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Talking about Taylor’s agenda and what such means


The editor,

Vice Presidential candidate Senator Jewel Howard Taylor has declared that she is going to put Taylor’s agenda back on the table. Her declaration has sent shivers down the spine of well meaning Liberians because they know from bitter experience what that agenda means. Taylor’s daughter Charlene Taylor has posted on her page that she is “dusting her black list” and goes on to ask whether anyone has seen the new movie “Death Note”.

Talking about Taylor’s agenda and what such means let us examine the characters of some of the messengers of Taylor’s gospel who are going all out as if their very lives depended on Taylor’s agenda. A typical example in this regard is Representative Moses Kollie from Salayea District, Lofa County.

This so called honorable man was the feared NPFL commander in the town of Kpaiyea, Lofa County, also home town of a comrade of mine Siapha Kamara. He engaged in sexual slavery by abducting women and forcing them to serve as wives and domestic servants. One of such women was accused by him of having relations, sexual or otherwise and he decided to teach her an unforgettable lesson. Commander Moses Kollie had his men drag the women to the town center, stripped her naked and tied her up in the hot sun.

But that was the beginning of her ordeal because he next ordered his men to bring him a canister of Baboon Koto which he applied to the woman’s private parts, including her anus, her arm pits and other parts of her body and kept her tied in the sun for hours.

But Moses Kollie is a big shot today living on tax payers money, establishing rubber and other farms and of course enjoying the impunity. He has teamed up with the notorious liar Mulbah Morlu and are in Lofa currently loaded down with cash allegedly supplied by Madame Sirleaf to buy Voters Registration cards, an illegal act intended to keep Voters from the Polls. It is the same strategy President Sirleaf boasted of before the international community that women stole their children voter cards in 2005 to prevent them for voting for George Weah against her. It appears that the CDC is going by that playbook.

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Ed Royce, R-CA, a vocal congressman on Liberian issues, Jewel and Charles Taylor  /

Truth be told, President Sirleaf has encouraged impunity in this country by shielding ex warlords and protecting thieves of state engaged in blatant acts of corruption. And because she feels vulnerable and apparently frightened to death about a Post Ellen probe into shady deals, she has resolved to do a last fandango with the CDC gang of hustlers, conmen, ex warlords etc to forestall lying on her own bed of woes she has made up for herself.

It is a strategy bound to fail for she fails to remember that as sure as the sun rises and sets, there will be resistance to such evil plans to take the country back into the ages. As a Christian she ought to be reminded that God the father of all creation, most loving, most merciful and most forgiving still has not done away with or shut down Hell.

This means in effect that judgement is sure!

—John HT Stewart

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