Again, I asked where is the  Charles Taylor or Robert Sirleaf's foundation today? For me, the Clar Weah Foundation durability depends on how long her husband stays in power. It is just a matter of time before the  Clar Weah's foundation disappear. The Clar Weah's foundation will end as her husband's presidency ends. Same old script, different actors. This too is Liberia. Op-ed 

Clar Weah’s foundation, Like Robert Sirleaf’s: Same Old Story

    The Editor, Are we gullible in Liberia? Same Old scheme, but different characters?  Yesterday, the Liberian First Lady Mrs. Clar Weah told her Detractors  “No Amount of Negative Criticisms Will Stop Me. “ She was referring to the ongoing work being done by the Clar Weah Foundation. How long will  President Weah’s Wife Clar Foundation last?  Historically, we saw the Charles Taylor foundation when he was in office as well. We also saw the Robert Sirleaf Foundation when his Mom, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was in office. Where are…

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