“The composition of the EMB (Electoral Members Board) should be representative of the society. . . Consideration should be given to appointing independent persons known within the society for their integrity. It is recommended that the chair of the commission should be a person who holds or has held high judicial office (a high court or supreme court judge). That is the practice in several countries. (Taken from the Southern African Development Community’s “Principles for Election Management, Monitoring, and Observation in the SADC Region”, as adopted by SADC in Johannesburg 2003.) Public Policy 

Where We Slipped: Choosing Electoral Board Members in Liberia

Jackie N. Sayegh “ Elections are central to competitive politics. They are central because, ideally, they should provide the opportunity for yesterday’s winners to become today’s losers, and for yesterday ‘ s losers to become today’s winners. The model of democracy on which this theory of elections is based is liberal democratic. The centrality of elections to liberal democratic politics also presupposes the importance, particularly of impartial electoral administration. This is because the indeterminacy of elections the possibility of erstwhile winners becoming losers and erstwhile losers becoming winners-which is an…

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Liberia has been looted and turned into a wasteland of neocolonial capitalism. The havoc wrought on the society by Weah is revealing of national neglect and the intense level of contempt Ellen and her cabal must-have for poor and working people to have orchestrated this farce on the fatherland. Weah's actions have angered the people, and they resolved to vote the CDC out at any electoral poll. And here comes the dubious plan Weah has reached. So, we are not astonished upon reading the list which comprises names of familiar stooges. Op-ed 

What kind of government is this? Ndubusi is a bad choice!

    By Martin K. N. Kollie Nwabudike has miserably failed “The Citizenship Test (TCT)”. His score is too tragic to reveal. He is unfit to even be called for Confirmation Hearing. It will be an affront to our Senators for a con man like Ndubusi to even be called for vetting. I will challenge him in a 20-page argument to be published tomorrow. This academic paper will consider 10 contexts that are mainly intended to render Pres. Weah’s choice for NEC Chairmanship legally flawed and logically inappropriate. Of course,…

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