Washington DC USA – January 13, 2020: The International Justice Group (IJG) has formally referred Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee to the Special Prosector of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, the Netherlands to be investigated for “Crimes Against Humanity”. In a 46-page dossier of referral and evidence compiled by the IJG and copied to African Star on Monday, the IJG informed ICC Special Prosecutor Madam Fatou Bensouda that, “…Mr. President, Weah has empowered his City Mayor as the perpetrator-in-chief. Mayor Jefferson Koijee, the Mayor of Monrovia, appointed by Mr. Weah behaves like a violent psychopath who acts under the authority of President Weah and is shielded and protected by him. IJG COMPLETE ICC REFERRAL 12JAN2020Download Logo of the IJG In its referral, the Washington based IJG noted that accountability for war crimes atrocities in the West African country is a “must.” “…We implore you, Madam Prosecutor, to act in Liberia. Our seriousness is well grounded on the realization that if nothing is done about past crimes, ongoing crimes against humanity and violence, and lawlessness will escalate, and Liberia may return to its once regrettable “Failed State” status. Because of their own involvement in committing Crimes Against Humanity, the Government of Liberia neither has the will nor the capacity to investigate and prosecute those involved. As the International Criminal Court is truly the court of last resort and must intervene to save the lives of innocent citizens of Liberia as well as put an end to the senseless violence, including wide scale rape and sexual violence against our girls and women who continue to be traumatized on a daily basis. Further, the State will regress into violence and human rights violations and impunity will become entrenched: “… the rule of law under President Weah may be undermined by individuals who records do not inspire confidence in attaining the goals of fighting corruption, ending impunity and promoting national reconciliation, as well as transparency, in public management…with the very weak separation of powers, weak rule of law and wrong people appointed, the country risk going down a slippery path, which may lead a plunge into the abyss. Given such a disposition, and judging from experience, journalists and the media, first in the line of fire, may be in for rough ride, given the torrent of vitriolic attacks against mediapractitioners,” the official communication said. The IJG says in the last two years it has been focused on Liberia due to the significant number of reported human rights violations. In laying the basis for the referral of the Monrovia City Mayor to the ICC, the IJG noted that, “ Since Liberia is a signatory to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and as a State Party the court has jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute those government officials committing Crimes Against Humanity under various articles listed in the Rome Statute…”. Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee – File Photo Those articles include Crimes Against Humanity, Murder, Imprisonment or other severe or physical liberty violation of fundamental rules of international law, torture, rape and other inhumane acts. Mr. Koijee a a former Youth Leader of the ruling Congress For Democratic Change (CDC) in Liberia, has been accused of overseeing violent actions by “vigilante groups” loyal to the party and current Government. The IJG cited media reports of Koijee’s incitment and participation in acts of violence against citizens and opposition members. Mr. Koijee has denied any role in victimizing opponents of Government or the CDC. The IJG also cited the inaction by President George M. Weah on the widespread and systematic violence against Liberians. “Not only is Mr. Weah believed to be spinning the wheels of criminal violence from behind the scene against his own people, but his regime, His Office, has become conspicuously silent on the widespread and recurrent incidences of violence against women, young girls and children and people the regime has invariably referred to as “enemies of the state,” the IJG said in its referral letter to the ICC. According to procedures of the ICC, after crimes occur, preliminary investigations are conducted, followed by a formal investigation, if it is warranted. Evidence is collected and a pre-trial stage is adopted and then a full blown trial. If the individual is convicted there is an appeals stage and once that is exhausted, sentencing enforcement begins. ICC Chief Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda All accused are innocent until proven guilty before the ICC. The Information and Evidence Unit of the ICC is now in posession of the referral and accompanying evidence and will make a determination on whether to pursue a full investigation of Mr. Koijee. It remains unclear if any formal proceedings will actually begin. Liberia sustained devastating back- to-back wars in the 1990s leaving over 250,000 dead and nearly 1 million others dislocated internally and externally. Thousands others were maimed, raped and traumatized by bands of marauding militias loyal to various warlords who have yet to account for ther crimes in the country. The main rebel chief turned former President Charles Taylor was tried and convicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone and is serving a 50 year jail sentence in the UK following loss of his appeal. A fragile peace currently holds in the country which has transitioned to democratic governance since 2005 but tension and repeated acts of violence by various actors continue to threaten the stability of the country. The IJG is headed by Counselor Jerome Verdier, former head of Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). International Justice Group Executive Director Cllr Jerome J. Verdier Sr. The International Justice Group (IJG) is a US based Non-governmental Organization based in Washington, DC area chartered to perform five primary functions: A). To research, investigate, documents for war crimes, individual and group of individuals that receive support from institutions through the commission of such crimes that violate human basic standard of life; B). Create a mutual public awareness and respect for the principles of universal rule of law that is es established for perpetrators of war crimes and violators against humanity; C). Seek opportunities through which our human dignity, the spiritual, moral and social norms of our society can be advanced; D). Seek ways and means through which our understanding for the need to live in peached with no limit to our geographic location that determined our collective growth and development; E). Encourage global involvement for the purpose of promoting peace, stability, equality, justice under the rule of law, with opportunities for our individual, advancement to our one world; F). To create a forum through which society can be resolved to live in harmony, to practice fraternal love, tolerance and understanding as a people and being fully mindful of our obligation to adhere to the rule of law for the promotion of human dignity; By Emmanuel Abalo African StarOp-ed 

