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Renovate the Executive Mansion

    How long will the President of Liberia be internally displaced?  Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was displaced for almost 12 years. Will President George Manneh Weah remain displaced as well or will he follow Ellen’s undemocratic legacy by discharging presidential duties from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?  Liberia’s 19th President William V. S. Tubman spent US$9 million in 3 years to build our eight-story Executive Mansion while former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf spent US$31.7 million to renovate our mansion in 12 years, and it is yet to be renovated….

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Romeo-Mark grew up in the West Indies, where her family drifted from island to island looking for work. In a series of gripping poems, she takes us inside the uneasy tapestry of immigrant cultures that form the Caribbean islands: a pastiche of hunger and oppression that makes survival a daily struggle. Artists & Reviews News 

Althea Romeo-Mark: The Nakedness of New

    In this remarkable collection, Althea Romeo-Mark uses poetry like a lance, a magnifying glass, and a soothing balm. Her verse gives the reader a close-up view of life as an immigrant in the Caribbean and details her experiences in England after fleeing the violence of the Liberian civil war. Romeo-Mark grew up in the West Indies, where her family drifted from island to island looking for work. In a series of gripping poems, she takes us inside the uneasy tapestry of immigrant cultures that form the Caribbean islands:…

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Former police Boss, Chris Massaquoi, is under police probe in connection to the death of Journalist Tyron Brown. According to reports, Jonathan Williams, the suspected murderer of the journalist, told police investigators that he immediately called Mr. Massaquoi who drove on the scene, where the deceased was killed. News 

In murder case, former police boss under investigation

    Former Liberia National Police [LNP] police boss, Chris Massaquoi, is under investigation in connection to the death of Journalist Tyron Brown of Super FM. According to reports Jonathan Williams, the suspected murderer of the journalist, told police investigators that he immediately called Mr.  Massaquoi to report his crime, who drove to the scene, where the deceased was killed. It is still however confusing what role the former police, Inspector General [IG] played in the murder case, but sources closed to the corridor of power at the police headquarters…

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No later did it turn out to be set up for journalists who were now trapped and prevented from leaving the yard or the party headquarters. They were mercilessly flogged, on instructions from some party officials, who instructed that both local and international journalists be flogged and while in the process, their electronic equipments were destroyed. News Society Arts & Leisure 

President Weah keeps 2005 promise of threats against Journalists

  By: Staff writer Monrovia—Recently, a young journalist was mysteriously murdered, by unknown men, and I can’t help it, as thoughts of threats against journalists, made by then Ambassador George Oppong Weah, in 2005 keeps coming to mind as a flash back. During the campaign for the presidential runoff elections between the only two parties standing, CDC and UP, the then CDC standard bearer Mr. George Oppong Weah, went to Nimba County that year and gave his campaign address when he said; “To journalists, remember life is reciprocal, today is…

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With more than 1,800 staff, Stanbic employs more people than any other bank in Uganda. Management has had to think of ways to keep costs lower while the maintaining full coverage of the country. Such strategy has come at the cost of reducing employment and having to relocate some of their branches to rather cheap locations. Business News 

Standard Bank eyes expansion into francophone West Africa

    South Africa’s Standard bank is set to expand its operations into francophone West Africa.The bank is riding on a chinese investment drive into Ivory Coast to establish a foothold in the region.Chinese authorities and companies have committed over $7.5 billion over the next few years to invest in infrastructure in the Ivory Coast. “By virtue of our relationship with the ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) we think we’re in a position to provide advice, structuring and the capability to deploy the resources necessary to get involved…

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In 1974, she was imprisoned for six months for violating her banning order by lunching with her two children and another banned person. The government was relentlessly sadistic. In 1975, after 13 years of banning, there were 10 months of "freedom", but then came five more months of prison. In 1977, she was banned again for give years, and in 1982 for another five years. In 1986, Winnie Mandela was released at last. For the first time in a quarter of a century, she was as free as a Black person ever gets in South Africa. Artists & Reviews News Tributes 

The Complicated Legacy of Winnie Mandela

When Winnie Madikizela-Mandela died from illness at age 81 on Monday, she left behind a fraught legacy. The woman who gained fame as Nelson Mandela’s wife earned her place by her own right as a leader of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, an aggressive and outspoken champion of poor blacks in the country under the repressive hand of the white minority government. But she also gained notoriety for episodes of corruption and, more notably, her behind-the-scene role in violence that terrorized her own community and left her fending off…

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While President Weah has appointed most of his side friends to lucrative positions in the public sector, similarly, VP Jewel Howard Taylor has influenced the appointment of her family relations and her close associate, Mobutu V. Nyenpan to another lucrative position in the government. The government is fast turning into a club of friendship. Both VP Jewel Howard Taylor and President Weah are turning the new administration into a Club based on FRIENDSHIP. Op-ed 

Liberia is Dying!

Subtle whining is being echoed by the people in certain quarters of Monrovia in regards to the lip service of the “pro-poor” leadership to deliver public goods and limit public bad. Just in less than two months contradictions are rearing their ugly heads in a somewhat unorthodox way, exposing the change mantra as a façade. It is so surprising to some that the new leadership has speedily degenerated in less than two months, in a way which has further exposed the political farce. Fresh from the electoral process, the people…

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The Committee noted that the Vice-Chancellor (President) of the Pan Afrikan University, based in Uganda, Professor Mokasa Luutu, was very impressed with the deliberations at the Hataee Center in Central Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, during his visit there as Guest of Susukuu, that he had the deliberations video-taped for distribution at his University and other institutions in Africa and elsewhere. Op-ed Politics 

Gongloe heads MOJA as it celebrates 45th Anniversary

    Press Release On the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA), which falls on March 21st, the Anniversary Organizing Committee, under the Chairmanship of Counsellor Tiawan Gongloe, has announced that MOJA is moving to a higher level. In the MOJA 45th Anniversary Message, the Organizing Committee recalled the motivation that led to the formation of MOJA to justify the drive to a higher level. The Committee reminded us all that the Founders of MOJA were motivated by the injustice of the day…

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the former chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Cllr. Jerome Verdier, responding to a VOA Day Break Africa report on the case, welcomed the civil lawsuit against former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf specifically News Politics 

Ellen, Weah, Others to Answer to War Crimes Charges

    Liberian Americans, identified as Rev. Mahn Coaley and Pastor Torli Harlan Krua have filed a lawsuit against former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and others in the District Court of Massachusetts in the United States on account of their alleged roles in the 1990 war that took more than 200,000 lives and displaced countless more. Others named in the suit include President George Manneh Weah, former President Charles Taylor, Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu and Richard V. Spencer, secretary of the Navy, USA. The Court’s summons, a copy of which is…

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And this latest outburst from Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee against journalist Rodney Sieh, appears to signal what some have described as growing intolerance on the part of this government in regard to freedom of expression News Public Policy 

Media under assault in Liberia, Koigee attacks FPA editor

    Barely a month after President George M. Weah branded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) stringer Jonathan Paye-Layleh as “one of those who were against” his peace advocacy, Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, has upped the ante, with a blistering attack on the  Managing Editor of the FrontPage Africa newspaper in Monrovia.Mr. Koijee is one of the staunch (loyal) members of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and also Youth League chair of CDC. Mayor Koijee lambasted Rodney D. Sieh for what he termed as unprofessional attacks on the…

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