In IG Sudue’s account, the vehicles were abandoned by protesters at the entrance of the Capitol Building and they (LNP) drove them to their Police Headquarters, which is within the same vicinity. According to him, there he immediately ordered his officers to search the vehicles and while they were searching that was when they allegedly found the arms and ammunitions along with a knife and other deadly objects in the lawmaker’s official car marked ‘HOR 65.’ Based on the discovery of the weapons, IG Sudue said he immediately halted the exercise and ordered his men to call the press to continue with the search in order to ensure transparency in the process. News 

Liberian Police Officer Allegedly Flogs Motorcyclist to Death in Ganta

    Ganta, Nimba County – For more than five hours, normal activities came to a standstill in Ganta City following the death overnight of an 18-year-old motorcyclist. The late Samuel Selleh, was allegedly flogged to death by the Ganta City Deputy Police Commander who is said to be on the run following the incident. Speaking to FrontPageAfrica, 32-year-old Yei Yini, narrated that Selleh, who was a resident of the Peace Community in Ganta, had come to the Jackie’s Guest House, along with her son, Stanley Yini, where he met…

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Liberians must brace themselves for the future. With Sirleaf protection still in play[ellen Sirleaf demanded protection for she and her cronies and family before she left power, it is rumored she paid off Weah and thus her PROTECTON], Morlu's remarks that if the CDC loses POWER it's partisans and Mr. Weah won't be protected, is also a cause for concerns. The Controversial CDC Chairman made those remarks during the bring back our money campaign. His utterances say even if Weah left power today he might seek protection or Sirleaf post-transition or Presidency arrangements, that now sees her absolved of all crimes or prosecution for PROTECTION. What we have on our hands, is a party---THE CONGRESS FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE, that may not want to leave POWER volunteeringly---and is refusing all attempts to reform the election Commission for an even playing field. The all-important election is headed by Ellen Sirleaf stooge, who is at best controversial and lacks credibility. Op-ed 

The 7 Invisible Stadiums – 10 Plain Truths about CDC Rally

    Liberia has two (2) recognized stadia/stadiums. Both were built by non-footballers. Thumps up to ex-President W. V. S. Tubman and ex-President Samuel K. Doe. The Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) was built in 1952 by William V. S. Tubman and it has a capacity of 10,000 while the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Stadium (SKD) was built in 1986 by Samuel K. Doe and it has a capacity of 35,000. The football legend turned President George Manneh Oppong Weah promised to build 7 stadiums in 7 counties in his first…

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The vision for the Amujae Initiative is to shift the landscape for women in public leadership in Africa, moving from a culture of tokenism to one that truly values women leaders. Its mission is to inspire and prepare women to unapologetically take up roles and excel in the highest echelons of public leadership, and to bring other women along. “Representation is important – by increasing the number of women in public life and leadership, the Center will amplify the voices of all women and girls across Africa,” Madam Sirleaf further added. News 

George Weah Heap Praises on Ellen Sirleaf

    Robertsfield, Margibi County – Enumerations of the marvelous achievements that Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has achieved over her many years of service to nation, continent, and world could not go unnoticed by the many guests at the launch of her Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development. Even Madam Sirleaf’s successor, President George Manneh Weah, as a way, put the icing on the cake when he mentioned how his predecessor is well known for her illustrious past, including her exemplary leadership, both at home and…

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Patience Koenig ’22 Wins Global Impact Challenge Competition at United Nations Youth Assembly Op-ed 

Patience Koenig ’22 Wins Global Challenge Competition at UN Youth Assembly

    For Immediate Release   AURORA, N.Y.—Patience Koenig ’22, a Wells College student who hails from Liberia, was named a winner of the Global Impact Challenge during the 25th United Nations Youth Assembly last weekend. The competition, sponsored by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, took place Feb. 14–16, 2020 in New York City. Patience, who is studying environmental science and sustainable food systems, initially came to Wells College via SMART Liberia, a highly selective college preparatory program in the Liberian capital of Monrovia. She pitched her idea on how her…

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The conference will officially launch the Liberian Civil War Memorial and the Liberian Diaspora Investment & Trust Fund—documenting the past and building financial and economic opportunities for Liberians in the diaspora and homeland—knowing that a nation that does not take its history seriously is bound to repeat the mistakes of its past—politically, socially, economically, and culturally. When we reason critically and objectively, we can move forward! Op-ed 

The Roadmap to Diaspora Community Empowerment: ALDC meets in Columbia, USA

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 10, 2020.   LIBERIANS IN THE USA AND HOMELAND TO GATHER at KAHLER HALL 5440 OLD TUCKER ROW, COLUMBIA, MARYLAND from March 13-15, 2020, 200 years after the historic journey of the Schooner Elizabeth, that took the first 88 people of color to Liberia via Sierra Leone. In 2014 the first ALDC gathered just 5 minutes from the historic Davis Hotel where the American Colonization Society was formed in December 1816. This year’s conference is themed: “The Roadmap to Diaspora Community Empowerment–Promoting Good Governance and…

