Anti-Human Rights Group Threatens Hassan Bility

This is not the first time Mr. Bility’s name has been used as blame in the ongoing arrests of Liberian war criminals abroad. It may record, according to story published by Frontpage Africa newspaper, the sister of Agnes Reeves Taylor, former wife of Liberian warlord and ruler of Liberia, blamed Hassan Bility for being responsible for the arrest of her sister Agnes by English authorities for war crimes.

    Special Release   Liberia Human Rights Campaign, or LHRC, a premier Liberian human rights movement based in the United States of America, and its national and international partners and supporters, have learned with great disdain and with an outright condemnation of an anti-human rights group who is reportedly issuing threats against Mr. Hassan Bility, a Liberian human rights activist and executive director for Global Justice Research Project. The group is said to be using a fundraising mechanism under the name “National Mandingo Defense Funds” with members in the…

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THIS RE-INVITATION OF old journalists, and the urging that they work together with new journalists, can establish a productive atmosphere. In such atmosphere, young achievers will remain grounded, so that they don’t develop a false sense of self-importance for whatever few steps they take at a time. In such atmosphere, young achievers will not run with every conceivable idea and treat it as gold. All bright objects aren’t gold. Wrestling with each emerging idea, both new and old journalists will transform that idea into something very purposeful and therefore meaningful.

  K-Moses Nagbe   READING THE NEWS Public Trust, a Liberian online daily, I took interest in the clarion call placed for older journalists to return to journalism. This call is important and the idea is surely useful for other professionals—teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, etc. For a country still struggling because it is saddled with underdeveloped and postwar conditions, there couldn’t be a better call. A cross-fertilization of ideas between new professionals and old professionals is germane to national development. But such a fertilization is unachievable if the old…

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Who Is Advising President Weah?

No later did it turn out to be set up for journalists who were now trapped and prevented from leaving the yard or the party headquarters. They were mercilessly flogged, on instructions from some party officials, who instructed that both local and international journalists be flogged and while in the process, their electronic equipments were destroyed.

  By Emmanuel Saingbe TO BE SUCCESSFUL, PRESIDENT WEAH MUST AVOID THE PITFALLS OF THE PAST   As President of Liberia, the first thing George Manneh Weah should always keep in mind is  he does not own Liberia. That is, President Weah should always keep separate what belongs to him as a person and what belongs to Liberia as a nation. And this is why all patriotic Liberians should continue to demand that President Weah publicly declare his assets. President Weah should also bear in mind to avoid the abuse…

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