Jefferson Koigee’s Reckless Utterances Will Worsen Convid19 in Liberia

By M. Uneh Yahmia

Dr. Nyan now serves the African people in East Africa but took up time to give his expert opinion about a pandemic that poses a great threat to the lives of ordinary people in his fatherland. He does this because a patriot always has loyalty to his homeland and its people. It takes nothing away from him if an incompetent leadership that despises merit and expertise but promotes spineless sycophancy doesn’t take heed but unleashes its marauding thugs to insult and threaten him. Words are taken seriously based on who expels them. Street urchins will always insult decent patriots. Incompetents will always fear the qualified and brilliant. That is the context in which we must understand the torrent of insults the CDC people have directed at the person of DR. Nyan.

Dr. Nyan’s disagreement with Jefferson Koijee’s interference in the works of health authorities amid the fight against the COVID 19 in Liberia places him in the league of brilliant doctors who have expressed strong opinions that contrast their governments’ responses to the viral plague. Dr. Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institute of Health of the US, has on several occasions taken the bull by the horn to prevent Trump’s misinformation and disinformation about the COVID 19.

Dr. Nyan did the same in his interview with OK FM for which he is being insulted by a cavalcade of misfits. What is wrong with a seasoned professional giving his opinion on a matter he is so knowledgeable about? Any day the Liberian people would appreciate the great opinion of Dr. Nyan to the rubbish coming out of the CDC idiots. One thing is certain is that at the appropriate time these bimbos and their handlers will account for their insults and devouring of the republic. No matter how long it takes. They will account. That historical reckoning could be soon!

Dr. Nyan doesn’t want your job. He waited to be called by the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) to voluntarily help to prepare our country to combat COVID 19 but to no avail. He did not get disillusioned but continues to write in the papers providing his expert opinion about the killer virus. I remember reading a piece from him in the Daily Observer. In that article, he opined that some testing kits from the US Center for Disease Control were faulty. His criticism was confined to the dustbin by the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) only to be proved right later.

Dr. Nyan is not only a medical doctor but also a former student leader with a history of a long struggle against the dictatorship of Samuel Doe and the despotism of Charles Taylor. Thus, he is not allergic to the insults and threats of a collection of Idi Amins. He knows how to settle scores with social hustlers! You can insult him all you like it has nothing on him because his training prepared him for these moments. Can we say that of the vestigial organ of a mayor in Koijee or that black sambo to whom you all bow—Weah?

Recently on Truth FM and Ok FM in Liberia, Dr. Nyan continued to provide COVID-19 Awareness through radio broadcast relayed in many parts of the country. He supported the use of face mask, advised against “self-medicating with Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine,” and described rumors of the link between 5G and Coronavirus outbreak as a mere conspiracy theory that should not be believed. 
Dougbeh Nyan, scientist

The Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) does not have a biostatistical lab and technicians. What gives it the authority to recruit partisans of the ruling party to collect and process data of suspected cases of COVID 19? What training do those partisans have to take a sample of suspected cases of the virus? Why isn’t the NPHIL using students from the University of Liberia Department of Public Health, the TNIMA, and the AM Dogliotti College of Medicine but is sitting supinely as a collection of lowlifes from the CDC naively interferes with its work?

A city government must busy itself with finding vacant properties for health authorities to use as isolation centers, ICU or doctors and nurse’s residences. A farsighted city government activates its contacts to lobby for donations in cash and in-kind to enhance the work of the health authorities. The MCC can source ambulances, ventilators, PPEs, Gloves, Mask and turn them over to health authorities. It can even beef up hygiene awareness in the communities so as to ensure the community is kept clean in order to reduce the risk of people contracting the virus. But to get involved with technical works required by virologists, epidemiologists, nurses, doctors, students of medicine, public health, etc., is mind-boggling.

At a time, the collective efforts of the right Liberians are needed to lessen the impacts of the deadly disease, the people in power are playing politics and putting the lives of the Liberian people at risk. All we see from Weah and his people in this time of crisis when they should pull the nation together, they have extended their perverted argument of enemies of the state. The barrage of attacks on Dr. Nyan and all who question the approach of the government towards combatting this virus is reminiscent of the enemies of the state nonsense. This is tragic!

Main Photo: Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koigee of the Ruling CDC

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