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Mugabe’s 4 decades rule: from triumph to tragedy

Robert Mugabe, who first came to power in Zimbabwe in 1980, is a man of many faces: idealistic young Marxist-Leninist, political prisoner, freedom fighter, lauded icon of pan-African nationalism, would-be reformer, and ruthless, ageing dictator steeped in corruption and sleaze. However, for his many critics in Zimbabwe and in the west, who blame him for the economic chaos and political repression of recent years, Mugabe is a one-dimensional study. His is the face of failure, and for them he is the lord of misrule. The truth is not quite so black…

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Conmany Wesseh Wants Ellen To Cling On To Power After January

    River Gee Senator Conmany Wesseh was quoted by the New Dawn newspaper as saying that any delay in the ongoing investigations at NEC which, if not resolved within thirty (30) days, could run the country into a democratic assault and lead to President Sirleaf holding on to power until the elections are held. This preposterous and erroneous assertion is not only grossly misleading but equally disingenuous because Conmany Wesseh is well aware that such is ultra vires (“Beyond the powers”).  Why? Because it describes actions taken by government bodies or corporations that exceed the…

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