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Pres. Sirleaf Invites Officials Of Elections Commission and 19 election magistrates for private meeting at her home

Monrovia—Cllr. Johnson-Allison told reporters that she agrees with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s call for a new generation of leadership, but noted Liberia needs people who are adequately prepared to steer the affairs of the country. “I don’t have a quarrel with the generational change thing, but when we talk about generational change, we need people who are prepared, people who are educated, people who are refined; not because you are young so you’re fit to be President, that’s not it. As long as we’ve been here I’ve never heard or remember anytime that the Vice President has been flown out of this country because he was ill or he went somewhere and fell down… I know he’s old but old age should not be a minus,” she said.

President’s ill advised move

The astute lawyer who became the first female Chief Justice and also a former Justice Minister in President Sirleaf’s government described the recent invitation by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to the Commissioners of the National Elections Commission and 19 election magistrates to a private meeting at her home as “ill advised”. “That did not happen when I was at the Commission and I think it’s ill advised to do something like that…

These things, people need to understand that they give rise to suspicions so as best as possible you should try to avoid those kinds of incidences. source/frontpageafrica/Lennart Dodoo. Read full story here

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