The Dictatorship in Kenya under Daniel Arap Moi, 1978-2001

Arab Moi at 95 years, is reportedly on his death bed with some news suggesting he is dead, this article was originally titled: Human Rights Abuse in Kenya under Daniel Arap Moi, 1978-2001. Arab Moi is remembered and will always be seen as belonging to the pantheon of African dictators in post colonial Africa that rolled back the freedoms and sustainable developments of the African people when they yearned so much progress after independence—editor ____________________ Introduction Jomo Kenyatta, the founding president of Kenya, passed away in August 1978 after fourteen…

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For a little over a month since being elected and installed Senator of Montserrado County, critics of Dillon have chastised him for failing to live up to a campaign promise he made to make his salary and benefits public. Until Tuesday, September 24, Sen. Dillon had always claimed of not being informed about his entitlements as Senator. Politics 

Liberian Legislators Seek To Deny Diaspora Liberians the Right To Serve Their Country

By Francis K. Zazay It is often said that history should be a source of wisdom, for the mere sake of making an informed decision, as is expected of wise leaders.  At the same time, however, nobody gives what they do not have, including ethical standards and sound judgment. No sooner, therefore, did I conclude reading the hate article about the Legislature’s passage of a Dual Citizenship proposition when I realized it represents an element that confirms the level of attrition meted out against returning Liberians and one that is…

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It is noteworthy to mention the masses of the South-east are our Brothers and Sisters. We are not fighting against them but are fighting with them. We tell them we are acutely aware of the truism that nobody sets out to build a nation of common values, egalitarianism and equality who strife on ethnic bigotry, exclusion, and the colonial method of divide and rule. The above metastasizing menaces are the ones that stymie national progress, frustrate collective transformation, and throw the nation into chaos. They are aberrations to social emancipation! They should not be tolerated!  Public Policy 

These 7 public officials receive over US$7.7 million from the national cake in 12 months

The Editor, The offices of just seven (7) public officials are receiving over US$7.7 million (L$1.6 billion) from the national cake in 12 months. Should we give their offices this much? They are becoming overnight millionaires as a result of leeching on Liberia’s scarce resources. What do our people get or have to show for voting them? Liberians remain the poorest of the poor because their leaders are overly GREEDY and CORRUPT. I became perturbed beyond limit while driving through West Point on Saturday evening. Our people are really catching…

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The report further expatiated on why huge amounts of cash are allowed in Geneva by Paul Biya stating that Switzerland does not automatically require a declaration when importing large amounts of cash of at least CHF10,000 ($10,000). However, Swiss customs officials can request information on the money if there is suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing. It seems Paul Biya will continue his lavish stay in Geneva unabated until the end of his regime which is the longest-ruling non-royal government dispensation in the world. culled fce2faceafrica News 

The Swiss continue to allow Cameroon’s dictator to lavishly stay in Geneva

    Cameroonian leader Paul Biya is known for living a notoriously lavish lifestyle in Geneva where he has unofficially created a seat of government in a 5-star hotel. The 85-year-old has spent a lot of his time as president at the Hotel Intercontinental which has a great view of the Swiss Alps. Several former hotel managers have told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that the hotel reserves the entire sixteenth floor for Biya and his entourage who sometimes take an extra 30 rooms on other floors.     View…

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He added: “I, Zoely Zoe or Tarplah Z. Davies, will never ever sit down in this America when Henry Costa and his likes who are thinking about covertly overthrowing the Government of Liberia and thinking about looting the resources of our country. When they carry out their wicked plan, I will not sit in this America and witness my country in chaos. I will defend my properties, I will defend my government and people, I will defend my family and do everything possible to ensure that those people who have their devilish intention of trying to subvert the Constitution, their plans are reverted and the Constitution will take over. Editor's Desk 

An Opened, Televised Confirmation HEARINGS

E D I TO R I A L_________ The Liberian Listener is calling on the Honorable Liberian Senate to give the nation a live, and open confirmation hearings on Private Tarplah Davis, the new nominee for the Position of Deputy Defense Minister for Operations, at the Defense Ministry of the Republic of LIBERIA, OUR COUNTRY! The Liberian Listener will continue to make this case leading up to the confirmation hearings, of Mr. Davis. Now, that the President’s spokesman has confirmed he will not withdraw the nomination—we want to make sure…

