Angola freezes Isabel dos Santos's assets over graft allegations Public Policy 

Angola freezes billionaire Isabel dos Santos’s assets over corruption allegations

    Reuters—-Since ending José Eduardo dos Santos’ nearly 40-year grip on power in 2017, Lourenço has been trying to erase the influence of his predecessor and reform sub-Saharan Africa’s third-largest economy. But Lourenço is under pressure as the economy continues to contract under his watch. Isabel dos Santos said the asset freeze was “politically motivated” and that the case against her had been held in total secrecy. “The judgment contains statements which are completely untrue,” she said in a statement. She later told Reuters by phone that she had…

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The IJG statement said the Justice advocacy group has reliably unearthed that the presiding Judge in the Sable Mining case, His Honor Judge Peter Gbenewelee, the prosecution team headed by the Honorable Justice Minister, Cllr F. Musah Dean, Solicitor General, Cllr Cyrenius Cephas, County Attorney, Cllr Edward Martin and the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Honorable Nathaniel McGill constituted themselves into a criminal syndicate to pervert justice in order that Cllr Varney Sherman be let off the hook and set free by minimizing evidence, executive coercion, diminution of records and other artifices to guarantee the acquittal of Cllr Varney Sherman on all charges. To ensure this, without let, His Honor Justice Nagbe posited himself in court at the acquittal verdict to demonstrate solidarity with the scheme in the pledge of loyalty to the Chief Executive. Public Policy 

Liberian Senator accused of vote trading to escape justice in criminal offense

    Criminal Court ‘C’ Judge Peter Gbenewelee’s ruling acquitting Grand Cape Mount Senator Varney Sherman in the Sable Mining corruption case has not gone unnoticed. The ruling has been unpleasing to Liberians causing huge condemnations from international and local advocacy groups. The Int’l Justice Group (IJG) is an international advocacy group that sees Judge Gbenewelee’s ruling of acquiescence of Senator Sherman as a ‘denial to justice.’ The group through its press statement revealed that the ruling of acquiescence was based on what they got from a Counselor at Law…

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