The UN Envoy expressed commitment to working with the Liberian Government in achieving the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development. However, he noted that UN adheres strictly to its fiduciary standards to safeguard UN funds against misuse and integrity risks. Business 

US$300 million has been remitted out of Liberia since Weah came to power

Monrovia – Former Montserrado County District #10 Julius Berrien says since the election and inauguration of the CDC government in 2018, more than US$300 million has been remitted out of Liberia through commercial banks. However, he didn’t say who made these transactions. In his statement, he said, “Take this statistic and put me on record, since this government came to power up to August of 2019, more than US$300 million has been remitted out of Liberia. Speaking via telephone on the Fabric Morning Radio Program, he claimed that every bank…

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“We have to grow up. We cannot blame Europe and America for our problems; we have mismanaged our economy, we have misplaced our priorities, we have not understood the importance of development. We think these roads and bridges are developments and not the human beings. “How much are we spending in an attempt to give ourselves cheap fuel? $3billion or $4billion a year? So-called petroleum subsidy? Imagine putting that money into education or into power or industry. That won’t deal with migration unless we have jobs. Why can’t we have electricity?” Public Policy 

Nigeria spends about $4billion annually on fuel subsidy

Money that could help the poor: EDUCATION, INFRASTRUCTURE AND HEALTH The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has lamented that the richest man in Africa is from Nigeria and ironically, the country “is also the poverty capital of the world”. According to him, Nigeria had no basis for spending $3billion to $4billion annually on fuel subsidy. Speaking at the launch of “From Frying Pan to Fire”, written by the Chairman of ThisDay Editorial Board, Mr. Olusegun Adeniyi in Abuja on Thursday, Sanusi claimed Nigeria is now the headquarters of poverty…

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He added: “I, Zoely Zoe or Tarplah Z. Davies, will never ever sit down in this America when Henry Costa and his likes who are thinking about covertly overthrowing the Government of Liberia and thinking about looting the resources of our country. When they carry out their wicked plan, I will not sit in this America and witness my country in chaos. I will defend my properties, I will defend my government and people, I will defend my family and do everything possible to ensure that those people who have their devilish intention of trying to subvert the Constitution, their plans are reverted and the Constitution will take over. Politics 

University Students Chase Weah’s nominee for minister out of campus grounds

Mr. Davis is on record for saying he would “kill” any protestor that attempts looting his property during the pending ‘Weah Step Down Protest’ ___________   Monrovia – Members of the Student Unification Party (SUP) at the state-run University of Liberia jeered and chased the newly appointed Deputy Defense Minister for Operations, Tarplah Z. Davis, who threatened to “kill” would-be protestors of the ‘Weah Step Down Campaign’ and critics of Pres. Weah, from the main campus of the University of Liberia. Prior to his appointment as Deputy Minister of Defense…

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