First Lady Djene Conde of Guinea and First Lady Fatima Jabbe-Bio of Sierra Leone do not have the leverage that First Lady Clar Weah of Liberia has to expend US$1.5 million of our taxes on “Humanitarian Outreach” just in a period of 15 months. Op-ed 

The One Million [usd] Budget Of lst Lady Clar Weah Is Unacceptable!

    The Editor, Is Liberia’s Jamaican-American First Lady a Humanitarian or she is pretending to be one? In this edition of our series “The Red Rooster from Ducor”, we are pointing our torch on First Lady Clar Weah with specific focus on her whopping US$1.5 million budget for “Humanitarian Outreach” Is First Lady Clar Weah really a philanthropist or a pseudo-philanthropist? The Red Rooster will endeavor to proffer a more convincing response to this question. First Lady Djene Conde of Guinea and First Lady Fatima Jabbe-Bio of Sierra Leone…

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Nkrumah arrived in the Gold Coast on 14 November 1947. He immediately assumed his secretarial duties, offering to work without pay after he realised that the party had no funds to pay his monthly salary. Eventually, the leadership prevailed on him to accept a fraction of the salary. Nkrumah immediately drew up a detailed, radical plan which he presented to the leadership of the United Gold Coast Convention. He suggested that the party set up branches in every corner of the country and embarks on demonstrations, strikes and boycotts to press for independence. Op-ed 

The Pan Africanists – Where Are Their Monuments?

    By Dara Healy This was the summer of ’66 in which Stokeley Carmichael proclaimed Black Power as the new slogan of the movement…Black Power was the new call.” Kathleen Cleaver, African American activist & former Black Panther member. THE influence of TT nationals in the Pan African movement is global. From the flamboyant and charismatic Kwame Ture to Claudia Jones, George Padmore and Henry Sylvester Williams and CLR James – the names of these people committed to African empowerment still resonate today. Except perhaps in this country, where…

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Though she was not a fiction writer, any discussion of Liberian literature will not be complete without mentioning A Doris Banks Henries. She was a prolific writer who wrote many books on Liberia. Among the many books written by A Doris Banks Henries, only three I came across and they were my favorites. Those three books are "Heroes and Heroines of Liberia," "Civil for Liberian Schools," and "Africa: Our History." Artists & Reviews 

A Lifetime of Writing Books: The Legacy of Banks Henries

      A. Doris Bank Henries was born on February 11, 1913, in Live Oak, Florida and died on February 16, 1981, in Middletown, CT. She was married to Richard Abrom Henries, former speaker of the Liberian House of Representative, who was one of the 13 government officials that were executed on firing squad in the wake of the 1980 military coup in Liberia. Doris Banks Henries graduated from Willimantie Normal School (now Eastern Connecticut State University) with BSc in 1920s; She also attended Connecticut State Teachers’ College as…

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