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It can be recalled that Christopher Walker, Sports Editor of FrontPage Africa newspaper, was also brutalized while he was covering the National County Sports Meet at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex. He explained that some of his belongings, including his camera and phone, were damaged as well as his wallet, containing US$250 USD and L$1000 were taken away from him. An investigation by the Police following a complaint by FPA about the manhandling of Journalist Walker has been at a snail pace. Public Policy 

Ruthless Presidential Security Unit Admits Abusing Liberian Journalists

    Monrovia – Following blatant frequent denials by the government of Liberia that no journalist has been manhandled by state security, FrontPage Africa has obtained a letter in which the Executive Protection Services admits that it is investigating an agent for “over-reaction,” after the officer allegedly battered a reporter. The letter under the signature of EPS Director Trokon Roberts expressed regret for the situation and promised to take appropriate action against the agent of the elite presidential guard. “The EPS sincerely regrets the situation and will carry out the…

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The ICC does not solicit cases despite what many may believe. It is actually the court of last resort. Cases are referred through State parties (that are member states who have signed on to the treaty) in accordance with Article 14 of the Rome Statute or through referral by the Security Council acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the UN. The Office of the Prosecutor can also initiate an investigation upon complaints brought to it by individuals and organizations. The Office of the Prosecutor has conducted or is currently conducting an investigation in Honduras, Georgia, Republic of Korea, Palestine, and Afghanistan in addition to several African countries. To date, Uganda, Mali, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic have referred situations occurring or have occurred in their countries to the ICC. Public Policy 

Africa and the International Criminal Court: Uneasy Lies the Head

  The Editor, The International Criminal Court  (ICC) is a “permanent tribunal created to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crimes of aggression.”  Its jurisdiction covers “the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole (Preamble 2) and in cases where national trials would not occur or would be ineffective (Preamble 3).”   The nations of the world found it necessary to create the ICC as they were “conscious that all peoples are united by common bonds, their cultures pieced together in a shared heritage, and concerned that this delicate…

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This national urgency or imperative, which lies with us, hasn’t been felt with such deep sense of patriotism and nationalism. The Weah-led government is operating on borrowed time. Elements within its ranks are on crutches. Weah and his men are actually on life-support. I have chosen not to be a prey of those predators. Enough of this abuse of power! Either we struggle in unity or perish in cowardice. Unshaken and resilient with oneness of purpose and destiny, CHANGE is inevitable – a new Liberia of social justice and economic freedom is in sight. Op-ed 

East International Group INC – Revealing Tragedies about a Chinese-Liberian Mafia Company

    East International Group Incorporated (EIGI) dubiously connived with high-ranking officials of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s government to rob Liberia and Liberians of millions of United States Dollars through road construction-related projects. This mafia syndicate has evolved once more under President George M. Weah. In it all, Liberia and Liberians have become victimized by this form of institutionalized corruption and systemic sabotage. East International, a fraudulent company that does not even have a website to show any performance profile, is on the move again to engineer its usual scam…

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Beyond this end, I admonish you to reject any petition calling on you to run in Montserrado County because caving into such a call would be a risky adventure. Any action contrary to my advice would end up as a mere political fiasco. To conclude, let me reecho my thesis: Wrong Timing – Unsafe Zone – Risky Adventure. Let this be a resounding reminder as you contemplate on deciding your own political fate. The worst decision would be to contest as a CDC Candidate. The CDC only wants to use your face to repair its defaced political stature. Op-ed 

Risky Adventure – An Open Letter To GSA Director General Mary Tanyonoh Broh 

      Dear Madam Broh: As our Republic under President George M. Weah strives to remain democratically afloat during these very tragic times of governance breakdown and leadership shortfall, I am compelled to adorn you with esteemed compliments. On my behalf, please divulge similar sentiment of best wishes to your staff at the General Services Agency (GSA). Out of concern to safeguard your political future and out of curiosity to shield your legacy, I thought to pen this open letter to you for two (2) strategic reasons:   To…

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The release further said, the government sees the media as a key player in the democratization of the post-conflict nation, and is, therefore, calling on journalists to carry on their duty in conformity with the best ethical practice. Journalists have a sacred obligation of ensuring that the public receives factual, balanced and accurate information at all times; falling short of this could erode public confidence and undermine the essence of the free press, the release said. Public Policy 

War Crimes Court advocate accuses EPS officer Sewer Briggs of brutalizing him

Staff Report Liberian War Crimes Court advocate, Emmanuel Savice has accused “Seward Briggs [as] one of the rebels assigned with President Weah that tried killing me on the day of the rally. He was the one that stole my money and my cellphone. This guy kicked me in my ears several times.” Mr. Savice said on his Facebook page. “Another name is the Kadaffi guy who is also a former rebel. As we do our investigation, we will bring you their names and pictures. This was forwarded to me by…

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