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The university students, predominantly of the Student Unification Party (SUP), surrounded the Minister’s vehicle, chanting “rogue, rogue” and battle cries. They refused to leave the premises despite the intervention of the administration and the Centennial Class’ officials. All effort exerted failed and after more than half an hour of waiting, the Minister was forced to vacate the area for fear of his security and the disruption of the fundraiser, which was being held to construct a multipurpose peace hut at the University. News 

University Students: Booed President Weah chief of staff Nat Mcgill, drives him off campus

Monrovia – Students of the University of Liberia over the weekend blocked the vehicle of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel McGill from attending a fundraiser on the university’s Capitol Hill campus. Minister McGill had been invited to serve as chief launcher of the fundraiser, organized by the Centennial Class of the Graduate and Professional School. McGill, who had joined an array of guests including the Special Representative of the ECOWAS Commission to Liberia, Babatunde O. Ajisomo, to grace the occasion was prevented from stepping out of…

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I am sending the Liberian Listener a link to a book that I hope will give your readers some hours of enjoyment as a literary work and one too that will offer insights into the history of many African nations. Given the nature of politics, one must be discrete in this world when reading such a title, given the heavy hand the police and govts. Who knows how many people could easily misinterpret the independent scholar's interest in such a work? Artists & Reviews 

BOOKS: Coup d’État —[Africa] Edward N. Luttwak /REVIEW

The Editor, I’d like to point out, though we don’t need a reminder at all, that as scholars, artists, and intellectuals it is our duty, our life-long duty to learn. We, as thinkers and creators, have a duty to learn as much as we can about the depths and distances of all areas of knowledge known to man. Were we to shy away from areas of thought from fear, then we would betray our gifts as thinking men. But, there are times, there are areas of thought, there are themes that…

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Lawmakers, who are furious with the Speaker’s action, have been holding closed door discussions to plan his removal. Over the weekend, more than 22 of them gathered in the Port City of Buchanan to begin making their move – the kind that will involve massive political maneuvering and bickering. This is expected to be a long haul and probably a redux of past incidents that also saw the removal of two very influential House Speakers – Edwin Snowe and Alex Tyler. News 

Liberian Speaker Chambers to be removed by colleagues for ‘Manipulating’ Resolutions

    Monrovia – Bhofal Chambers is most likely to face intense pressure from half of the 73 members of the House of Representatives in the coming weeks as they push for his removal as Speaker. Chambers is accused of circumventing legislative procedural for the passage of a bill after he allegedly manipulated three propositions including the dual citizen bill, which has already been printed into handbill and will go to referendum. Lawmakers, who are furious with the Speaker’s action, have been holding closed door discussions to plan his removal.…

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The Authority also directed the commission and the central banks to accelerate the operation of the Special Fund for financing of programmes in the revised Roadmap for the ECOWAS Single Currency Programme. “It further directs the commission to ensure implementation of the recommendations of the meeting of the ministerial committee held in Abidjan on June 17 and June 18 as well as preparation and implementation of the Communication Strategy for the single currency programme. Op-ed 

Towards the ECO single currency 2020, is ECOWAS ready?

    By Slolleh Kofa   Even with the yet an unsolvable cancer of internal divisions plaguing each ECOWAS country, West African leaders still believe that a mere monetary currency will defy all odds in uniting and integrating their countries in the sub-region in the absence of vibrant and workable integration policies. According to Tokunbo Afikuyomi an economic analyst, a single currency will only work if all the countries involved are economically aligned, which is not the case at the moment, even though Ecowas has set bench marks to integrate…

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Establishment of the WECC must be a welcomed development for Liberia, not only will it boost the Liberian economy, but it will boost the capacity of the corrupt judiciary, entrench the international law regime in the country and advance Liberia’s international law jurisprudence and human rights and humanitarian law regimes that may eventually lead Liberia to becoming a Universal Jurisdiction where there is no safe haven for war crimes, crimes against humanity and International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law violations and violators;      Public Policy 

Liberia: Justice Group Accuses Weah-Led Govt of Recruiting Ex-Combatants, Putting Them on Payroll

    Washington – The International Justice Group has accused the George Manneh Weah-led government of clandestinely enlisting, recruiting and mobilizing former combatants and demobilized ex-generals for active duties on his government’s payroll. ICJ, in a petition to the government calling for the full implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (ICG) Saturday, said amidst allegations that President Weah made a pact with President Johnson Sirleaf and Senator Prince Johnson to shield them and their family from justice, ex-combatants are resurrecting and resurfacing in Liberia. Amongst those named by the…

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