pay in the tone of US25,000 after rendering services that august body was reportedly flogged by private security assigned to the House of Representatives for staging a protest in demand of his pay. The victim, Guss A. Winn, said he entered into an agreement with the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives about four months ago…

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Disclosing to the public the disbursement of funds at the Liberian Senate, declaring his assets, subject himself to double pay cut, influencing fellow Senators in debates and votes on critical national issues at the Liberian Senate such as the rejection of NEC Chairman nominee Nwabudike, interventions in distressing conditions of poor people are only a few examples of his leadership, faithfulness, and vision. I urge all well-meaning Liberians as well as CDCians to reject the negative propaganda scheme launched against Senator Dillon by the corrupt Weah CDC government and their surrogates. News 

Prince Johnson Contradicts AB Dillion, says Weah gave $200,000 bonus for SoE

  Staff Report As public outrage mounts in the wake of revelations by Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson that Legislators have received payout bonuses of US$6,000 as an inducement to affix their signatures of approval to the resolution authorizing the imposition of a State of Emergency, several legislators (names withheld) have shrugged off the charges claiming that the US$6,000 paid to each legislator was actually “operational funds” which have since gone unpaid for a little over two (2) years. This has left the public confused about who is indeed telling…

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